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My userboxes:
Hullo! Welcome to my userpage! I'm a fan of Homestar Runner (thus the reason I'm on this wiki). I especially like Sweet Cuppin' Cakes and the Cheat Commandos. If you'd like to chat, drop a message by my talk page or PM me on the forum, my name there is the same as my name on the wiki! The Wheelchair

How I First Found H*R

I first found out about Homestar Runner through the Super Mario Wiki. See, someone had a link to the site on their userpage, and I decided to go there. I watched some toons for about a week before I (for some strange reason) quit going. Then one day, about a year later, I was browsing a video game website and saw an article about SBCG4AP. The second I saw it I remembered the hilariousness of H*R. So I immediately went back there, and have been hooked ever since.

Top 10 Quotes Ever!

10: "No, here is my grocery list! Amazing thing, amazing thing, amazing thing, amazing thing." -Homestar Runner, love poems
9: "The mere sight of you makes me want to retch!" -Blue Laser Commander, The Next Epi-Snowed
8: "And now we're jammin'! Jammin' tunes! Jammin tunes! Now we're jammi— Oh, who am I kidding!?" -Strong Bad, road trip
7: "Wait a minute, Homestar, who's that in your mouth? Did you eat Luigi?" -Strong Bad, Fan Costumes '06
6: "Stack 'em to the heavens! Stack 'em to the heavens! I could write a song called 'Stack 'Em to the Heavens!'" -Marshie, Malloween Commercial
Oooh! Now we're into the good ones!
5: "I gut you like sheep" -Manolios Ugly One, Teen Girl Squad Issue 15
4: "Sever your leg, please. It's the greatest day." -Drive-Thru Whale, Drive Thru
3: "And when that gets you slapped and escorted from her building by security..." -Strong Bad, love poems
2: "And if you draw blood, you just might make it onto this year's edition of Mommy Fights!" -Bubs, Toikey TV
And the winner is... "Explain to me how drowning them wouldn't ruin their date." -Strong Bad, Date Nite

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