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Strong Bad Email #52
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"Are we rescued yet?"
This article is about the Strong Bad Email. For the actual island, see The Island.

Strong Bad imagines the lurking horrors of being stranded on an island with Homestar.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Homestar Runner

Places: Computer Room, The Island

Computer: Compy 386

Date: November 25, 2002

Running Time: 1:56

Page Title: COMPY 386



STRONG BAD: Strong Bad Emails are a part of this balanced breakfast.

{reading the email}

{Strong Bad says "were" instead of "where" and "a" instead of "an".}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Well Yami Yugi {says the name hesitantly}, I suspect it would be like most cartoons. You know, we'd start to go nuts after a while and I would look at Homestar and he would look like a big steak. And then Homestar would look at me and I'd look like {stops typing} you know {starts typing again} some kinda brownie sundae. {clears screen} So we'd chase each other around the island, trying to eat each other. And at some point my foot would look like a sandwich and I'd put salt on it and try to eat it and it's like, "Oh! It's my foot!!" {clears screen} But that's a best-case scenario. I'm sure in real life it would be much more annoying and painful with Dumpface involved. {he types "Dumpface" but says "Homestar"}

{cut to Homestar and Strong Bad on an island}



HOMESTAR RUNNER: Are we rescued yet?

STRONG BAD: You're gonna need to get rescued in a second if you don't quit asking me that. {shakes his fist at Homestar}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ohhhhhhhh... Hey, Strong Bad.


HOMESTAR RUNNER: Is there ice cream yet?

STRONG BAD: You're gonna need to get ice cream in a second if you don't quit asking me that. You know... 'cause I'm gonna hit you...and you'll need the ice cream to... stop the swelling.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, Stinkoman.

STRONG BAD: Um... did you just call me Stinkoman?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yes, sir, I did.

STRONG BAD: Geez. You don't happen to have a gun on your side of the island, do ya?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: No. Hey, Strong Bad, check this out! {turns away}

STRONG BAD: Oh, don't start with that—

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Toons! {An ocean liner passes by with a loud "toot"}

STRONG BAD: Homestar—

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Games! {An angry-looking, red-eyed, Moby Dick-style white whale, with harpoons embedded in its body, emerges from the left side of the water. It spurts water from its blowhole and then goes back into the water.}

STRONG BAD: Don't do another—

HOMESTAR RUNNER: E-mail! {A propeller plane with a "WEAR A BIKINI" banner attached to it flies by}


HOMESTAR RUNNER: Man, I love doing that. {A bottle washes up on the island.}

STRONG BAD: Whoa, check it out. A message in a bottle. {takes a piece of paper out of the bottle and reads it} What?

       January 20, 1985
      Stanford Stadium
    Stanford, California
    Miami       San Francisco
   Dolphins         49ers

Super Bowl Nineteen... Miami Dolphins vs. San Francisco 49ers... {sarcastically} Great.


STRONG BAD: This is the worst deserted island ever.

{The Paper comes down}

Easter Eggs

  • At the end you can click on Strong Bad and Homestar to make them turn into various things.
    • Strong Bad:
      • Some kinda brownie sundae
      • Hot dog
      • "Pinner" plate of marshmallows, with a derby, eyepatch and cigar from Meet Marshie
      • San Fransisco 49ers helmet
    • Homestar:
      • A big steak
      • Stack of pancakes
      • Guitar from new hands
      • Miami Dolphins helmet

Fun Facts


  • Strong Bad says "Yami Yugi" easily when he reads the email, but seems to have trouble the second time. The name of the person who wrote the email, Yami Yugi, is also the name of a character from the popular anime series and card game Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • In March of 2003, Stephan Pastis, author of the comic strip "Pearls Before Swine" ran a week of comics bearing a striking resemblance to this cartoon. In the strip the characters Rat and Pig (Rat being a jerk wisecracker like Strong Bad and Pig being an idiot like Homestar) are stranded on an island the same size as the one in the toon, even with a large palm tree in the middle. The character of Pig also finds a useless message in a bottle in the comic.


  • Homestar's Main Page joke refers to Main Page 3 (see Inside References), but on the real Main Page 3, the plane actually flies past on "Store," not "E-mail."
  • The San Francisco 49ers' helmet facemask is incorrect. They wore a gray facemask in the 1984-'85 season.

Inside References

  • Homestar references Main Page 3 when he yells out "Toons," "Games," and "E-mail" and various things appear. (see Goofs for more)
  • Strong Bad says, "This is the worst deserted island ever," which is a reference to The Best Decemberween Ever, where he says, "This is the worst Decemberween ever."

Real-World References

  • The 49ers beat the Dolphins 38–16 in Super Bowl XIX.
  • The first cinematic instance of hunger-induced delirium altering the appearance of a character from their actual resemblance to an edible object actually took place in Charlie Chaplin’s 1925 movie The Gold Rush, which was filmed, not animated.

Fast Forward

DVD Version

  • To make Homestar and Strong Bad transform into various things, select the hidden Strong Bad head to the left of Strong Bad.
  • The DVD version features hidden creators' commentary. To access it, switch your DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Matt Chapman, Mike Chapman)

MATT: Welcome back, I'm Matt Chapman.

MIKE: I am my brother Mike.

MATT: What?

MIKE: Uh? Isn't, uh... Sorry.

MATT: Yeah? Go ahead.

MIKE: Oh, I don't remember what I was going to say. I like this email, though. I like the, um, visuals.

MATT: This is a lot, this is pretty much referencing, I mean it's done a lot in cartoons, but there's that one Bugs Bunny where he's on the desert island with those two—there's that one tall skinny guy and one fat short guy. That's where a lot of this comes from. I think they see each other as a steak and a hot dog. And I think that Bugs tricks one of them into eating his own foot at some point probably.

MIKE: This is the origin of the term Stinkoman too.

MATT: It's true. We were just screwin' around and I said the word Stinkoman.

MIKE: Yeah, I think so. But I like that scene right there.

MATT: Yeah, Mike keeps talking about wanting to revisit this little desert island scene.

MIKE: It might be revisited by the time you're listening to this commentary.

MATT: Not if I have anything to say about it.

MIKE: Matt hates me.

MATT: I'm just kidding. Look, there it was! Yeah, see?

MIKE: He did, yeah.

MATT: You haven't got a baboon in your pocket, have you? There you go, Mike.

MIKE: Yeah, thanks.

MATT: I like this. Those's actually are incorrect, aren't they? That's not exactly what he does on that menu page, I think.

MIKE: Oh, maybe, yeah, maybe not. Look at those clouds. They're a little different than usual, aren't they?

MATT: They are. Oh that—that's nice, that's—I remember Scott Edwards was over for that one. I think it snowed.

MIKE: Dave Brown, eh—

MATT: And then it snowed and we didn't have to go to school the next day.

MIKE: I think you're right.

MATT: No, it was great. Why don't you be the narrator for Batman?

MIKE: Okay Matt. (imitating narrator of Batman) Will they get out of the island? Find out tomorrow Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel!

Fun Facts

  • The Bugs Bunny cartoon in particular that Matt and Mike refer to is Wackiki Wabbit.

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