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== Complete Filmography ==
== Complete Filmography ==
*[[Peasant's Quest Preview]] (Easter egg)
*[[Peasant's Quest Preview]]
*[[Workin' on the Game]]
*[[Workin' on the Game]]

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"Oh, that's it! One more crack like that, and you will never graphic in this business again!"

The Videlectrix Guys are the geniuses behind the games produced by Videlectrix. One of the guys (shown yelling in the image, hereafter referred to as the first programmer) is very domineering and somewhat abusive of the other guy (hereafter the second programmer), who timidly accepts this treatment.

The first programmer is portrayed by Matt Chapman, and the second programmer is portrayed by Mike Chapman. They both have combed their hair really poorly and sport drawn-on (in Photoshop) mustaches.

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