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The Cheat is behind the box!

Welcome to the Ugly Bird Wiki, the Ugly Bird knowledge base that anyone can edit.

We're currently working on 3,355 articles about our favorite ugly bird.

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At knee-height (1' 2" et 18lb.), covered with yellow fuzz, and sporting a gold tooth, The Cheat is decidedly "holy crap adorable". Homestar Runner believes that The Cheat is one fine-looking young man. He speaks entirely in a language of high-pitched squeaks and growls, as highlighted in cheat talk, which the other characters evidently understand just fine. The Cheat is loyal to Strong Bad, protected by Strong Mad, and respected by the rest of the gang. He is an amateur Flash animator in his spare time, creating Powered by The Cheat cartoons and music videos. The Cheat Commandos are based on Firebert, The Cheat's alternate persona that he initially used to spy on the Homestarmy (despite Strong Bad's disapproval of the commando name). The Cheat lives in The King of Town's Grill, and he plays the drums in Marzipan's band, Cool Tapes.

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THAT is an ugly bird.
The Cheat's physiology just plain baffles me.
Saberlord's Scritchascratch Cakemonger The Cheat
The Cheatsaurus
You mean you can't turn into a giant guitar after all? Then what good are you?
The most rare and beautiful bird in this entire cartoon!

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