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Weekly Fanstuff


This is a list of all the Weekly Fanstuff appearances from 2004.

Image Date Text Description
monstrous homsar 30 Dec 2004 monstrous homsar A huge Homsar costume.
ol' accordian limbs sb 16 Dec 2004 ol' accordian limbs sb Two stuffed Strong Bads, with folded paper arms and legs. The second Strong Bad is a flipped image of the first.
funnable, fuzzy fomestar 09 Dec 2004 funnable, fuzzy fomestar A quite fuzzy stuffed animal Homestar.
strong sad meringues! 02 Dec 2004 strong sad meringues! Meringues made to look like Strong Sad.
legogdor! 22 Nov 2004 legogdor! Lego-built Trogdor, archer, knights, peasants, and a cottage. More pics can be found here.
homestar skullcap 11 Nov 2004 homestar skullcap Homestar drawn on a yarmulke.
one serious equation 08 Nov 2004 one serious equation A smiling The Cheat done on a TI-83 graphing calculator.
legomestar runner 07 Oct 2004 legomestar runner A Lego-built Homestar that is 21 inches (53.34 cm) tall.
homestar meltymens! 30 Sept 2004 homestar meltymens! Clay Homestar, Marzipan, and Strong Bad.
homestar jr. feat. thnikkaman 23 Sept 2004 homestar jr. feat. thnikkaman A real life Homestar Jr. and a clay Thnikkaman.
cheat in a crisper drawer cake 19 Sept 2004 cheat in a crisper drawer cake A cake that is designed to look like The Cheat in a Crisper Drawer from privileges.
homestar felt-babies! 07 Sept 2004 homestar felt-babies! Felt-made Homestar, Strong Bad, and The Cheat.
somewhere in the UK 31 Aug 2004 somewhere in the UK A "No Trogdors" sign and graffiti that reads "Trogdor strikes again!" on a wall.
pleh jallegiance 26 Aug 2004 pleh jallegiance A fan-made Strong Badia flag.
sweetchucks. 19 Aug 2004 sweetchucks. Chuck Taylor All-Stars with Homestar, Pom Pom, Strong Bad, and The Cheat on them.
seriously, the chet IS fune. 12 Aug 2004 seriously, the chet IS fune. A preschooler's drawing and description of Strong Bad and The Cheat. It reads "ThiS iS Stog BAd He is red. ThiS iS the Chet. He iS fune." Notice that Strong Bad has blue hair.
a cheese with legs? 05 Aug 2004 a cheese with legs? A fan-made The Cheat costume.
real life bubs! AAAHH! 29 Jul 2004 real life bubs! AAAHH! Realistic-looking Bubs costume.
congrats the cheat! 19 Jul 2004 congrats the cheat! News article on this topic at the official site of Friends Of The Cheat.
trogdor stand-up cabinet 12 Jul 2004 trogdor stand-up cabinet (full image) From obeythetube.com.
sweet cheat bread 1 sweet cheat bread 2 05 Jul 2004 sweet cheat bread A piece of bread in the shape of The Cheat. Second image Photoshopped to add The Cheat's spots, eyes, arm, and dimple. The second image appeared when you hovered the cursor over the fanstuff box.
homestar sock puppet 29 Jun 2004 homestar sock puppet A puppet of Homestar, made from a sock.
burninating the evergreens 21 Jun 2004 burninating the evergreens A Washington custom license plate that says "TROGDOR".
hello yello-dello 31 May 2004 hello yello-dello The Yello Dello action figure.
greeting cardgage 24 May 2004 greeting cardgage Greeting card with a picture of Senor Cardgage holding a sign with "combolations" written on it.
pom-pom ipod 10 May 2004 pom-pom ipod 3D Render of a Pom Pom-shaped iPod.
coupla beverages with a side order of redemption 03 May 2004 coupla beverages with a side order of redemption A sign pointing to an actual concession stand named Bub's.
butt dance butt dance 26 Apr 2004 butt dance butt dance Front view of a bobble-butt Homestar.
clay trogdor 20 Apr 2004 clay trogdor Model of Trogdor made from clay.
stinkoman underdrawers 01 Apr 2004 stinkoman underdrawers Underwear with a picture of Stinkoman in one of his "cool poses" on it.
matchstick strong bad 22 Mar 2004 matchstick strong bad Small Strong Bad atop a matchstick.
pinewood derby homestar pinewood derby strong bad 15 Mar 2004 pinewood derby homestar

pinewood derby strong bad
Pinewood Derby cars with Homestar Runner and Strong Bad in the driver's seats.
modestly hot tattoo 08 Mar 2004 modestly hot tattoo A tattoo of Modestly Hot Homsar.
tiny, tiny stinkoman 01 Mar 2004 tiny, tiny stinkoman A small model of Stinkoman.
duct tape trogdor 23 Feb 2004 duct tape trogdor A Trogdor sculpture with burninated peasant, made out of duct tape.
custom plates, yo 09 Feb 2004 custom plates, yo A Wisconsin custom license plate that reads "WCHS BRU".
trogdor fan plushie 02 Feb 2004 trogdor fan plushie Plushie of Trogdor.
A One that isn't Cold is scarcely a One at all 27 Jan 2004 A One that isn't Cold is scarcely a One at all Cross-Stitch masterpiece of Cold Ones, taken from property of ones.
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