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"Holy crap, I am so great."

The Zappy XT6 is a computer that was featured in the DVD exclusive email "Accent". It appeared in Strong Sad's projector film which showed (according to his projections and other data on his clipboard) what Strong Bad's voice would sound like five years in the future, had the decline of his accent kept up at the rate it had been.

This futuristic computer is a hovering, light blue, translucent screen with circuitry imprints on it and a logo on the bottom left. Below it is a holographic keyboard which makes cosmic sounds when Strong Bad types. The "XT6" in its name is a reference to 20X6.

It can be inferred from strongbad_email.exe Disc Five's release date of June 5, 2007 that the Zappy XT6 would appear on or around June 5, 2012. This date has passed and the computer has not come into fruition (the website was also on a hiatus at this time), nor did Strong Bad lose any more of his accent since then.

Quick Facts

Debut: Accent

Interactive Feature: None

Font: Square721 BT

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