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In the Skills of an Artist episode Cartoon Characters, Strong Bad draws himself (Character 1) and Homestar Runner (Character 2) as cartoonish stick figure designs. In Characters from Yonder Website, the rest of the Yonder Website characters are introduced. They talk in unintelligible sounds in their voice, and are implied to be the product of drinking 10-year expired Smarty Juice.

Image Spice Variation Description Appearances
Character 1 Has a much simpler design on his mask, being a single V with two dot eyes and a square mouth. His "spice" is a blood-shot eyeball with buck teeth and a beaver tail. Cartoon Characters, Characters from Yonder Website, The Next April Fools Thing (YouTube version), Mr. Poofers Must Die
Character 2 Has no line distinguishing his head and shirt along with construction lines on his star and has no buzzer on his cap. His "spice" is a spilled glass.

In Haunted Photo Booth Teaser, he is drawn with blue outlines to be more visible against the black background. He gets a garland of sweet thyme for his Halloween costume, then gets eaten by Strong Bad's teaser costume, Ridley from Metroid.

Cartoon Characters, Characters from Yonder Website, Haunted Photo Booth Teaser
Character 3 His Z emblem is much larger, obscuring his shoulders. While most of these characters only say some form of "blah" he instead only says "baseboard." His "spice" is a bottle of "talc" talcum powder. Characters from Yonder Website
Character 4 His body is flat at the bottom with stumpy legs and his hands are circles distinct from his arms, more closely resembling Original Bubs in bodily appearance. His "spice" is a man with glasses and a mustache. Characters from Yonder Website
Character 5 Resembles the regular Marzipan, but with a simpler design. Her "spice" is a blobfish. Characters from Yonder Website
Character 6 He is simpler and has stick arms. His "spice" is a duck lamp. Characters from Yonder Website
Character 7 He is a square with lines separating his body from his head and legs, and circles connected to his sides to represent arms. His "spice" is a takeout container. Characters from Yonder Website
Character 8 His eyes appear to be closed, and his hands are three fingers on the sides of his body, pointing inwards. His "spice" is a coffee mug with a knife design. Characters from Yonder Website (Easter egg)


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