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Wrestle Man!

Wrestleman is a name occasionally used to refer to Strong Bad. This probably refers to his earlier character of the wrestling rival of Homestar Runner, seen in Marshmallow's Last Stand. This is further indicated by his Mexican wrestling mask.


  • Some Type of Online Auction — Homestar writes of a breakfast burrito, "It used to belong to this guy Strong Bad. He's some type of wrestle man."
  • Email personal favorites — In one of the Easter eggs, Pred asks Strong Bad if he is a real wrestle-man.
  • Email army — Homestar refers to Strong Bad as a "two bit wrestle man".
  • Sketchbook: 27 Jan 2005 — A version of Strong Bad came out called "WRESTLEMAN", with a wide smiling mouth and anime-style eyes. According to the caption, he "will not be replacing strong bad any time soon".
  • The Screen Savers interviewThe Brothers Chaps described Strong Bad as "some type of wrestleman" and "a red-masked wrestleman".
  • Email secret recipes — Strong Bad is referred to as a wrestleman. In an Easter egg, we see The Cheat reading a book called, "So You Want To Cook a Wrestleman?" with a picture of The Cheat putting a lid on a pot with Strong Bad in it.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 10 — The Brothers Chaps refer to Strong Bad as a wrestleman in the DVD commentary.
  • Email theme song — The first suggested theme song starts with the words, "Strong Bad is a wrestleman".
  • Email Comic Book MovieStrong Badman is referred to as a wrestleman.
  • Poker Night at the Inventory — When the Heavy Weapons Guy asks Strong Bad if he wrestles, Strong Bad emphasizes the distinction between his status as a "wrestle-MAN" and other "wrestl-ERS".
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