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Weekly Fanstuff


This is a list of all the Weekly Fanstuff appearances from 2008.

Image Date Text Description
banjo-kazooie custom chainsaw car 11 Dec 2008 banjo-kazooie custom chainsaw car A customized Chainsaw Car created with Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, made out of parts like ammos, fuels, spikes, and high-grip wheels. Strong Bad threw a chainsaw car at Homestar in specially marked.
the cheat on cell phone? 20 Nov 2008 the cheat on cell phone? A fan drawing of The Cheat on a cell phone. The artist appears to have used a Kick The Cheat as a model.
little big bubs 6 Nov 2008 little big bubs Bubs made in LittleBigPlanet. See Kick The Cheat - LittleBigPlanet Level for the entire video.
Strong Bad the Hunter 16 Oct 2008 strong bad the hunter A fan-made picture of Strong Bad on a throne made of Strong Sad's soolnds, Bubs' clothing and Pom Pom's hide with The Poopsmith's shovel to his left. Items and objects belonging to other characters can be seen draped on and around him, such as Homestar's hat, Marzipan's hair, Strong Mad's M, The King Of Town's crown, Homsar's hat, Coach Z's Z and The Cheat fur. The pose is a based on a famous picture of Conan the Barbarian.
Strong Badian driveway 26 Sep 2008 strong badian driveway A Strong Badian looking driveway, with a plain stop sign, cinder block, brown fence, and thin tire. There is also a bundt-cake pan on the ground and the word "FIREWORKS" on the fence, which both reference the email 2 years.
amazing cake topper 18 Sep 2008 amazing cake topper A cake topper of The Cheat's wedding, featuring a second The Cheat figurine (with lipstick) as the bride and Strong Sad as the pastor.
the obscure ones 11 Sep 2008 the obscure ones Clay figurines of The Goblin, The Thnikkaman, Senor Cardgage, Reynold, Trogdor, Stinkoman, Cheatball, Nebulon, Marshie, Ripberger, The Announcer, Eh! Steve, and Blue Laser Commander.
cheatar hero limozwiin 04 Sep 2008 cheatar hero limozwiin A Guitar Hero guitar painted to look like The Cheatar and a Guitar Hero case with a custom insert that features Limozeen. Curiously, the custom insert seems to sport a Mature ESRB rating, whereas all the games in the Guitar Hero series are rated Teen.
fan painted rocoulm 28 Aug 2008 fan painted rocoulm A fan-made version of the Jibblies Painting.
coat of beefy arm 14 Aug 2008 coat of beefy arm A coat of arms that features Trogdor. The blazon would read, "Or, a dragon rampant dexter Vert."
nice trogcake! 07 Aug 2008 nice trogcake! A cake in the shape of Trogdor.
this melon's ready 2 look 31 Jul 2008 this melon's ready 2 look A honeydew melon with the Teen Girl Squad quote "Soo...good!" written on its sticker.
made with beads 10 Jul 2008 made with beads Strong Bad from RhinoFeeder, Stinkoman from Stinkoman 20X6, and the icon for the Strong Bad Clock Windows application made from beads.
bust of strong bad 26 Jun 2008 bust of strong bad A small bust of Strong Bad.
homespore runner 19 Jun 2008 homespore runner Homestar Runner models created using the Spore Creature Creator. Link to Sporepedia entry.
the trogbloons floateth? 05 Jun 2008 the trogbloons floateth? Released balloons that sort of look like Trogdor. The title is a play on the previous weekly fanstuff and fanstuff from January 11, 2007.
the trogstorm cometh? 22 May 2008 the trogstorm cometh? Weather radar image of a Trogdor-shaped storm centered over Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on May 7, 2008. The title is a play on the Eugene O'Neill play The Iceman Cometh.
clay zombie army 16 May 2008 clay zombie army Clay sculptures of all 12 main characters.
strong badia playset 08 May 2008 strong badia playset A fan-made playset with collectible figurine versions of Strong Bad and The Cheat. A Bear holding a Shark, General Tso's Chicken, and the Stop Sign can also be seen.
vinyl toy bubs mod 02 May 2008 vinyl toy bubs mod A toy model of Bubs' Concession Stand, with Homestar Runner, Homsar, and Coach Z standing around it. The Bubs is made from a Munny, while the stand is made from a Soopa Coin-Up Bros. More pictures can be seen here.
toga yoga bubs mosiac 24 Apr 2008 toga yoga bubs mosaic A mosaic of Bubs in the toga he wore in DNA Evidence. Made by HRWiki user Ekul.
bear holding a shark feva 17 Apr 2008 bear holding a shark feva A pair of fan versions of Bear Holding A Shark. One of the "bears" appears to be a Tasmanian Devil figure.
tgs supcakes 29 Mar 2008 TGS Supcakes A collection of cupcakes iced with the Teen Girl Squad girls. Cheerleader's shirt is "who ♥ed?", from Teen Girl Squad Issue 12.
ees deg! 20 Mar 2008 ees deg! An Easter egg with Homestar Runner and Strong Bad in The Field painted on it. The design seems to be based on a poster available in the Store.
trogdor smash bros level 13 Mar 2008 trogdor smash bros level A customized Trogdor-themed level of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The players shown on screen are R.O.B., Captain Olimar of the Pikmin series, and Mario. Gameplay footage of this level can be found here.
StrongBadGirlSquadstume 07 Mar 2008 strongbadgirlsquadstume A young woman dressed as Strong Bad, posing with homemade models of The Ugly One, Cheerleader, So and So, and What's Her Face.
trogdor ice sculpture 28 Feb 2008 trogdor ice sculpture A snow sculpture of Trogdor burninating a peasant and his thatched-roof cottage. (The statue was part of Winter Carnival at Michigan Tech University.)
on a sign in laos 14 Feb 2008 on a sign in laos An Engrish sign in Laos warning to "avoid The Cheat".

See also the Sketchbook

i beat the cube! 07 Feb 2008 i beat the cube! A Rubik's Cube depicting Homestar Runner, Strong Bad and Trogdor.
big ol' trogdor plush 31 Jan 2008 big ol' trogdor plush A big plushie of Trogdor.
awesome 3d poopsmith 24 Jan 2008 awesome 3d poopsmith A CG picture of The Poopsmith shoveling whatsit. This image later became a wallpaper image.
pretend he's parson jim 17 Jan 2008 pretend he's parson jim A Strong Bad snowman. The caption refers to a line from the song "Winter Wonderland". The name "Parson Jim" was first used in modeling.
cut paper snowflake 10 Jan 2008 cut paper snowflake Strong Bad, The Cheat, Homestar Runner, and Trogdor in a snowflake made of cut paper.
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