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::I'm pretty sure CE5 was banned. A long time ago. --<small>[[User:FireBird|FireBird]]</small>|<sub>[[User_Talk:FireBird|Talk]]</sub>
::I'm pretty sure CE5 was banned. A long time ago. --<small>[[User:FireBird|FireBird]]</small>|<sub>[[User_Talk:FireBird|Talk]]</sub>
Banned for what? -[[User:Miss Free Country USA|Miss Free Country USA]]

Revision as of 22:28, 17 November 2004 to me people! Ask me questions!

Hi there, and welcome to the Wiki! Uh...check out, like, the faqs and stuff...look at how pages work by pressing "edit" (but don't save them! ^_^). You can also play around in the sandbox, linked on the main page, to figure out wiki stuffs. I'm sure one of the admins will be able to give you a more complete welcome and links to better help pages soon :) --Southpaw018 13:09, 6 Nov 2004 (MST)

Not an admin, but I sure could. :)

Hi there! Welcome to the Homestar Runner Wiki. This website is fully dedicated to anything and everything Homestar Runner. Some pages you may want to check out are the wiki standads, About The Homestar Runner Wiki, Editing Help and the MediaWiki Users Guide. We're glad you've decided to join, and have fun! -- FireBird|Talk - Welcoming committee

HELP ME! I'm trying to log into the Wiki Forum but it keeps saying I entered an invalid name or password, and I can't have cuz it works when I enter them in to log in to the Wiki. HELP!! -MIss Free Country USA

Your Wiki login and your forum login are two completely distinct things. If you want an account on both, you need to make a separate account on each. To register a new account at the forum, click on the "Register" link there. Unlike the Wiki, in order to register for the forum you need a valid e-mail address. Good luck! — InterruptorJones[[]]


OK, has anybody noticed what I said on my userpage ? I am the princess! Don't you remember me?

Oh. Yeah. Hi. -- FireBird|Talk

Does anyone know if CE5 is still here? He doesn't seem to be on the user list. Did he get a new name? - MIss Free Country USA

I'm pretty sure CE5 was banned. A long time ago. --FireBird|Talk

Banned for what? -Miss Free Country USA

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