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[[Image:sbemail33.PNG|thumb|This does not look good for Strong Bad.]]
[[Image:sbemail33.PNG|thumb|This does not look good for Strong Bad.]]
The beginning of the end of the [[Tandy 400]]: Mike W. misses the days when Strong Bad would answer emails without some sort of gimmick. Then, the computer [[Explosions|explodes]].
The beginning of the end of the [[Tandy 400]]: Mike W. misses the days when Strong Bad would answer emails without some sort of gimmick. Then, the computer sneezes.
'''Cast (in order of appearance):'''  {{Film|Strong Bad}}, {{Film|Strong Sad}}
'''Cast (in order of appearance):'''  {{Film|Strong Bad}}, {{Film|Strong Sad}}

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Strong Bad Email #33
watch flag day weird dream
This does not look good for Strong Bad.

The beginning of the end of the Tandy 400: Mike W. misses the days when Strong Bad would answer emails without some sort of gimmick. Then, the computer sneezes.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Strong Sad

Places: Computer Room, Strong Sad's Room

Computer: Tandy 400

Date: Monday, June 24, 2002

Running Time: 1:16

Page Title: TANDY 400!!

DVD: strongbad_email.exe Disc One



STRONG BAD: Super great, super great... Check your email! Diggity...

{Strong Bad pronounces MA as "ma."}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Yep. I remember those days, Mike. Those were good days... {sniffs} good days. {The email shrinks to the center of the screen with a powering-down noise.}

STRONG BAD: {Mutters} What the... crap? {The monitor sparks sharply} Whoa! Whgjht?



{Strong Bad stands up.}

STRONG BAD: Uh, yeah, no, I'm fine! {brushes burnt wrestling mask parts backwards} Nothing happened; I'm fine!

STRONG SAD: Did your terrible computer sneeze/explode?

STRONG BAD: No, shut up! Look, I'm gonna need to borrow, like, 900 dollars maybe.

STRONG SAD: Well, I hope that's for another computer. You could get one like yours at a garage sale for, like... (Laughs) 15 dollars.

STRONG BAD: I said shut up! {sulkily} I liked that computer.

{Strong Bad crawls through the hole in the wall back to his room.}

STRONG SAD: I hope some of that money's for buying me a new poster. You don't seem too broken up about that.

Tandy 400 Has Thing From The Gigantic Big Sneeze. (The Paper Comes Down)

Easter Eggs

  • At the end of the email, click on the contrast buttons to make the broken monitor spark and flash.
    • Pressing the left contrast button causes the broken bulb-like component in the center to flash bright white.
    • Pressing the right contrast button causes the green wire to jump and spark.

Fun Facts



  • If the flash file is paused during the sneeze, it can be seen that the "sneeze" is just glass shards overlapped on the screen.
  • As Strong Bad flies across the room, he passes the same door and window several times. Repeating backgrounds are common in low-budget animation.
  • The Tandy 400 is allergic to Strong Bad.
  • When Strong Bad is talking to Strong Sad, his mouth is unusually small.
  • The spinning fan inside the exploded Tandy at the end doesn't seem to be attached to anything else, and is just floating in midair.
  • Most computers need fans, but gears of the size shown are never found in a home computer. This is likely a joke referring to Strong Bad's taste for old computers.
  • As of sisters, the Tandy 400's sneezing screen is shown as if it was never shattered, but instead it is shown as slightly cracked.
  • It is unusual for the back link to be on the screen, as the picture tube of the Tandy is facing the table and most likely broken.


Misplaced head and glass shards.
  • When you click the left contrast button at the end of the email, the rainbow star logo disappears until the animation is done, along with the word "Contrast."
    • As well, the contrast buttons, the back link and a glass shard from the Tandy's monitor remain on top of the flash of light.
  • When the Tandy explodes, Strong Bad's reflection is incorrect. It is located at the top of the computer screen, at the same angle as the computer.
  • When Strong Bad is flying through the air and crashes into the wall, the bottom-left corner of Strong Sad's room's wall protrudes more than it should where it meets the floor.
  • As Strong Bad is flying, the last object in the background is a door. When he is in Strong Sad's room, the last object before the wall is a window.
  • When Strong Bad wakes up in Strong Sad's room, he brushes off a piece of rubble which later disappears.
  • After Strong Bad lands from the computer explosion, his mouth moves in an odd, overlapping way.

Inside References

  • Strong Bad receives another email signed with the word crap; this is the last time he reads such a signature without expressing his displeasure at it.
  • As this is Strong Bad Email 33, The phrase "Super Great" (said twice) at the beginning could be a reference to butt IQ, the third email, in which Strong Bad states that "on a scale of 1 to awesome, [he is] 'Super Great.'"

Fast Forward

  • The Tandy 400's sneeze and Strong Bad's flying backward were featured in the explosions montage in hremail3184. It was also featured in personal favorites.

DVD Version

  • Instead of clicking on the contrast buttons to make pieces of the computer short-circuit/explode, the malfunctions happen without user interaction.

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