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The Goblin!!


If my sig is messing up every page it is on, press this button above. It will revert it to a version that works.

This signature changes automatically if there is a holiday. It is a very complicated template. There is a lot going on in here, so if you need help understanding it, tell me on my talk page.

[edit] The different options

[edit] Halloween

Halloween Goblin

[edit] Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Goblin

[edit] 4th of July

7/4/2022 The Goblin

[edit] Valentine's Day

The Goblin is <B!

[edit] April Fool's

nilbog ehT (April Fools!)

[edit] Easter

The Goblin

[edit] Decemberween

D-Ween Goblin

[edit] Default

The Goblin!!

[edit] With timestamp

The Goblin!! 01:24, 30 October 2007 (UTC)

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