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Smells like peanut action!

Strong Bad Email #42

Somebody asks Strong Bad what he would look like as an action figure.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Peanut Strong Bad

Places: Computer Room

Computer: Compy 386

Date: September 16, 2002

Running Time: 1:44

Page Title: COMPY 386



STRONG BAD: {singing} Doo doo do doo, doo duh doo doo!


{Strong Bad says "Can Mateo, Scan Mateos".}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Oh man, Kyle. My action figure would have it all. First of all:

{cut to a screen where Strong Bad's action figure appears as he details it, while the music Strong Bad was humming at the beginning of the email plays}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} It'd look exactly like me...

{the action figure first appears; it is considerably taller, buffer, and with a much smaller head than the actual Strong Bad} know, in terms of his physique, and the relative size of his head to his body, it'd be exactly the same. {a croissant appears in the action figure's hand and folds out into a star shape} And of course I'd come armed to the teeth with my Chinese throwing croissant! Then, I'd be able to shoot sparks from my mouth, you know like, {the screen darkens and sparks come out of the action figure's mouth} khfkhfkhffffkhfk, it'd make a noise like that. And when you push down on my head, there'd be BOOFFF! {the action figure's head is pushed down, and the fists go up} Double Deuce action! {the action figure's fists go up and down} And then of course, you could take the head off, too, {the action figure's head pops off} and there'd be a hole where you could pour like, motor oil,{black stuff pours into the action figure} or grapefruit juice, {white stuff pours into the action figure} or whatever kinda junk you wanna put in there. {the action figure's head comes back on} And then, turn out the lights, {the screen darkens and the action figure's muscles glow} glow-in-the-dark abs, man! Oh! Oh! And get it wet, {the action figure is dunked in a glass of water} and you get SEVERE KNIFE FIGHT DAMAGE, {scars appear on the action figure} like magic appears! But that's not all! UH-OH! {the action figure's left leg falls off} Battle damage! And finally, switch to the dispenser fist {the action figure lifts its fist, which has a hole in the front} to ooze radioactive goo! {green slime oozes out of the dispenser fist}

{Cut back to the Compy 386}

STRONG BAD: {typing} I think those things would sell like hotcakes, man. Ooh! Especially if they smelled like hotcakes! Anyways, I tried to make one of my own one time and it didn't turn out as good as my imagination.

{Strong Bad holds up a peanut with pipe cleaners for arms and a painted face with cheap plastic glue-on eyes}

STRONG BAD: Basically all it has is...smells-like-peanut action. I'm lookin' for some licensees.

{Strong Bad starts playing with the action figure}

STRONG BAD: Doo doo doooo! {starts speaking for the figure} Hey Homestar, get away from here! Holy crap!

{The Paper comes down.}

Easter Eggs

  • At the end you can click on the ugly Peanut Strong Bad and see the package of the cool Strong Bad action figure. Keep clicking to see some more characters as action figures. The characters and package blurbs are:
    • Strong Bad
      • Exciting Action Man!
      • Chinese Throwing Croissant!
      • Severe Double Deuce Action!
      • Smells Like Hotcakes!
        • If you zoom in on it, you'll see that the "M" is partially transposed over the "E". In fact, the entire "smells like hotcakes" sticker has poorly spaced text, perhaps due to a missing font when the Flash file was created.
    • Coach Z
      • Green Colored Hero!
      • High-Pitched Super Sonic Whistle!
      • Butt-Patting Action
    • Strong Mad
      • Action Toy!
      • He's The Biggest One!
      • Friends With The Cheat!
    • Pom Pom
      • Action Fighting Guy!
      • Secret Cell Phone!
      • The Ladies Choice!
    • Strong Sad
      • Action-Like Figurine!
      • Atomic Calligraphy Pen!
      • Extreme Whining And Crying!
    • Homestar
      • Super Action Doll
      • Spiked Battle Marshmallows
      • No Arms! Like Real Life!
    • Peanut Strong Bad
      • Homemade Peanut Warrior
      • Museum Quality
      • Smells Like Peanut Action!
  • All the toys are made by Cheap as Free Toys, are for ages 3–5, and cost $11.01.

Fun Facts



  • At the beginning, Strong Bad is humming the same tune that is in the background when it shows the action figures.

Inside References

  • The "Chinese Throwing Croissant" is likely a reference to the end of 3 Wishes, when Strong Bad starts to ramble on about how the horns in his drawing look like croissants and how he'd really like one right about now.
  • When you push on its head, it supposedly has "Double Deuce" action. This is referring to the bird.

Real-World References

  • All of the action figures are modeled strongly after the line of toys based on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. In particular, they all have:
    • Identical bodies from the same toy mold with a different head and paint job for different characters (except Strong Mad, who has no neck, and Homestar, who has no arms)
    • Exaggerated muscles
    • Limited poses and movement (except for rotating limbs)
  • The sparking mouth was actually used in some '80s toys, such as the Ghostbusters Banshee.
  • Most modern action figures and related toys refer to "battle damage" as a special version of a character or vehicle modeled to look as if it were in a recent and brutal fight. However, it's more likely that Strong Bad's action figure battle damage concept is referring to the Battletech line of 'action figure vehicles' by Tyco. These figures had 'blast panels' that, when struck, would cause parts of the toy to fly off (commercials would showcase the toy's "one weakness--'battle damage!'"). In fact, the Clan Hunchback IIC had a battle damage effect exactly like Strong Bad's concept (the figure's left leg falling off).

Fast Forward

  • The tune that plays throughout the email returns in the Ab-Abber commercial in suntan, and in army in the Firebert action figure Easter egg.

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