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== Haikus: ==
== Haikus: ==
Ruler of the [[Free Country USA|land]], plays guitar in [[Bands in Baddest of the Bands#DÖI|DOI]], Let the King have some!- [[The King of Town]]
King of Town's P.A., Shoveling [[whatsit]] all day, can't he get a life?- [[The Poopsmith]]
King of Town's P.A., Shoveling [[whatsit]] all day, can't he get a life?- [[The Poopsmith]]
== Favorite Quotes: ==
== Favorite Quotes: ==

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Bottom 10

1. Hearing Taylor Swift songs on the radio with my mom

2. Musical nobots with low batteries

3. The Powered by the Cheat sound the Paper makes in Sbemail #87.

4. The hidden meaning behind old comics

5. Haunted houses

6. Slippery parking lots when the first gear doesn't work. (Yes, I drive a stick shift)


Ruler of the land, plays guitar in DOI, Let the King have some!- The King of Town

King of Town's P.A., Shoveling whatsit all day, can't he get a life?- The Poopsmith

Favorite Quotes:

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