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Mmm-mmm! Burled holiday cabbage!
My userboxes:

Hullo! Welcome to my userpage! I'm a fan of Homestar Runner (thus the reason I'm on this wiki). I especially like Sweet Cuppin' Cakes and the Cheat Commandos. If you'd like to chat, drop a message by my talk page or PM me on the forum, my name there is the same as my name on the wiki! The Wheelchair


How I found H*R

I originally found Homestar Runner in late '07 through a userbox on the Super Mario Wiki. I believe the first thing I watched was (fittingly) First Time Here?. I found it pretty funny, so I checked out the Character videos to get familiar with the character. From there out I watched several Strong Bad Emails starting with ghosts. However, I forgot about the site several weeks later for some odd reason that I forget. I didn't go back there until almost a year later when I heard about SBCG4AP in my Nintendo Power magazine. Strong Bad's bright red mask caught my eye instantly, and I quickly remembered watching all those sbemails so long ago. So needless to say I returned to the site and found myself hooked. And the moral of the story is: Nintendo Power can do anything. Thank you and good night.



Big Toon: Date Nite
Short: The Next Epi-Snowed
Holiday Toon: Jibblies 2
Puppet Stuff: Biz Cas Fri 2
PBTC: Rap Song
Sbemail: web comics
Teen Girl Squad: Issue 13
Answering Machine: Version 14.2
Character: Blue Laser Commander

Video Games

GameCube: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Game Boy Advance: WarioWare: Twisted!
Wii: Super Mario Galaxy
DS: Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Scribblenauts, and Pokémon Pearl
(Yeah, I'm a Nintendo fan. So what?)

Comic Strips

Pearls Before Swine
Over the Hedge
Get Fuzzy
Cow and Boy

Wiki Page

Bogus Mathematical Theorems: The Property of Ones section = Genius

Well, I was in Barbados, taking a quiz..


Take the quiz!

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