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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hullo! Welcome to my userpage! I'm a fan of Homestar Runner (thus the reason I'm on this wiki). I especially like Sweet Cuppin' Cakes and Eh! Steve!. I also like playing SBCG4AP. It's one of my favorite WiiWare games. Well, my userpage is still under construction, but feel free to browse around anyway! The Wheelchair


My userboxes:

Favorite Toon: A Jorb Well Done
Favorite Short: Drive-Thru
Favorite Powered by The Cheat: Everybody to the Limit
Favorite Puppet Stuff: Dangeresque: Puppet Squad
Favorite Holiday Toon: Decemberween In July
Favorite Strong Bad Email: crazy cartoon
Favorite Character(s): Eh! Steve! and Homsar
Favorite Quote: "I'll get you Eh! Steve!, if it's the last thing I dooooo!" -The Wheelchair

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