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"That movie is all heart."
In the dead of a small factory town, dealing with your quirky, dysfunctional family is the easiest part of the journey.

city (comma) state is an indie film directed by Pom Pom (credited as J. William Pom Thomas C. Pom) and produced by Pom Pictures in association with Indier Than Thou Productions (according to the film crew t-shirt). It appeared in the Strong Bad Email "independent". It features an "indie-tronic" soundtrack by she likes cloth.

The film had a 30 million dollar budget, which was mainly used to make the film look like it had only a budget of a few hundred thousand dollars. A large portion of its budget was spent on a hand-drawn title sequence that, according to Strong Bad, "looks like it was made by some Junior High kid during Pre-Algebra", a reference to films which use hand-drawn style opening credit sequences, such as this one from Juno.

The film features A-list movie stars such as Lan Handermannek, who were apparently working "for scale". It opened on 2,000 screens on its opening weekend, expanding to 10,000 the next. It was seen playing at Free Country, USA's local theater, where it was attended by Marzipan, Strong Mad, Bubs, Coach Z, Strong Bad, and The Cheat. Apparently, it was so cheap to make that Pom Pom still had money left over to take out full page ads in all the local trade papers during award season.

Earlier titles for the film were Chester and Meg and Megchester, NY. Based on the first version of the film's title, it can be assumed that the two main characters are named Chester and Meg, and it is likely that they are involved in some sort of romantic relationship. In the opening credits, Chester and Meg strongly resemble Mike Chapman and Missy Palmer, and may have been traced from photographs of them. The film's poster contains smaller, cruder drawings of Chester and Meg. Not much is known about the film's plot, although it seems to involve a quirky, dysfunctional family and some sort of journey. It also apparently takes place in a small factory town, although drawings in the opening credit sequence seem to suggest a larger, more urban setting.

Pom Pom's attempts at independent filmmaking were previously implied in the Strong Bad Emails "pom pom", in which he was seen interviewing Bubs for a documentary, and "technology", in which he "wrote, directed, produced, and distributed a movie with his cell phone".

In an Easter egg in dictionary, Homestar Runner watches city (comma) state. Using Strong Badian lingo, he attempts to insult the movie.

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