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My crush doesn't like me......


Will somebody please help me make a different font on my sig? I'm desperate here!

I recommend checking out the instructions at HRWiki:Signature Help. Lookit my different font! Gnome o' Fury 00:33, 4 February 2006 (UTC)


Guys, I hope you all know I rock. 'Cause you really need to.

Anyway, my name is Willis Periwinkle. I've seen every cartoon on Homestar Runner, and I can safely say I've seen most more than twice. I found out a while ago when I typed in to see what happened. The result was a boring website, but one that led me to I thought the idea was a clever one and soon I went on the website regularly. now I always check before going to I didn't actually know what easter eggs were before going here. You can't imagine the amount of toons I had to see all over again. Ah well. T'was fun to see them again anyway.

as for music, i never liked the bands of today. i hate them with a passion, and that means you, blink 182, green day, simple plan, good charlotte, and to a lesser extent, the killers. i'd much rather go for bob dylan, iggy pop, bruce springsteen, the white stripes, the j. giels band, brian wilson, moxy fruvous, and a few others.

How I discovered Homestar Runner

Well, I actually learned about it in 2003, when my friend Marcus wore a Trogdor hoodie to school. He loved the website but I thought it sounded wierd and refused to check it out. When I moved to my new school, my friend Aidan started talking about it, and I knew I must check it out now. When I did, it became the most frequently visited website on my computer. Score.

My favorites

I don't have any favorites. the toons are like my children, I love them all!

So, who the heck is this guy?!

Well, I rock. That's all you really need to know. I told you that before, and I'm not happy to tell you again. That just really annoys me.

Why the heck does this annoying jerk stay on such a cool website?

Because he has no friends. Kidding.

Why the heck does this guy use so many headlines?

Because he feels like it. So there.

Things i'm proud of

well, I am not at all proud of this, but I ended up becoming a temporary troll. I was rewording something on the king of town new version, and when I came back, it had been deleted. I made it again. When I came back (just in case) it was deleted again. I got really mad and edited it so it said to stop editing, whoever ahole it was. I was subsequently blocked by firebird. Ah well. firebird, wherever you are, I apoligize. I don't have an anger problem, I have a stupidity and arrogance problem.

I also managed to revert the first pages that NSMC corrupted. No I didn't. I just wish I did.

I edit primarily on STUFF pages, and I like to think that I write valuable insights, though I doubt it.

Anything else you want to know about?

Email me at And my im is willisperiwinkle at aim.

My aspirations for the future of wikidom

I hope to be nominated as a sysop next year. I know this will never happen, but I still wish it would. Then I could hang out with cool people like Joeyday and Thunderbird. Oh, and Grapenuts. That cereal is a-prettypretty good! Yeah, I could totally replace him as a sysop. I mean, a robot?! Oh, wait. I couldn't. If that thing had a brain, it'd have twice the iq of me. Ah well.

I also hope to fight the next NSMC kinda vandal, if ever there was one. This time, I actually know how to revert edits, and I might actually help when the next big vandal comes!

Finally, I hope to be the user most linked to pages. That'd be awesome.

Coolest person of the week

User: President Cold One

cool people

note that these are all cool people, but only a few have been my coolest person of the week.

Trendy Purse,
The comster,
Lightningbird L17,
Roy 99,
The Day of Joe,
Racing Oil,
 E.L. Lame,
 Hasn't Matt?,
Machinegun Bob,

this is under construction. i have not found out all of my cool users yet.


A rainy day...... Seriously (Talk)

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