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"Now that... is what I call...a...comeback!"

Strong Bad has finally come out of e-tirement with a new sbemail.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, Marzipan, Female Lappy 486, Senor Cardgage, Strong Sad, Coach Z, Strong Mad, Bubs, The Announcer (easter egg)

Places (in order of appearance): The Hremail Room, Computer Room, The Show, Marzipan's House, Bathroom of The Brothers Strong, Athletic Field, Carnival Tent, The Field

Date: Tuesday, June 29, 2009

Running Time:

Page Title: Lappy 486



Easter Eggs

Fun Facts

Inside References

  • Dooj, As the USB Self-destruct button reads, Is a common sound effect used for explosions in the Homestar Runner Universe.
  • The scene of Bubs and Coach Z in the field is reminiscent of Happy Fireworks, in which the two watched fireworks in a similar fashion.
  • The Easter Egg the end of the toon is a reference to the email yes, wrestling, in which Strong Sad takes on the wrestling persona of the Gardenboy.
  • The entire toon is about explosions.
  • Strong Bad smiles when Senor Cardgage first shows up in his house.
  • Although it is censored, you can still see that Homestar Runner bleeds after being hit with the third garden tool by Strong Bad.

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