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"He says you're dumb and a crappy guy."

Strong Bad Email #6

Anthony thinks Strong Sad is dumb and a crappy guy and wants Strong Bad to deliver the message.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Strong Sad



STRONG BAD: I check, you check, we all check for email, check email.

Dear Strong Bad,
Tell Strong Sad he is dumb and a crappy guy .
Your fan,
from South Gate CA

{He goes to Strong Sad's room.}

STRONG BAD: Hey, stupid! You know some guy named Anthony from South Gate?

STRONG SAD: Oh yeah. I was just making him this card and gonna send him a hundred dollars...

STRONG BAD: Yeah, well he says you're dumb and a crappy guy.

STRONG SAD: Awwwwww.

{Strong Sad tears the paper into half and Strong Bad sits back in front of his computer.}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Look Anthony, as much as I like insulting my stupid kid brother, I'm not your freaking message service, alright? Next time, you email him yourself. His email address is: {stops typing} Okay, so until next time, {singing} everybody email that guy, what guy? ME! Everybody email that guy! {stops singing}

{The Paper falls, reading "Click here to e-mail strong bad".}

Easter Eggs

  • For a while, emailing (Strong Sad's email address) would result in an email back directing you to Strong Sad's shoebox full of childhood memories. This was considered the Chapmans' first easter egg in an email.

You can view it here

Fun Facts

  • The design of the paste container is similar to that for Elmer's glue.
  • Strong Sad's room is decorated with a poster of the 1987 film Some Kind of Wonderful, and one of the Britsh rock band The Cure, often considered part of a downer or Gothic nature perhaps fitting to Strong Sad's character.

DVD Version

  • Template:dvdee, it takes you to Strong Sad's shoebox full of childhood memories.
    • This time, instead of being able to select which items you want to look at, it goes through each in turn. In addition, the card Strong Bad gave Strong Sad is read out loud by a young Strong Bad.
  • The DVD version also has a hidden creator's commentary. Just switch over your DVD player's audio language when watching this email.

DVD Commentary Transcript

MIKE: Back in the days when you could see his mouth in the reflection.

MATT: Yeah, what a dumb idea that was. Though I don't know, sometimes I think doing his mouth was less work-

MIKE: Well, if you don't move his head

MATT: Don't move his head, yeah.

MIKE: Yeah. Well, when we used to barely move his head, it was fine, but now his head's constantly waggin' around.

MATT: That's my fault. So, there's some


MATT: Look at his head! Strong Bad's head, man-

MIKE: Everyone's looking a little rough right here!


MATT: I don't know... Strong Sad's..


MIKE: That's a good sound effect.

MATT: Um... so what else? Depressio!

MIKE: There was the Some Kind of Wonderful- oh yes, Depressio. It used to be, if you emailed that email, it sent you a return email with the first Easter Egg.

MATT: Hurry up and finish!

MIKE: {quickly} That was the first Easter Egg ever! {quickly said gibberish}

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