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User Page

Hi! Greetings! I'm just stopping by, here to say a friendly 'hello'. I also wanted to give you a friendly reminder about putting up a User Page about yourself so that we may know more about you ;). No pressure, we're all busy. Hmmmm, but a petition/guestbook asking you to write a user page might be cool. Feel free to remove this if you feel it to be obstrusive. --Stux 03:19, 1 Oct 2005 (UTC)

LOL--you guys are incorrigible! I just wish the real world worked that way--you walk into a party: "Hi." "Who is this fascinating stranger? You must tell us all about yourself!" Seriously, I'll get to work at once! notstrongorbad 04:49, 1 Oct 2005 (UTC)


We, the undersigned, do beleive it would be is very cool to see a notstrongorbad user page. Moreover, we sincerely thank notstrongorbad for writing such an amazing user page! (Feel free to initial somehow for revision.)


I haven't had time but to skim it so far, but I wanted to go ahead and leave a note to say thanks for letting us know about yourself. I myself was a music ed major in college (actually a double major with Spanish—and now I'm a graphic designer). I primarily played horn, but I also had to learn all the other instruments, including violin, as part of my degree plan. Cello was my favorite stringed instrument. Well, it's late, so I will give your user page the closer read it deserves in the morning. Talk atcha later! — It's dot com 07:01, 1 Oct 2005 (UTC)

Whoa! A graphic designer who can speak Spanish and play every instrument! You should, like, write an opera in Spanish and record every part yourself, then design the CD cover!
LOL. Nice. --Stux 07:09, 1 Oct 2005 (UTC)
It's funny you say that, because that's a lot of what I do. I don't write operas, but I help publish a music educators magazine for our state association. I still speak Spanish (although not as much as I should to remain fluent... gotta get on that), and I just recently finished a CD cover. If I did write an opera (and it was hard enough just writing for theory and comp classes), I don't think I could record every part myself... that is, I can play brass instruments pretty well, but my best song on the violin was "Go Tell Aunt Rhody." — It's dot com
I've given it a second read (I didn't wait till morning like I said I would), and although the lateness of the hour precludes my being especially witty or profound, I do have one remark: I hope that what you really meant for the last line was "The Beginning." — It's dot com 07:42, 1 Oct 2005 (UTC)
Ditto. Ok where did all of my original ideas go? --Stux 08:29, 1 Oct 2005 (UTC)

Can you help me?

What is this STUFF and everything you were talking about? And can you see what this little 15 year old punk did? Every move I made he reverted, even though all but the first email one was valid.


     Absolutely. First of all, the links that bkmlb left on your talk page are good reading; Help is mostly on how to do things, Standards more on what to do. But they're kind of a lot to take in; I just today noticed some excellent details on how to make some stuff more easily at User:Lapper/help.
     But to answer your question: HRWiki:STUFF is a sort of formal voting process. Using the most recent email as an example: usually when an email comes out, disagreements will arise about what they're saying; at first people will talk about them in that email's Talk page, and if there are two clear sides, or if it's an important issue, someone will move the fact being discussed into Stuff, using the process described in HRWiki:STUFF. There it'll be voted on; even if it's declined those votes and arguments will be archived forever and can be found. Voting tends to be pretty restrictive, i.e. not much gets by; if I'm really interested in an e-mail I'll check the archived Stuff arguments. For instance: the possible bit of trivia expressed in Talk:Teen_Girl_Squad_Issue_9#Byrds_reference is way too speculative to appear in the official, user-end page for that 'toon, but it's helpful to know.
     By the way, I know it's frustrating being repeatedly reverted, but dramatic actions to the official, front-page part of an article are simply met with equally dramatic reversal. When that happens, just move your point to the less public Talk or Stuff venues, and see what majority opinion is. You might be overruled, but you always have the right to express your opinion (there, at least). For example, in do over, there was a LONG and HEATED debate about a possible Family Guy reference. Jay was strongly against it, and in the end was voted down; he had to live with it, but was able to continue the debate.
     So yeah, what Camalex did wasn't really unusual or rude, just the way it's done. Also, this Wiki is an amazingly civil and democratic place; conversation is (usually) done politely, and someone's age doesn't really have much to do with it. There are quite a few amazingly mature, articulate, ca.-12-yr-old users who keep the place shipshape.
     I know this is long, but I just wanted to say great edit on guitar. I can't believe no one had caught that earlier. --notstrongorbad 05:31, 4 Oct 2005 (UTC)

Tha Lyrical Flow

Hey, notstrongorbad, just dropping you a line. So, you're the master of the violin, eh? My girlfriend plays one of those things in something called an "orchestra," but that just sounds like crazy music-talk to me. Dozens of musicians all playing a variety of instruments at the same time? Can it be done? Furthermore, do you get in bragging rights fights with the viola people? Have you ever played "the word's smallest violin" for someone?

I myself only play the electrical guitar and the electric bass, and I have zero formal training in either. Needless to say, I would never call myself a "guitarist." But, for the style of music I play (punk), no talent is necessary! Anyway, I dig your long-winded, rambling comments. There's too much succinctness, terseness and brevity at the wiki, and running up the word count rules. Cheers, THE SMOKING MONKEY 12:46, 6 Oct 2005 (UTC)

Yeah, I used to play in a couple of community "orchestra"-contraptions until this thing called grad school (imagine jittery green text plus "lurking horrors" sfx) happened. And yeah, I don't know about bragging, but violins and violas get in some good jokes at each others' expence. ("Which is bigger, a vln. or vla.? Really they're the same size; it just looks that way 'cause the violinists have such big heads." "How do you tell when the viola section is at your door? No one knows when to come in.")
     But punk's more fun. Now do you mean old-school, The Clash-type punk, or one of the many offspring of punk's indiscriminate liaisons with other genres (hardcore, loudcore, punk-pop (wha??? shouldn't that be a contradiction?)...)? — notstrongorbad 09:05, 7 Oct 2005 (UTC)
nsob, I knew there was some "good-natured ribbing" going on between the violin/viola sets. That's good to hear, no pun intentionally meant! As for my "craft" I was raised on the smooth, soulful sounds of The Descendents and the Dead Kennedys, so there's more than a little post-surf punk going on in my stuff: tight, sometimes sliding (you know, those surfy "twang") riffs, semi-melodic vocals, and drums that try to mix it up beyond the straight 4/4 (see the "snooty independent record store" easter egg in comic for more insight on that). My friend (and owner of one of those cute, fledging start-up labels that will be putting my "music" out) calls it "electro-punk", since I use a drum machine. Ah, the Alesis AS-16. So much, much easier to deal with than an actual drummer.
For my next "album," an EP, I'm basically paying tribute to one of my recent punk favorite adoptees, The Alkaline Trio, except without all the macabre imagery. Just plety of relentlessly fast guitar work and songs clocking in under two minutes. In fact, I'ma go blaze through a set right now. Thanks for responding and giving me a chance to rant about my music! — THE SMOKING MONKEY 12:56, 7 Oct 2005 (UTC)
LOL—yeah, there's also a joke about that new drum machine, an emulator so authentic that it shows up half an hour late for rehearsal and then asks to crash at your place because its girlfriend threw it out! (By the way, you can tell when the punk drummer is at your door because... the knocking speeds up whenever it gets louder.) — notstrongorbad 19:35, 7 Oct 2005 (UTC)
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