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The Strong Sad says "Each day, we die a little more."

Spin 'n Say is a Homestar variation on a popular children's toy. When the cord is pulled, the arrow spins around and when it lands on the various main characters, they say funny things.

Rather than being random like the real toy, the Homestar Runner Spin 'n Say goes through all of the characters in a pre-set order.

This game can be found on the Handheld Games Menu.

Page Title: Spin 'n Say


  • The Strong Sad says, "Each day we die a little more"
  • The Pom Pom says, {bubbling noises}
  • The Strong Bad says, {singing} "Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Crap! {cowbell}"
  • The Cheat says, {In The Cheat speak; same tune as the Intro}
  • The King of Town says, "More butter please."
  • The Homestar says, "Now spell encyclopedia.... What? I'm supposed to what?! {embarrassed} Oh, man... I blew it real bad this time."
  • The Strong Mad says, "Rrrraaaawww!"
  • The Poopsmith has taken a vow of silence.
  • The Marzipan says, "I'm the only girl."
  • The Bubs says, "Everybody wants to shake it!"
  • The Coach Z says, "I have more than two problems."

Fun Facts

  • The toy is based on Mattel's "See 'n Say."
    • An actual See 'n Say plays the sound associated with the image the arrow started on while it spins.
  • Homestar's quote implies that he thought he was recording a quote for a similarly-named toy, the Speak & Spell by Texas Instruments.

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