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Weekly Fanstuff


This is a list of all the Weekly Fanstuff appearances from 2009.

Image Date Text Description
homestar doorknocka 22 Oct 2009 homestar doorknocka A Homestar Runner shaped door knocker.
Teen Girl Sims 15 Oct 2009 Teen Girl Sims Teen Girl Squad (L–R: What's Her Face, The Ugly One, So and So, Cheerleader) as Sims from The Sims 2.
roblox basement 01 Oct 2009 roblox basement The Basement of the Brothers Strong made in Roblox. This was submitted by HRWiki user HamMan6789. (See Homestar Runner World in Roblox here (requires download))
a mary alice original 27 Aug 2009 a mary alice original A Pom Pom (with cell phone) cake done by Mary Alice from Ace of Cakes. The writing reads "Sewiously, Pom Pom".
custon caketophamhatt 7 Aug 2009 custom caketophamhatt Homestar and Marzipan as a topper for a wedding cake. The title references Sir Topham Hatt A.K.A. The Fat Controller, a fictional character in the Thomas the Tank Engine series.
Munchy Strong Bad 30 Jul 2009 Munchy Strong Bad A painting of Homestar Runner and Strong Bad, based on Edvard Munch's The Scream.
3D Anselmo 23 Jul 2009 3D Anselmo A 3D picture of Space Captainface and Strap Coopmore traveling in space on The Proud Anselmo in Freespace 2. (See a higher resolution version here.)
09 Jul 2009 Dangeresque X-stitch! A cross-stitched pattern depicting Renaldo, Dangeresque, and Dangeresque Too. This Fanstuff was submitted by Wiki user Rexy. (See a larger version here.)
legolated homsar 25 Jun 2009 Legolated Homsar Homsar made out of Lego bricks. This was submitted by HRWiki user Trogsar.
Dangeresque Fanimation 4 Jun 2009 Dangeresque Fanimation watch

An animation by Dan MacKenzie titled "The Traditional Jump", consisting of Dangeresque in the Gremlin jumping off a ramp. Before the animation plays, Strong Bad says, "Looks like I'm gonna have to jump!" The license plate appearing in the animation reads "SB H*R" and the bumper sticker reads "Mack".

Strange Body Dilemma? 10 Apr 2009 Strange Body Dilemma? A Nebraska license plate reading STRNGBD.
blurry trogcoin 2 Apr 2009 blurry trogcoin A slightly blurred Trogcoin (as seen in Kick-a-Ball).
1936 graffiti 26 Mar 2009 1936 graffiti A black and white image of The Sneak drawn using spray paint on concrete.
are you asking for a cold oooooone?! 12 Mar 2009 are you asking for a cold oooooone?! A sign for the Double Deuce Saloon. The caption refers to Stinkoman's catch phrase and Cold Ones.
a hit at parties 5 Mar 2009 a hit at parties A Trogdor birthday cake.
cheat commandlegos 26 Feb 2009 cheat commandlegos A set of Lego figures modeled after the Cheat Commandos. Characters include Blue Laser Commander, Blue Laser Minion, Reynold, Silent Rip, Ripberger, Firebert, Flashfight, Reinforcements, Gunhaver, and Fightgar. This Fanstuff was submitted by Wiki user Bleu Ninja. (See the originally submitted version here)
custom mighty mugg 19 Feb 2009 custom mighty mugg A Strong Bad Mighty Mugg.
12X a day man? really? 12 Feb 2009 12X a day man? really? 13 painted eggs with paintings of Stinkoman, The Thnikkaman, Twelve-Times-a-Day Man, Sterrance, Homestar Runner, Homestar running, Dangeresque Too, Dangeresque, Strong Bad, Trogdor, Homestar and Marzipan, The Cheat, and The Cheat and Strong Bad. The Trogdor Egg was previously entered in a Telltale Games contest for Trogdor art.
team fortress 2 spray 05 Feb 2009 team fortress 2 spray Custom art of Li'l Brudder on a wall in the video game Team Fortress 2. The player's class is a Soldier, wielding his Rocket Launcher.
nother bear...shark? 29 Jan 2009 nother bear...shark? An inflatable advertisement for Surfwood RV Park near Reedsport, Oregon that resembles the Bear holding a Shark.
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