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*[[Some Type of Online Auction]] was previously used to sell a half-eaten breakfast burrito in [[english paper]].
*[[Some Type of Online Auction]] was previously used to sell a half-eaten breakfast burrito in [[english paper]].
*One of the characters resembles [[Kid Speedy]]
*One of the characters resembles [[Kid Speedy]]
*There's a floppy disk that reads "Where's an Egg?" in the [[strongbad email.exe Disc Five]] menu.
===Real-World References===
===Real-World References===

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Game Category: Videlectrix Game
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A renegade cop with nothing to lose and an egg on his mind.

"In this hard-bolied adventure game, you must help the Boise police force find a missing egg. Not in Mancuso's garage? Try Brodermaker's gymbag. Everyone's a suspect when 'Where's an Egg?' is the game that you are playing. And that's this game!!" -Videlectrix

Where's an Egg? is a game by Videlectrix.

Date: July 16, 2007

Page Title: Where's an Egg?



The object of the game is to find the egg that one of the suspects is hiding. The task is a variation on the Knights and Knaves puzzle, where suspects either always lie or always tell the truth. After you think you know who or where the egg is, you go to that location and shoot the suspect, who will give up the egg if you have guessed correctly.

After clicking on the title screen, you are presented with several locations in a city. Clicking on the locations will review a person with an item. When you get a new item, it will appear in the bottom of the screen.


If you run out of time or shoot three characters who do not have the egg, the game ends. The character who did have the egg is shown running with it through the area they were in, and the main character is shown in Siberia wearing prison clothes and a ball-and-chain. He quickly turns into a skeleton.

If you successfully shoot the character who has the egg, a policeman awards you with a badge in front of the police station. The screen pans up to the sky, where fireworks shoot off. If the game was completed with enough time left on the clock, different spaceships fly through the sky:

  • 901-940 seconds left — one spaceship
  • 941-970 seconds left — two spaceships
  • 971 or more seconds left — three spaceships, the last of which is exited by a waving cosmonaut

Fun Facts


  • This game was released more than two and a half years after its description was featured on the Videlectrix website. The main page message announcing its release read: 'new' videlectrix game!
  • Although the game appears to be Russian, most of the dialogs are grammatically incorrect or have bad translations. For example, the Russian title on the game box is meaningless, but is similar to the correct translation of Where's an Egg?, Где яичко? (Ghedeie Yaichekao?).


  • A page of the manual was also made available at the same time as the game was released.
  • One of the suspects bears a resemblance to the title character of Kid Speedy.

Inside References

  • This is another mention of eggs.
  • The cop wields a gun.
  • All of the characters lack visible arms, except for the main character, who reveals an arm only when he shoots someone, and the policeman in the good ending, who reveals an arm only when he awards a badge to the main character.
  • Some Type of Online Auction was previously used to sell a half-eaten breakfast burrito in english paper.
  • One of the characters resembles Kid Speedy
  • There's a floppy disk that reads "Where's an Egg?" in the strongbad email.exe Disc Five menu.

Real-World References

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