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Z Sabre's sprite
"I am wearing a majestic cape and the shoulder thingies are called pauldrons you simpleton!"

Z Sabre is Coach Z's 20X6 counterpart. He first appeared in the Scrolling Shooter Games Menu. If the green "Z" power pill is picked up the ship turns into a Coach Z-styled fighter, and the game-describing avatar becomes Z Sabre.

He is the primary antagonist of Stinkoman 20X6. In the game, he kidnaps Pan Pan and later 1-Up, appearing only as a shadowy figure in cutscenes from Level 5 onward before revealing himself and acting as the penultimate boss in Level 10, seeking to defeat Stinkoman and take his title as "The Guy". He also appears in Twenty THANXty Six, still cloaked in shadow while gathering the crystals needed to power his "pet" Mecha-Trogador. In Make-O Your Own Stinko, Z Sabre's silhouette sprite is shown.

Like modern-day Coach Z, he has no visible mouth, though he gains one in the ending cutscene of Stinkoman 20X6. However, he does have more expressive eyes, and even has eyebrows, which Coach Z does not have. He is roughly the same height as normal Coach Z, but much bulkier, and his cape and pauldrons cause him to look much larger. Befitting his name, he also carries a long sword with a blade that forms a Z at its end and he wears a belt with a large Z on it as well. Unlike his modern counterpart, he has no known accent but, judging from his choice of battle arena, shares his affinity for locker rooms.

Curiously, the silhouette of Z Sabre that attacks Stinkoman during Level 10 is referred to as "Bubs" in the obligatory cast parade.



  • Z Sabre is a reference to both Zero and Sigma from the Mega Man X series. His name comes from the former's signature weapon, while his appearance, role in the story, and fighting style are reminiscent of the latter.
  • Z Sabre's red cape and pauldrons may also be a reference to M. Bison from the Street Fighter series.
  • Z Sabre wears the same robot boots as Stinkoman in different colors.

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