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This article is about the futuristic robot. For the robot from the Original Book, see The Robot (storybook). For the running gag, see Robots.
Old Fhqwhgads robots
"My name is not Valerie..."

The Visor Robot is a futuristic robot that was invented by Strong Bad while making up stories at the Homestarloween Party. In Strong Sad's version of the story, the robot had a human brain which belonged to an old man who was the father of The Sad Kids. Inside the robot's head there is a red light bulb that makes the visor light up when talking. His voice in Everybody to the Limit comes from Macintosh's Zarvox, while his voice in Senor Mortgage is derived from Microsoft Sam. In his testimonial, he claims that the mortgage company helped consolidate his "whole life into this tiny box." He has been known to shoot lasers out of his visor with a loud "VOIP".

The Visor Robot has never been unambiguously named on the website: Strong Bad referred to it as "the robot" in his story, and later Senor Cardgage called it "Valerie" (a name the robot later denied) in a commercial for Senor Cardgage Mortgage; it also appeared with the label "fhqwhgads robot" in the Weekly Sketchbook after its brief appearance in Everybody to the Limit. In the DVD commentary for Homestarloween Party, The Brothers Chaps revealed that although they never specifically named the robot, they now refer to it by the name Visor Robot because of the longtime usage of the name by this wiki.

Stlunko, a boss from the game Stinkoman 20X6, bears a strong resemblance to the Visor Robot. Therefore, it is possible that Stlunko is the Robot's 20X6 counterpart. The Visor Robot also bears a resemblance to Maximillian, the evil robot from the movie The Black Hole.

Complete Filmography

Character Evolution

Since the Visor Robot's only appearances that were in the normal drawing style were Homestarloween Party and Senor Mortgage, they are the only designs that are counted.

Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
The first design October 2000 Homestarloween Party N/A
The second design June 2004 Senor Mortgage, Everybody Everybody Poster He has thicker outlines and darker colors. His shading is softer. His visor is brighter and shines.
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