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[edit] Randomness

I am the cheergly one. I got my username when The Ugly One wanted to be Cheerleader.

[edit] Decemberween Songs

[edit] O Marzifan

O Marzifan, O Marzifan,

How could I be worse than Bubs & Coach Z?



[edit] Cheergly Challenge


There was a body pump class that lasted a long time, but it always changed. The instructor was a very smart person and liked to throw puzzles at the students. About 15 minutes into the class, one kid asked how much time there was left in the class. He said: "Right now? Oh, I'd say seven." The kid was confused and knew the instructor was never going to tell anybody.

Another 5 minutes in, another kid asked how much time was left. The instructor said, "About five now." Confused, the kid went back and the class continued.

Ten minutes later, a perplexed pupil in the front asked how much time was left. The instructor said, "I think it's about three."

Suddenly, the pupil clicked into what the puzzle was and how much time there was left of the class and how long the class was.

How much time was left of the class?

INTELLIGENCE! About how many plant and animal species have become extinct in the United States since the 1500's?

THE CHEERGLY ONE! What is my fave-o Strong Bad Sings song?

You'll win this boxie:

CC yay

Answer me on my talk page :D

[edit] Top 11 Pages

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DVD Credits

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