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The Cheat spies on Strong Bad

Strong Bad Email #60

Strong Bad has to fight off the hordes of The Cheat-lovers.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat



STRONG BAD: Chee-wit! Chee-wit! Chee-wi-chee-wi-email.


Dear Strong Bad,

How come you never let The Cheat
answer any emails?

Milwaukee, WI

{Strong Bad says "Lasko" low, long, and drawn-out and says "WI" as "Wisaconasin"}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Well, Lasko {said as before}, The Cheat is not very popular and he never really gets many emails and um, to tell you the truth, I don't even think he has a computer. {stops typing} Alright, next email.

{He makes a vocal sound effect as the next e-mail scrolls up (henceforth "vocal sfx"), and starts reading.}

Hey Strong Bad!

i love The Cheat! can you ask him for
me if he is taken? because i like him
WAY better then you

-Nobuyoshi Shigeta, New York

{Strong Bad stops reading at "i like him WAY better then-"}

STRONG BAD: Augh, seen enough of that one.

{vocal sfx; reading}

Dear Strong Bad,

You and the Cheat are the only reason
I go on this website. Actually just
the Cheat, but you are ok too.


{Strong Bad stops reading for a second after the first sentence, and says "Oh, thank you!" His mood sours for the rest of the email, however, and Strong Bad says "Mito" as "Dumpo"}

STRONG BAD: Geez, all these Cheat emails. Moving on. {The screen flashes "MOVING ON!!" with the "deleted" noise and the blue screen. We zoom out to see The Cheat watching the email on his iMac by a hidden video camera in the computer room. He gets progressively angrier as it progresses.}

{vocal sfx; reading}'

Dear Strong Bad,
I think The Cheat is hot. Could
you hook us up?


STRONG BAD: That's funny, Haelee. I think the Cheat is deleted. BAAH! {DELETED!! reading}

Hey Strong Bad

My girlfriend thinks The Cheat
is cute.


{The Cheat storms off in a fit. Cut back to just Strong Bad at Compy.}

STRONG BAD: Come on, people! He's not even that cute! He looks like a...a cheese! {The Cheat walks up to him} Or maybe an anvil. {The Cheat squeaks angrily.} Uhhh...which are two of the finest things in life. A cheese...or an anvil. Hey The Cheat! Just, uh, talking you up to one of the fans here! {The Cheat squeaks} Oh. So you been...watching the email, huh? {The Cheat squeaks} No, I haven't been holding out on you! I made all those emails up! Uh... most of the emails you get are not that friendly, lemme tell you. If you just turn around for a second I could show you! {pause, then Strong Bad tapes a piece of paper to Compy saying "the cheat" covering the place where Strong Bad's name usually appears} HUTTAH!


DEAR the cheat

HOLMES, California

STRONG BAD: {to The Cheat} See? This guy doesn't like that you don't have a shirt on, and he thinks your gloves are stupid! And then there's this one:


Dear the cheat

how do you type with boxing
gloves on your hands?


STRONG BAD: {to The Cheat} I've been wondering about that, too! What is with you and those boxing gloves anyway?

{The Cheat squeaks and a black cloud of smoke escapes from his head. He walks away.}

STRONG BAD: So okay bye! Whooh. I think I handled that pretty well! That coulda been...awkward. I deserve a reward. {he runs take-a-break.exe, which is a screen saver of a beach} Aahhh... so relaxing. Fshhhhhhhhh! Fshhhhhhhhh! Listen to the waves, man. {a bird flaps past} Oh, hello my winged friend!

{The Paper comes down.}

Easter Eggs

  • At the very end while Strong Bad is watching "Take-a-break.exe" you can click on the bird to download the "take-a-break.exe" for Windows or Mac.

Fun Facts

  • This is the only e-mail with an exclamation mark in the title.
  • Believe it or not, this is the only time that the Compy uses the proper "DELETED!!!" screen on a specific e-mail (it was being used more generally in unused emails and replacement, and all other instances on the Compy are things like "MATT!!" and "NOTTA CHANCE!!")
    • Technically, he also DELETED!!! the fast-forwarded email about Delaware during 2 emails, but it is not obvious or part of the plot of the email.
  • The Floppy Disk Container holds Starflight, a long-winded spaceship game for the PC, released in 1986.

DVD Version

  • The link to download take-a-break.exe has obviously been removed. However, you can click on a hidden Strong Bad icon in the bottom-left corner of the Compy 386 screen to get a fullscreen demo of Take A Break.

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