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This is the list of the weekly updated fanstuff which began on January 27th 2004. For the older fan material in the Museum see Fan Stuff.

Weekly Fanstuff are a collection of fan submitted Homestar projects and pictures. These are found by clicking on the f on top of the Main Pages, these items are generally posted (as the name implies) weekly. Here is a list of all "fanstuff" so far collected.

As of November 22nd, the image and text are no longer part of the flash file.

Image Date Text Description
Strong Bad: Wha!? The Cheat! You transformed into like, a car! 14 Jan 2005 photoshopped but still A car photoshopped to look like The Cheat.
monstrous homsar 30 Dec 2004 monstrous homsar A Homsar costume.
ol' accordian limbs sb 16 Dec 2004 ol' accordian limbs sb Two stuffed Strong Bads, both with folded paper arms and legs.
funnable. fuzzy fomestar 09 Dec 2004 funnable. fuzzy fomestar A stuffed animal Homestar.
strong sad meringues! 02 Dec 2004 strong sad meringues! Meringues made to look like Strong Sad.
legogdor! 22 Nov 2004 legogdor! Lego-built Trogdor, archer, knights, pesants, and a hut.
homestar skullcap 11 Nov 2004 homestar skullcap Homestar drawn on a skullcap mushroom.
one serious equation 08 Nov 2004 one serious equation A smiling The Cheat done on a calculator.
legomestar runner 07 Oct 2004 legomestar runner A Lego-built Homestar that is 1 meter tall.
homestar meltymens! 30 Sep 2004 homestar meltymens! Clay Homestar, Marzipan, and Strong Bad.
homestar jr. feat. thnikkaman 23 Sep 2004 homestar jr. feat. thnikkaman A real life Homestar Jr. and a clay Thnikkaman.
cheat in a crisper drawer cake 19 Sep 2004 cheat in a crisper drawer cake A cake that is designed to look like The Cheat in a Crisper drawer from privelages
homestar felt-babies! 07 Sep 2004 homestar felt-babies! Felt-made Homestar, Strong Bad, and The Cheat.
somewhere in the UK 31 Aug 2004 somewhere in the UK A "No Trogdors sign and graffiti that reads "Trogdor strikes again!" on a wall.
pleh jallegiance 26 Aug 2004 pleh jallegiance A fan made Strongbadia flag.
sweetchucks. 19 Aug 2004 sweetchucks. Shoes with Homestar, Pom Pom, Strong Bad, and The Cheat on them.
seriously.  the chet IS fune. 12 Aug 2004 seriously. the chet IS fune. A preschooler's drawing and description of Strong Bad and The Cheat.
a cheese with legs? 05 Aug 2004 a cheese with legs? A fan-made The Cheat.
real life bubs! AAAHH! 29 Jul 2004 real life bubs! AAAHH! Realistic-looking Bubs costume.
File:congrats1.jpg 19 Jul 2004 congrats the cheat! News article on this topic at the official site of Friends Of The Cheat.
trogdor "stand-up" cabinet 12 Jul 2004 trogdor "stand-up" cabinet (full image) From obeythetube.com
File:hrwikifanstuff cheatbread1.jpg File:hrwikifanstuff cheatbread2.jpg 5 Jul 2004 sweet cheat bread A piece of bread. Second image photoshopped to add The Cheat's stops and eyes.
homestar sock puppet 29 Jun 2004 homestar sock puppet A puppet of Homestar, made from a sock.
Trogdor's car licence plate 21 Jun 2004 burninating the evergreens A Washington custom license plate that says "TROGDOR".
hello yello dello 31 May 2004 hello yello dello Yello-Dello action figure.
greeting cardgage 24 May 2004 greeting cardgage Drawing of Senor Cardgage holding a sign.
Homestar: Seirously Pom Pom, you're a total iPod. 10 May 2004 pom-pom iPod 3D Render of a Pom-Pom shaped iPod.
Bubs: Do you want beverages or redemption? 03 May 2004 coupla beverages with a side order of redemption A sign pointing to a restraunt named Bub's.
Homestar: Butt dance butt dance 26 Apr 2004 butt dance butt dance Rear-view of a bobble-butt Homestar.
Trogdor: I am not Trogdor, I am Claydor! 20 Apr 2004 clay trogdor Model of Trogdor made from clay.
stinkoman underdrawers 01 Apr 2004 stinkoman underdrawers Underwear with a picture of Stinkoman in one of his "cool poses" on it.
matchstick strong bad 22 Mar 2004 matchstick strong bad Small Strong Bad atop a matchstick.
pinewood derby homestar 15 Mar 2004 pinewood derby Homestar Runner Derby car made of pinewood, with Homestar in the driving seat.
pinewood derby strong bad 15 Mar 2004 pinewood derby strong bad Derby car made of pinewood, with Strong Bad in the driving seat.
modestly hot tatoo 8 Mar 2004 modestly hot tatoo A tattoo of Modestly Hot Homsar.
tiny. tiny stinkoman 1 Mar 2004 tiny. tiny stinkoman A small model of Stinkoman.
duct tape trogdor 23 Feb 2004 duct tape trogdor A Trogdor sculpture with burninated peasant, made out of duct tape
custom plates, yo 9 Feb 2004 custom plates, yo A Wisconsin custom license plate that says "WCHS BRU" (see Witches' Brew)
trogdor fan plushie 2 Feb 2004 trogdor fan plushie Plushie of Trogdor.
A Cold One cross-stitch. 27 Jan 2004 A Cold One cross-stitch Cross-Stitch masterpiece of some of the popular Cold Ones.

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