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[edit] Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer

Hi, are you Erin? Anyway, concerning the Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer intro screen fun fact debacle, I figure you deserve to hear my justification. It is thus: Fun Facts are things that are not immediately obvious to the casual viewer. The intro screen is something that the casual viewer cannot possibly miss. When they click on the link, it's the first thing they see, and they have to read it. For the same reason we do not transcribe the entire text of the Store or the Thoraxcorp site, posting the entire text of a message that everybody can see and understand without difficulty doesn't add anything to the Homestar Runner experience.

If ever you have questions about edits made by myself or any other user, I encourage you to post a message to that effect either to the relevant Talk page or that user's Talk page.

That said, your contributions are valuable to the Wiki and I hope you choose to stick around. Furthermore, I hope you'll take the time to create a user account (it takes 30 seconds and doesn't even require an e-mail address) so that we know who you are when we see your edits. Take care. — InterruptorJones[[]] 21:39, 8 Feb 2005 (MST)

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