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A song about The Cheat's typical day.
A song about The Cheat's typical day.
'''Cast:''' {{film|Strong Bad}}, {{film|Strong Mad}}, {{film|The Cheat}}, {{film|Strong Sad}}, {{film|Marzipan}}, {{film|Homestar Runner}}, {{film|Coach Z}}, {{film|Bubs}}
'''Cast:''' {{film|Strong Bad}}, {{film|Strong Mad}}, {{film|The Cheat}}, {{film|Strong Sad}}, {{film|Marzipan}}, {{film|Carboard Homestar}}, {{film|Homestar Runner}}, {{film|Coach Z}}, {{film|Bubs}}
'''Places:''' [[Basement of the Brothers Strong]], [[The Brick Wall]], [[The Field]], [[The Cheat's Computer Room]], [[Gymnasium]], [[The King of Town's Grill]]
'''Places:''' [[Basement of the Brothers Strong]], [[The Brick Wall]], [[The Field]], [[The Cheat's Computer Room]], [[Gymnasium]], [[The King of Town's Grill]]

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watch Donut Unto Others Strong Bad Sings
"And once U get there whatchu think U gonna do?"

A song about The Cheat's typical day.

Cast: Strong Bad, Strong Mad, The Cheat, Strong Sad, Marzipan, Carboard Homestar, Homestar Runner, Coach Z, Bubs

Places: Basement of the Brothers Strong, The Brick Wall, The Field, The Cheat's Computer Room, Gymnasium, The King of Town's Grill

Date: Sunday, April 19, 2009

Running Time: 2:40

Page Title: Tomatocycle Season 1 on DVD!



{Open on Strong Mad and Strong Bad sitting on the couch in the basement.}

STRONG BAD: He said he thought paunchberry sounded like a disgusting ice cream flavor. But I beg to differ.


{Strong Mad pulls out a bike made of wieners and tomato slices; cut to a close-up of the bike and then back to the two on the couch. The Cheat enters screen right.}

STRONG BAD: Yeah, we probably were. Hey, The Cheat!

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises, humming a tune}

{The Cheat exits screen left}

STRONG BAD: Man, that The Cheat. {bass line starts in the background} It's like, what is he doin', you know? I mean, where's he goin' to?

{Cut to The Cheat going down the stairs outside the house.}

SINGER: The Cheat, where you goin' to?

And once you get there, whatchu think you gonna do?
Checkin' up on a mattress fire
That you started couple days ago.
Singing baritone in Marzipan's choir
(But please don't let Strong Bad know)
Nobody knows...

{Zoom out on a slate that reads "Marzipan's not-dumb choir" to reveal Marzipan entering from screen right, wearing a robe and a book marked "HIMS". The Cheat and Cardboard Homestar are similarly dressed on screen left.}

MARZIPAN: This part's in D.

THE CHEAT: {tries to sing, but sounds more like a growl; Cardboard Homestar's head moves}

MARZIPAN: Ooh, that's not D.

{close-up of The Cheat}

THE CHEAT: {sings again, higher pitch}

{Cut back to two-shot.}

MARZIPAN: How about C?

THE CHEAT: {even higher, angry The Cheat noises}

{The Cheat throws the book, knocking down Cardboard Homestar. Marzipan looks scared. The Cheat removes his robe.}

MARZIPAN: Ehh, close enough.

{Marzipan starts singing along with the singer.}

SINGER and MARZIPAN: The Cheat, where you goin' to?

{The Cheat exits behind Marzipan screen right. Cut to a shot of Homestar walking in the field.}

SINGER and HOMESTAR RUNNER: And once you get there, whatchu think you gonna do?

SINGER: Hitchin' a ride on Homestar's leg

Stealin' all his melonade


SINGER: Get a freelance animation job—

{Powered By The Cheat, on Monosodium Dreams:}

POWERED BY THE CHEAT STRONG BAD: —and make the best cartoon that's ever been made!

{Full-screen scene of a Powered by The Cheat Bubs' Concession Stand, marked "dub's C"; The Cheat starts singing backup.}

POWERED BY THE CHEAT COACH Z: Hey there, Bubs in the store. Paunchberry's was a new ice cream!

POWERED BY THE CHEAT BUBS: I can't even reach the top.

{Bubs waves towards a stack of ice cream containers that reaches into the sky. Cut to The Cheat, wearing a shirt that reads "Paunch", Strong Mad, smiling and the word "Berry" on his singlet, and Strong Bad, "icéd cream" written on him, dancing in front of a wall of ice cream containers}

POWERED BY THE CHEAT COACH Z: Hey, it's the paunchberry ice cream dancing team.

{The Cheat stops singing.}

SINGER: The Cheat—


{Cut back to regular action; The Cheat walks along the top of the brick wall and then flies off the end with a dashed path trailing him.}

SINGER: —where you goin' to?

And once you get there, whatchu think you gonna do?
Headin' down to the gymnasium
Gonna do some lay-up drills
I'm not sure if that's something you would normally do
But you should brush up on your basketball skills
With some lay-up drills
Lay-up drills

THE CHEAT: {angry The Cheat noise}

SINGER: {softly} No lay-up drills?

THE CHEAT: {angry The Cheat noise}

{The Cheat moves his arm, the scoreboard falls, and the room gets darker.}

SINGER: Flaming lay-up drills?

THE CHEAT: {excited The Cheat noise}

SINGER: The Cheat, likes flaming lay-up drills

I'm glad we compromised with flaming lay-up drills
F'rllz, tell me what the dealz
You got the wills and skills for flaming lay-up drills
The Cheat, where you goin' to?
And once you get there, whatchu think you gonna do?
The Cheat, whatchu gonna did
The day is done so won'tchu close that barbecue... lid

{The Cheat hops onto the King of Town's barbecue grill and closes the lid. Cut back to Strong Bad and Strong Mad in the basement.}

STRONG BAD: I dunno. Maybe he's just going to the ATM machine.


{A card comes down that reads "end" with "ATM machine = automatic teller machine machine" written underneath.}

Fun Facts


  • The phrase "ATM machine" is an example of RAS syndrome. The "M" already stands for "machine".
  • The word "VIRAL" flashing on the screen at the end of The Cheat's cartoon refers to viral video, an online video that gets quick widespread popularity.


  • This toon was released the evening of April 19, but the date on the main page reads April 20.
  • When Marzipan says "This part's in D", the song is in the key of E major (while most of the song is in E minor). Likewise, the first two notes The Cheat sings for her are E's.


  • Although it is suggested that The Cheat is exiting the House of the Brothers Strong at the beginning of the song, the house he is actually seen walking out of is usually depicted as being Homestar Runner's House.
  • The Cheat has been givin a new walking animation in this toon.

Inside References

  • The Cheat is seen flying and smiling at the same time.
  • The ATM is mentioned.
  • The Cheat's animation advertises paunchberry ice cream.
  • The Cheat is in the choir with Cardboard Homestar.
  • The Ice cream containers read icèd cream, another instance of -èd pronunciation.
  • Marzipan's choir books read "HIMS", a homophone for the more appropriate "Hymns". This spelling also appeared in Happy Dethemberween.
  • The Cheat steals Homestar's Melonade.
  • The Cheat lights the rim of the basketball hoop with the BMW lighter.
  • This short begins with an interrupted conversation.
  • A Limozeen flyer can be seen on the telephone pole.
  • Duplicate The Cheats are seen in the lay-up drills scene.
  • Marzipan's board says "Marzipan's Not-Dumb Choir".
  • The bulging stomach seen on the ice cream containers in The Cheat's cartoon resembles one partially seen in your funeral.
  • The phrase "whatchoo gonna did?" comes from Homestar's speech as the Jack 'Em Up Kid in yes, wrestling.

Real World References

  • The song is strongly reminiscent of "Little Birdie" from the Peanuts special A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.
    • The erratic path and trailing dotted line when The Cheat flies off of the brick wall is reminiscent of Peanuts character Woodstock.

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