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"Revamped for the nineties!"

On April Fools' Day 2010, The Brothers Chaps revamped the main characters for the nineties with bold new looks, pointy elbows, and an edgier style that nobody asked for! The result is the Xeriouxly Forxe! All of the retooled designs (except Homsar) feature sharp angles, exaggerated shading, black borders, severe expressions, and action poses.

Image Variation Description
"Xeriouxly Forxe... did I say that right?" H. Star H. Star now has visible Doctor Octopus-style mechanical arms (although with pointy elbows). His hat is gone. He now has a deeper, angrier voice.
"Xhut up! Juxt xay your linex!" S. Bad The black on S. Bad's mask is now Batman's symbol, and his mouth has gone from flesh-colored to a toothy grimmace. He also now has visible pecs.
Pom Pom's feet now have a yellow point, and he carries ammunition and a jetpack.
M.Z. Pan M. Z. Pan's dress resembles the tentacles of a squid or octopus, and her neck is bent. Additionally, her hair has gone from a ponytail to more free-flowing.
Zoach C Zoach C's Z is now larger, and is applied directly to his body instead of contained in an emblem. His feet and face are much more detailed, most notably giving him a visible mouth. The colors on his hat are reversed from normal.
The Smith The Smith is more dinosaur-like, and his shovel has become a battle axe (though it still has whatsit on it). He has also gained an extra finger.
"I'm MAD that I'm flying!" S. Sad S. Sad is even more like an elephant than usual, with ears, tusks, and a trunk. His soolnds now have another toe. He now has a gruff voice.
Ch8t Ch8t retains his familiar gold tooth and spots but has angry eyes, wild hair, and, like the Cheatball, no visible limbs.
S. Mad S. Mad's arms and legs now are more distinct, and his mouth has more dimension. His singlet, however, is missing his trademark "M".
Bubz Bubz's eyes are yellow and angry and, like nearly everyone else, is more angular, but otherwise his appearance is largely unchanged.
Xing Town Xing resembles a vampire or bat with hands and large, flowing robe, and has gained a visible mouth. His crown is much smaller and narrower.
Still Homsar Homsar, being the oddball that he is, is unchanged. He is the only character to retain colored outlines.
"Speed increased!" Marxie Marxie is metallic, with an angry expression, a dome-covered brain where the "bite" normally is, and a large metal spike opposite that. Unlike all the others, he appears only in Main Page 26.
The Stick (name unknown) The Xerioux version of The Stick is a purple, white, and yellow crystal jutting out of the ground. It appears on Main Page 26.

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