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Hi, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Thunderbird L17, but generally I just go by Thunderbird. I'm an electrician from Canada, and I'm 19 years old.

A Brief History

I first was introduced to Homestar Runner through my cousin during a lull in the MSN conversation, via this link, and that was in late August of 2003. Nearly a year later, a different friend of mine gave me this link to a walkthrough for Peasant's Quest that she found. I was excited by this find, and intended to fully investigate this new exciting wealth of knowledge. But when I returned less than a week later, I was greeted with this image, as the site had begun it's switch to MediaWiki. Several weeks later the image was removed, and it finally re-opened, allowing me to to create this account on September 14th, 2004. After over seven months of contributions, I was made a sysop on April 26th, 2005 during the 2005 Sysop Nominations.

About The Screen Name

My screenname — Thunderbird L17 — doesn't have anything to do with the car, or the fact that I'm an electrician. It's more the inspiration of the legendary creature from Native American mythology. And no, I am not Native American. I enjoy the heritage of Scotland and... Ontario. But I prefer the Scottish half. Thunderbird was simply my first internet screen name when I played Age Of Empires back in the late 90's, now I use it for all my screen names. The L17 stands for my first initial and my age when I first started coming to this site. It's a progressive screenname; on the forum I am Thunderbird L18, and usually on the IRC chat channel I use Thunderbird L19.

What I Do

I'm often sleeping or at work when the site is updated, and miss out on the "new page" rush. See my list of contributions below for the kinda work I've done around here. I also keep the Featured Article of the Week running smoothly, I'm usually the one that sends emails to other sites asking for reprint permission, and I'm always willing to help out fellow users whenever they ask. This is my second favorite website, second only to the obvious. And that, in a nutshell, is me.



Autograph Given To Thunderbird
Perhaps my greatest contribution to the wiki occured on February 28th, 2006, when I attended Flashforward 2006. It all started when InterruptorJones first created the article, alerting me to the fact that The Brothers Chaps would be in Seattle the same day I would be down there on business. Admission was pricy however, but I was determined to find a way. A week later I noticed an interview with The Brothers Chaps go up on the Flashforward website, and I emailed the powers that be as usual, to let them know we were transcribing it. They appreciated this, and asked if there was anything else they could help me with. I ran with this oppourtunity, and asked if there was any way I could pay to attend just The Brothers Chaps' presentation. They replied instead with a free press pass, for me to cover the event in behalf of the wiki. I went to the presentation, met the Chaps, was given the pictured autograph, and less than two weeks later had completed the summary of the event.

Top 17 Contributions

  • Flashforward 2006 As mentioned before, my proudest "exclusive" contribution. Also the fourth largest original page on the wiki, written entirely by myself.
  • Floppy Disk Container, Couch Mumbling My next proudest pages. I do nearly all of the info and formatting. The Floppy Disk Container is the largest original page on the wiki.
  • H* updates article series Added nearly all of the updates for those 2000-03 by sifting through LiveJournals, and I keep the entire series of articles standardized.
  • Interviews and Public Appearances Created the page, and did most of the work, including most of the pages, several transcripts, much of the research, formatting, and lots of email correspondence for the reprint permission.
  • HRWiki:Questions Started it as a subpage, and threw a bunch of questions there. With the rest of the wiki's help, it has since evolved into it's own project namespace article.
  • Strong Bad Email By Name and Place Read about the idea on the Strong Bad E-mail talk page, and created these twin pages in response. Added the first 100+ emails when I started it, and later reformatted the name one into tables.
  • Store Thank You Messages Created the page from disorganized summaries in the Store, did pretty much all the work on it, including pics.
  • Random Toon Convinced other users it was needed and spearheaded the page as soon as soon as Random toons selection began, resulting in much debugging info being saved before it was fixed and lost.
  • Duck Guardian Summaries of last 20 or so levels, completely made level select after finding it in the forum (after a while the links broke and it became obsolite, but it was cool while it lasted), and came up with armor glitch.
  • Holiday Toons Started the page and worked on it lots, including finding and listing all the additional Holiday Toons.
  • Halloween Costumes Created the page, and uploaded many of the pics.
  • Monkey D Created the page, and added the pics.
  • Museum Sketchbook Expanded on a very basic summary to add pictures and captions.
  • Making Out Came up with the idea, and made the page, along with a list of most of the occurances.
  • Toilets Created the page, watch over it, and added most of the pics. I don't know why I like it so much, but I do.

Top 7 Scribings

Notable Images

Contributions By The Numbers

  • Over 6500 edits to the Wiki. And only two of them troll edits! :)
  • Over 10,000 views of my userpage!!! Dag, yo.
  • Over 300 images originally uploaded. Over 150 still in use, including picures of Jonathan Howe and Paul Slocum!
  • And I've personally welcomed over 80 new Users. I was "welcomed" by "BurninatorBoombox&Markie"

Most pages that aren't even on the periodical update list I watch and update. But my pet pages are listed under the Frequently Updated Pages section. They're my favorite pages. I'm very proud of the slow and methodical time I put into the updates pages, the time I spent watching every Strong Bad Email to fill out the name and place pages, and the time researching and adding the games in The Floppy Disk Container. The latter is by far my favorite page. I research the labels, add the new pics, add sources, all that good stuff. I like that page. It's my precious.


  • Hebrew: ציפורעם
  • German: Donnervogel
  • Spanish: Pájaro del Trueno
  • Cleanup Items
  • Complete FF Page
  • Complete NYU Page
  • Find Pulse Video
  • Rejected Costumes Page
  • Get a Danish.
If you've found this userpage useful, please consider letting me know. My talk page is used primarily to avoid email.
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