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About Me

It's tha lyrical wondermind Coach Z!

Hi, I'm Ben. My username comes from Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 9.2, although if The Killer Dynamo had existed when I joined (February 2005), I definitely would have gone with that. I'm a freshman at Stanford University, where I play tuba in the band. I was pretty excited when Stephen made it onto the Weekly Fanstuff carrying our Strong Bad toob.

I was first exposed to H*R when dragon came out. A friend of mine, his mind clearly still blown from the new email, needed somebody to share it with. This friend had questionable taste in humor, and rather than link me to the page, he had me navigate the site for the first time, so I was in a very critical mood when I watched Trogdor. Strong Bad's wailing was unbearable -- I hated the email.

I never went to H*R again, and continued to hate on it whenever somebody mentioned it, until kids' book came out. I noticed another friend's away message was "No two people are not on fire." I asked what it was from, and he sent me the link. My mind more open this time, I couldn't stop laughing, and as I went back through the archives, I decided this site wasn't so bad after all. And ever since then, I've been a devoted fan.

Top 10 Sbemails (chronological)

He's got more than two problems, but a ***** ain't one
Me, with the Strong Bad Tuba


Pages I wrote

I also wrote a walkthrough for Thy Dungeonman II when it came out, before this wiki was very popular, which got my old blog 1000 hits a day the week after I started the blog. (Of course, it pales in comparison to the page on the mighty wiki.)

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