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Notice This page contains links to websites outside of These websites may contain crude or vulgar language and/or content. Personal discretion is advised.


The 2004 Cartoonist's Choice Awards

Homestar Runner won in the Best Use of Flash category at "The 2004 Cartoonist's Choice Awards"

The $39 Experiment

On a site called The $39 Experiment a man named Tom Locke sent 100 letters to 100 companies asking for free stuff. In one letter to "Del Monte Pet Products" Tom claims that he has a dog named Li'l Brudder.

8-Bit Theater

In this article about how to literally burn CDs, the author notes to "burn it properly like Trogdor burninates the peasants."

Addicting Games

All Your Base parody list

The TmsT Zero Wing Parodies Emporium features "All Your HomeStarRunner are belong to Trogdor".

The Andy Milonakis Show website (MTV2)

The website for this show has the marshmallow Wallpaper on the background of Videos, Photos, Episodes, Cast, and Shop.

  • On the Textures page, They have many Homestar related designs such as Homestar, Strong Bad, The Cheat, etc. that can be found by typing in the search box.
  • An image of Strong Bad to be used on the Animal Crossing cat, Blanca, appears here.

Atari Age

At this site, someone hacked the Atari "Donkey Kong" game. Player, Enemy, and Object sprites have been changed to resemble characters from Homestar Runner. You can find it here.

BB-Spot-Which website are you?

In the website personality test at, one of the possible answers you can get is

Best Page In The Universe

On in one of Maddox's rants about the amount of emails he gets, he makes a little ode to The Brothers Chaps. This must mean he is aware of, and according to his book signing tour in 2006, he likes Strong Bad. The actual quote is "I know there are other big websites out there that generate a lot of email (my sympathies to the Chapman brothers)".

Bryan Waterman Interview

Bryan Waterman, who does the series "Waterman" had an interview and he mentioned the best internet cartoon was Homestar Runner:

Who is your favorite flash movie artist or flash artists if you have more than one? What are some of your favorite flash movie series?
BRIAN WATERMAN: Above all else Homestar Runner not only do I love the cartoon, Mike and Matt are two good friends of mine. Bonus Stage is another one I really like and I do look forward to Joseph's animations.

See It Here

Charlie Clay And The Clay Crew

At this site, all of Season 1's episodes contain Homestar cameos.

Episode 1 A Trogdor arcade game can be seen behind the Sonic arcade game that the crew is playing.

Episode 2 The crew finds a grey monster, but when they put the flashlight on it, they find out it is actually Homestar and he helps them get their power back.

Episode 3 Jacob wears Homestar's shoes and gets beat up by Homestar, the text "ROCK'D" pops up when Charlie is hit by a rock in the head, the text "ROCK'D AGAIN!" pops up as a guy who commented the grammar error gets a rock thrown at his head, and Trogdor gets defeated by Charlie doing homing attack on him.

Episode 4 "Thief'd" is the episode name and Homestar gets stolen by the thief.

Episode 5 Homestar escapes from the thief with Charlie.

Choose your own change

If you submit a story to Choose Your Own Change, the following message appears: "Your article has been received... If Instructions on the previous page have been followed your story will be posted soon, if not it will be baleeted!"

It's Dot Net!

On June 10th, 2004, was featured on's main page as the icon for its "FUN FOR ALL AGES" news article, where Homestar Runner's image was displayed, along with a link to the website and The Brothers Chaps' meeting with G4TechTV.

Crash Mania

On this site, this screenshot has the profile name listed as "Fhqwgads".

Dance Dance Immolation

On a site for Dance Dance Immolation, a flaming DDR, a gallery contains a picture of a man on fire with the caption "BURNINATED!!". [1]


Double-Tongued Word Wrester

Neolinguist Grant Barrett has done an entry on "asplode" on his site. It looks like "asplode" was not coined by the Brothers Chaps, but he agrees that "This term was popularized in 2004 by the character Strong Bad on the HomestarRunner web site."

Duct Tape Guys

At on this webpage there is a picture of a duct tape backpack featuring Strong Bad, Marzipan, and Homestar.

Episode Comparisons

The anime episode comparison site Mew Mew Power Uncensored sometimes uses the term Baleeted and frequently uses the Teen Girl Squad-esque term DELET'D in their comparisons to say when a scene was cut out.

Eric Conveys The Brothers Chaps?

Europa Universalis Forums

This site has a large number of fanfiction entries for Paradox Entertainment games, such as Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron. The author Prufrock451 put a "Private Benedetto" in this Hearts of Iron 2 After Action Report. He's told to "keep that mess down".

Fake Domain Registration Info

The registration information provided for "" references Mundelow, Schenectady Crispies, Abdi LaRue, Cheap as Free, Cory, ND, The Cheat, Strong Badia, Free Country, USA, Coach Z, and his locker room.


Let's date.

On the FeedBurner website, in the section in which you can manage your feeds, random messages show up. One of them is this: "To the nearly 140,000 customers using FeedBurner... we are totally crushing (in a good way)." The link takes you to Teen Girl Squad Issue 2.

Flame Warriors

The entry for Garble includes a reference to a certain infamous question often asked of Strong Bad.

Flying Omelette's Kitchen

  • According to this site, Strong Bad may have been switched at birth with Viewtiful Joe or the Red Power Ranger as found in this article .
  • Also, The Cheat is compared to Pikachu in this article.

The Humor

At a Star Wars Fansite's humor section one of their "Top 46 lists" titled 'Top 47 lesser known goals of the evil empire' says "Secret co-production of Dangeresque 1, 2, & 3" at number 8. The List The Site

Forum Stage

On the main page, the description for episode 1 is "Idiot gets sucked into the internet creating a cartoon so bad, Homestar Runner died." It can be seen here.

Fred The Monkey

Fred the is a Flash animation site that is greatly influenced by Homestar Runner. It's been around for three years now. Like Homestar Runner, the site features a "First Time Here"-video and a mailbag, very much like Strong Bad's e-mail, and in the sixteenth mailbag, he comments on how he gets a lot of emails from people pretending to be Strong Bad. Another more obvious reference is displayed in this toon, where Fred The Monkey wears a Strong Bad mask at the end.

Fruitcake MIDI

Dr. Fruitcake, a famous video game music sequencer and remixer, has created a song called "The Occasional Beat (Strong Bad Remix)" in tribute to new hands. Check the song out here. Fruitcake MIDI

Funny Junk

In a flash cartoon here(warning: adult material), Strong Bad is dancing in the middle of the screen at about the middle of the flash cartoon. He dances like he does in The Luau.

Funny Part

Funny part, a website with numerous funny pictures, cartoons, and jokes, had Teen Girl Squad issues 2 and 3 on their website, though they have since been removed.

Futurama Madhouse

At the Futurama Madhouse, they have a regular feature on "Uses for a hacker".

  • Use #498 is entitled "Homsar's Translator" and features everyone's favorite blue midget Homestar, Homsar!
  • Use #667 is entitled "Homestar Runner's Evil Twin", and features, just that.
  • Use #669, entitled "Strong Bad's Torture Victims Who Misspell Repeetedli", is the latest Homestar-related use for a hacker.


When under construction, the official site for G4TV displayed an error message which read "ERROR'ed!"


  • Homestar Runner is mentioned on the GameCheetz link page under "Excellent Humorous Sites".
  • In the comic "Buzz Buzz", there's a caption in the 7th frame that reads "If you don't know what this means, you need to go to".
  • One of the Forum avatars is a picture of Ilko's head.


  • On the GameFAQs video game database, there are pages for Peasant's Quest here and Stinkoman 20X6 here, where each game has user-submitted walkthroughs, reviews and more, as well as its own message board!
  • Homestar Runner is listed as a company here.
  • Also, The Unofficial Homestarrunner board can be found here.
  • On April Fools 2006, a poll on GameFAQs listed a series of internet phrases, one of which being "YOUR HEAD ASPLODE".

The Game Rag

Notice The following website is outside of and contains crude or vulgar language and/or content. Personal discretion is advised.

In My 24 Hours With G4TV, the author writes at 3am: "[I]t’s late and I’m getting tired. I begin to go slightly insane, and draw Trogdor on the bottom of my foot." A photo of his drawing is included in the article, sans wings.

Golo Theme song

In this song, D.J Silver and his little brother Diego both mention the email privileges.


  • Google's secret plans for an upcoming project are codenamed Trogdor. An article about these plans can be found at this site.
  • On an episode of Google Current, the host (Conor Knighton) wears a Strong Bad shirt. Video

Hardcore Gaming 101

In the Bionic Commando article, the writer mentions a "strong Badd" (the name of the enemy army), and then proceeds to laugh over his gag and pointing it out.

Holy Bibble

  • On the comic page of comic #93, Cannan mentions "Every time somebody gets burninated in Holy Bibble, I get the most awesome dreams..."

A Homestar Runner wall-size printout demonstrating's Rasterbator software (Web service)

In this article about the Cold Heat soldering iron, they refer to the solder as being "burninated", an obvious reference to Trogdor.


  • The image behind the Nintendo Wi-Fi Registration Tool is from a Teen Girl Squad comic in this article.
  • In the Animal Crossing: Wild World video review at the 2:52 mark, there is a selection screen where you pick the design for your clothes. There are three Homestar inspired designs, including the red star shirt, a Homestar head, and Strong Bad. The video selection page is found here, and the actual video is on the top left, or here.


  • I-Mockery's Great American Road Trip
    • At a medievil fair, RoG sees a simplistic dragon toy, and compares it to Trogdor. See the page here.
    • After Pjalne pretends to have stabbed himself in the arm, there is a picture of Andy with a caption of "Halloween'd", which is a direct reference to Teen Girl Squad. See the page here.
  • Bishop of Battle
    • On the second page of his review, the image of the Bishop swallowing J.J. is captioned with a reference to StrongBadZone, "YOUR HEAD A SPLODE!" A direct link to the page is available here. Contains profanity.

Insert Disc Two

In the sketch My Dream Date with James Joyce, Lori Williams' character has a The Cheat doll on her bed.

Inspirational Posters

A website cataloguing inspirational posters based on role-playing games includes one titled "Artistry", which features the "S is for Sucks" from dragon.

Jay is games

Jay is games is a site that reviews a large number of online games. They have had reviews of Peasant's Quest [2] and Thy Dungeonman 3 [3].

This website always puts up links to the latest Homestar updates. The name of the site came from Homsar's quote in Where's The Cheat?

The Joshua Childers Show!

The Joshua Childers Show! is a webshow on YouTube where a teenager parodies different TV show genres. In the first episode, Joshua is seen wearing a Stinkoman shirt.

Kings of Chaos

After attacking an enemy in the MMORPG Kings of Chaos, the victory page will sometimes say "You burninated the enemy!" an obvious reference to Trogdor.

La La La

The video "La La La" on UGOplayer contains a few Homestar Runner characters, including Strong Bad and Homestar Runner. It also includes the Homestarmy wallpaper image, edited to suit the cartoon.

Lemmy's Land

In one of Lemmy's Funnies called "Superstar Mario in Too Much Water" By Drew, we see the classic "Scene missing" bit from Parsnips A-Plenty and The Homestar Runner says, "What?" while Mario was still drinking water to become fat.

"The Lost Experience" ABC's Official Blog

In Speaker's "Reader Mail 2", after one question was repeated one too many times, Speaker angrily responds, "Grah! What? Who? GAH! Is this my 'How do you type with boxing gloves on?' question?"

Mind Body Guide

  • Strong Bad is the featured image of a slightly tongue-in-cheek tally of the body’s many muscles on this site.
  • Strong Bad Email suntan is quoted when the article states, "let’s not forget the cloits and dloits!"
  • The footnote says "There are no such thing as cloits or dloits. This is a reference to anatomy according to Strong Bad, which is hilarious, and included here entirely for the sake of comic relief. Kind of like the whole article, come to think of it."

More Awesome Than You!

Neglected Characters

  • This is a site where the Neglected Characters of Mario games are honored. One of them, Dr. Donez, answers questions regularly (much like Strong Bad Email) at Ask Dr. Donez.
  • In one of Bowser's speeches, Koopa asks Bowser, "How do you know Trogdor?" and he replies "We went to Burniniation classes together."



  • In this avatar, the caption reads "Garlic'd!" at the end-an obvious Teen Girl Squad reference.

Image:Runaway garlic.gif

  • Another avatar features a Scorchio (a dragon-like Neopet) with the caption "Burninate!", an obvious reference to Trogdor.


  • Neopets also has an avatar reserved for theneopetsteam, a staff username, which references the "a splode."


  • There is also a Petpet Laboratory, that can change your Petpet's image, and one thing that can happen is your Petpet's name can change to So and So.

NES Horsemen


As an April Fools prank, Nintendojo put up a fake list of characters for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Trogdor is among the characters listed.

The "commonly misspelled words" page has a statement saying, "Since not everybody owns a copy of 'Strong Bad's Rythm N' Grammar,' we've tried to do our part to help by compiling a list of common internet misspellings." It also posted a "Happy Birthday Trogdor" link from January 13th through January 16th, 2006.

Olde English

In their General Procrastination sketch, Razin was holding off going to battle by going on the internet and watching the new Strong Bad Email. (which really wasn't even an email, he opened up the Strong Bad bio 'toon and the email menu.)

View Oldeenglish.


On the website for OrbiTouch, a new, safe way to type, they mention that you can "Type with Boxing Gloves On" in the lower right-hand side of one of their pages.

Polas' Goodtime Retro Cafe

In the Commodore 64 "Classics" review, Trogdor lyrics are used as the opening paragraph for the review of the game Thantos.

Progressive Boink

Pure Pwnage

Jeremy from Pure Pwnage
At the beginning of episode 10, Jeremy answers e-mails in the exact same style as Strong Bad does. The computer used says "Compy 386" in the corner. (WARNING: Contains language and derogatery terms!)

PVP Online

Pan Pan shows up in a panda line-up on, done by guest artist Howard Taylor.

Real Ultimate Power

Parodies of Real Ultimate Power are everywhere. A fan made one featuring TROGDOR.

Red vs Blue

  • At Red vs Blue they made a public service announcement about tattoos (It appears every 4 weeks or so in the season 1 archive). When Church suggests you get a tattoo of your favorite character from your favorite online comic (obviously referring to himself), Strong Bad's face appears on-screen instead.
  • A Strong Bad and a Homestar sticker is also seen during the Red vs. Blue segment in the Halo 2 Limited Collectors Edition DVD, on the window of a door.

RinkWorks Graffiti

Homestar is referenced twice on the RinkWorks graffiti pages.

  • The text "Baleted" can be seen here.
  • An image of Strong Bad has been crudely pasted in to all the other crazy stuff going on here.


  • On the 12/5/05 episode of the v-log Rocketboom, Amanda Congdon is wearing a Homestar Runner shirt.
  • On the 4/12/2006 episode, after Amanda reports about a human clock, she comments that she still likes her Strong Bad Clock better.

Sam & Max Episodes

On the FAQ page for the new Sam & Max game, Homestar Runner is mentioned--praised, even.

The Schumin Web

The splash page for November 2005 showed an image of Ben Schumin dressed up as The Thnikkaman. The same image also appears in the Splash Page Archives.

Shenmue II : The Gang Edition

In the fan-movie Shenmue II : The Gang Edition, when Ryo arrives at Guilin, he is distracted by a The Cheat Talking Plush Doll, which is the guardian of the village where Shenhua lives.
Later, Ryo kicks the Plush Doll, making it complain.

Shoot the Cliché

Trogdor appears as one of the clichés in this game from another site. Click here to play the game.

Something Awful

Notice The following website is outside of and contains crude or vulgar language and/or content. Personal discretion is advised.

Strong Bad, Homestar, Strong Mad, The Cheat and Marzipan appear as grotesque caricatures in Tub Bites vol. 2.. The computer used in the toon appears to be a parody of the Compy 386. The first email is "Recycle Binned!". Homestar returns Strong Bad's Tag Team Wrestling game, as well as some of his "crappy catchphrases" (the one used as an example is "holy crap!"). Also, this is reprised with an obvious parody of a "How do you type with boxing gloves on?"-style Strong Bad e-mail in Karnov Bites.

  • The Easter egg is a parody of Marzipan's Answering Machine, featuring calls from parodies of Strong Bad, the King of Town, Homsar, Coach Z and Strong Sad.

South Park Studios

Somebody at South Park Studios is a fan, as a January 28, 2006 FAQ update contains the following:

Q. - How do you type with boxing gloves on?
A. - I'm sorry, this is "Ask South Park" not "Ask StrongBad (sic)."

Stinkoman 20X6 on

These files were sequenced by Tyler Prevost.

The Straight Dope

The StrongBadZone was submitted for Weird Earl's on The Straight Dope, a category featuring strange and/or awesome sites.

Stick RPG 2

On the news post for May 17, there is a line that says "what are you using, a 386?", with "386" being a link to invisibility.

Strong Bad Pilots an F/A-22 Raptor

For a short time, Strong Bad could be seen on the Lockheed Martin F/A-22 Raptor Team Web Site F/A-22 Raptor.


This Suave page is about Trogdor, Strong Bad, and The Cheat.

  • In a "Bizzaro letters" segment, one guy writes "Dear Strongbad: How do you type with boxing gloves on?" [4]
  • Also, the creator says "head a'splode" in a little blurb following this comic cover


On, in the tpemail Icons, the e-mail message at the bottom says "Email me. Bad emails will be burninated, er burned"

[5]This website is an obvious reference to The name and main page both come from the Sbemail credit card, and they also have an easter egg with a fan-made, Homestar Runner Space Invaders game.


Here there is a picture showing plastic toys dressed up for halloween. One of the toys is dressed up as Strong Bad (or, as they call him, "Strong Bob").


Notice The following website is outside of and contains crude or vulgar language and/or content. Personal discretion is advised.

Urban Dictionary

On July 1st, 2005, the main page "word of the day" on Urban Dictionary was biz cas fri. (It is misspelled as "bis cas fri.") [6]

Various other phrases and words are defined on the site (with varying degrees of accuracy in spelling and content) such as Teen Girl Squad, Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, fhqwhgads, and "Somebody get this freakin' duck away from me!".


On this site dedicated to modding The Sims 2, two of the objects are a Painting of a guy with a big knife (here), and a Strong Bad monument (here).

VG Mix

Here there is a remix of the first racing tune from Rad Racer (which is also Stinkoman's theme). The title references to japanese cartoon and the song itself contains quotes from said e-mail.

Wikipedia's April Fool's Day Article 2005

Homestar in his Daisy Dukes was eventually added to the somewhat lengthy Wikipedia April Fool's Day 2005 article detailing a hostile takeover of Wikipedia by Encyclopedia Britannica. He was part of Wikipedia's "new corporate structure" as the Minister of Long Pants. He was then pictured lower on the page in the "Immediate Aftermath" section, then moved to the "Related Information" section, then finally dropped altogether. The page as it exists now can be found here, and the edit history for the page here. Strong Bad was also named Minister of Deleting email, and is found directly under Homestar's listing.


Many Homestar Runner-related You're The Man Now, Dog pages have been created, such as this one, which involves the Cheat Commandos, this one, which includes a scene from dangeresque 3, these, which all reference Main Page 13, and this one which capitalizes on the song Everybody to the Limit, involving Fhqwhgads.


The paintings section of the website features an acrylic painting entitled "Guy With a Big Knife".

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