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Intro To My Talk

okay here is where I'm going to list a whole mess of secret pages, and some picture too.

Homestarrunner Glosssys


These two old timey pictures of strongbad and pom pom are found through a secret page that has no links to directly.

Pom Pom Glossy
Strongbad Glossy
File:SB glossy.png
File:PP Glossy.png


the image of homsar to the right is from the halloween '03 toon. when Homestar says "The Poopsmith, did you give me some bum candy?"

you can click the poopsmith and homsar dressed up as slsh from guns 'n roses will appear.

he then says "I'm open for translation."

I have no idea what that means.


the image of stinkoman to the right is also from the '03 halloween. when you get to give coach Z and Bubs a piece of candy click anywhere but on them or a piece of candy. stinkoman then appears in a speedracer costume. (to see somehting really funny, give him the akira.)

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