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The 386!

Strong Bad Email #41

Tandy 400 is dead and gone. BEHOLD! Da Compy 386! A spectacle of graphics and sound! Meanwhile, Strong Bad discovers being invisible really isn't worth it.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Bubs, Homestar Runner, Strong Mad



STRONG BAD: {off-screen} I'm hooome!

{He walks to the Tandy 400 and sits in front of it.}

STRONG BAD: Okay, let's see here. Don't need this anymore.

{Strong Bad removes the post-it on the screen that says "DORKS!" on it with an angry face with sharp teeth below.}

STRONG BAD: And don't need THIS anymore.

{Strong Bad knocks the Tandy off the table and onto the floor.}

STRONG BAD: For behold...

{Strong Bad places a new computer on the desk.}

STRONG BAD: The 386. A spectacle of graphics and sound! {A tune is played and the "386 Version 1.5" logo appears on the screen.} Okay, let's get to checking!

strong bad,
what would you do if you were 
invisable for one day????
sin studly17

STRONG BAD: {typing} Well dumb name, this is something I've often thought about myself. And I came to the conclusion that... {clears screen, continues typing} I don't really think being visible prevents me from doing whatever I want to do. So I'd probably just do the kinda stuff I normally do.

{Cut to an invisible Strong Bad stealing boxes of Swiss Cake Rolls from Bubs' Concession Stand.}

STRONG BAD: {voice-over} You know, like, steal stuff...

{Bubs turns around to find the Swiss Cake Rolls boxes floating away.}

BUBS: My chocolates! Come back, chocolates! I didn't mean what I said...

{Cut to Homestar Runner standing in the field.}

STRONG BAD: {voice-over} ...punch stuff...


{The boxes of rolls float up to Homestar.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, hey guys!

{A punching noise is heard and Homestar doubles over. The boxes float off.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oof! Owwwww... Those things are bad for you...

{Cut to Invisible Strong Bad eating the Swiss Cake Rolls on his couch in front of the TV. Family Feud is on in here.}

STRONG BAD: {voice-over} stuff... and at the same time... like, watch stuff...

{The "Family Feud" strike buzzer is heard from the TV.}

INVISIBLE STRONG BAD: Hoo ha ha ha! Survey says, you're an idiot!

{Strong Mad enters the room and walks in front of where Invisible Strong Bad is sitting.}

INVISIBLE STRONG BAD: Oh hey man. Look, I'm sitting here, I'm just invisible, okay? Hey! Brain-for-brains! I'm right here! The floating Swiss Cake Roll is talking to you! Hey, now what the...NONONONO...

{Strong Mad gets angry and sits on the couch where Invisible Strong Bad is sitting.}


{Cut back to the computer with Strong Bad}

STRONG BAD: Ugh! {typing} Nevermind. Being invisible is not worth a face full of Strong Mad butt. {stops typing} Whoa! {resumes typing} I feel like I need to take a shower. I dunno when the last time he washed that singlet was. {stops typing} Anyways. Remember, kids! Take your vitamins, pretend you're hilarious, and always, always, e-mail Strong Bad.

{The Paper comes down. The screen eventually fades out and cuts to the Tandy 400 sitting in a trash can}

Easter Eggs

  • At the end of it, the screen will fade to the Tandy in the trash. You can click on the contrast buttons to see some funny last words.
    • Why Strong Bad? why?
    • Remember the duck pond?
    • I thought we were a team.
    • Whatever, man. I can make it on my own.
    • 386? more like three eighty SUCKS!
    • Tell the printer I'll miss her
    • Yeah? Well someone on eBay loves me.
    • There's flies in me. It tickles.
    • My mind is going. I can feel it. [x5]
    • Fine, I'm gonna start giving away secrets.
    • Have you clicked on the 'O' in Message Bored?
    • Justin Bailey ****** ******
    • Oh jeez. I think this is really it.
    • gasp.
    • wheez.
    • cough.
    • (blank screen) [x2]
    • end of line.

Fun Facts

  • The line "My mind is going. I can feel it." is a reference to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • The line "Justin Bailey ****** ******" is a reference to the infamous suitless Samus cheat code in Metroid for the NES.
  • One of the 'last words' is a hint to click on the 'O' in Message Bored. If you click on the O there it brings you to 3 hidden games.
  • If you look at the Tandy's screen when its in the garbage, you'll notice that the crack in the glass isn't there.
  • If you try to change the contrast on Tandy before Strong Bad's reflection appears, the reflection is not changed like in previous emails, instead, it looks like his reflection on Compy.
  • The buzz sound from the TV and Strong Bad's quote "Survey Says... You're an idiot!" are references to Family Feud.
  • The line "End of line" is a reference to the sinister Master Control Program in Walt Disney's movie, Tron. MCP always ended conversations with his minions by saying "End of line."
  • When the Tandy 400 says "Tell the printer I'll miss her." it is confirmation that there is in fact a printer even though we haven't ever seen one, only The Paper she produces.
  • Strangely, when Strong Bad sits down at the Tandy, we see his reflection but it blocks the little green lines on the screen. In real life this wouldn't happen, nor does it happen in any other email.
  • Strong Bad refers to Strong Mad's wrestling attire as a singlet, but it is actually a doublet. A singlet would only have a support strap over one shoulder, but Strong Mad's doublet clearly has them over both.
  • The Tandy line "I can make it on my own" is later used as a line for Li'l Brudder in crying

DVD Version

  • Unlike the email version, you have to click on a hidden Strong Bad head icon to access the Tandy 400's last words, as opposed to just waiting.
    • As well, there are minor differences in the Egg. The egg is now a video, with sound effects of the flies buzzing, blips when the Tandy changes text, and inability to cycle through the text manually. When the Tandy says "My mind is going, I can feel it," it flashes on the screen a few times before switching over to the next block of text. As well, when "End of Line" appears, the text slowly fades away into nothingness.
  • There is also a hidden creator's commentary for this email. To access it, just switch your DVD player's audio language selection while watching this email.

Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Mike Chapman, Matt Chapman)

MATT: Strong Bad's coming back from vacation, Mike! This is the first break we really took after we'd started doing the Strong Bad Emails every week, huh?

MIKE: Mmm-hm. Couple weeks.

MATT: Where'd YOU go on your vacation?

MIKE: I went to Bald Head Island in North Carolina.

MATT: Did you?

MIKE: Mmm-hm. The beach.

MATT: I guess I went to Marco Island in Florida, I would assume. {pause} So, here comes the 386! Just-

MIKE: Yeah, new computer! Uh, he hasn't updated since then.

MATT: Yeah. Should we do that?

MIKE: Maybe someday. I've thought about giving him a laptop named Lappy.

MATT: {laughs} That sounds pretty good.

MIKE: Maybe we'll do that someday.

MATT: The Lappy 486?

MIKE: Uh-huh.

MATT: I like that song Bubs is singing to himself. I love how personified the Swiss Cake Rolls are.

MIKE: Yeah, no one, no one seems to have a problem with the floating Swiss Cake Rolls.

MATT: Yeah

MIKE: It's like, so common.

MATT: Bubs had been in some kind of domestic dispute with them earlier. Homestar was... y'know, maybe going to meet them up at the club later. I like the, like, butt, the sweaty butt imprint that Strong Bad's leaving on the couch there. Here comes Graw Mad! Look out! He doesn't know what's going on! Uh-oh, Strong Bad! Ohhh, man.

MIKE: So did that really happen?

MATT: What?

MIKE: All of that stuff?



MATT: That was all, I think

MIKE: Like a dream sequence?

MATT: We draw- there's a fine line. Sometimes, it's really happening, and sometimes it's just hypothetical.

MIKE: I think that one was hypothetical.

MATT: I think we leave the best- the more grey we leave it, the better. Thanks everyone.

Fun Facts

  • This commentary serves as very effective foreshadowing to the email virus (which had not been made at the time the commentary was recorded).
  • It is also a foreshadowing of animal, since the Lappy 486 has indeed replaced the Compy.
  • Matt calling Strong Mad "Graw Mad" is probably a reference to the facts (though the email may not have been made at the time of the commentary recording)

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