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He'll "pencil you in"

Strong Bad Email #132

Strong Bad is encouraged to become a model.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The King of Town, Pom Pom, Strong Sad, Homestar Runner

Places: Computer Room, King of Town's Castle, The Field

Computer: Lappy 486

Date: June 27, 2005

Running time: 3:09



STRONG BAD: {singing} Can you handle my style? No, you can't handle my styyyyyle. Email! {pulls up the email, begins reading}

{Strong Bad yells his name, and says "truuly" as "troo-OOly", "Meghan" as "Meg-han", and "Albuquerque" as "Al-bu-quay-quay"}

STRONG BAD: {typing} dear MEGHAN!!!!! {yelled and pronounced as before} Of course I've considered modeling. Someone as pretty good looking as me gets approached on the street all the-wait. Modeling?! Hmmmm. That's a truuly {pronounced as before} great idea! {clears screen} Why did I never think of that before? Maybe I should go get me some new threads at Styles Upon Styles and get some headshots taken. Pom Pom has a camera. Maybe I'll get him to take some pictures of me. Or better yet, maybe I'll go karate chop the King of Town and THEN get Pom Pom to take some pictures of me.

{Music starts as Strong Bad approaches the King of Town, in front of his castle. Strong Bad karate chops the King.}


{Cut to Strong Bad in a makeshift modeling studio in the Field. He is sitting on a box, and wearing a blue shirt with a yellow shirt tied around his neck, like a cape. The backdrop is a white sheet with paint in various colors randomly splattered on it, taped to two wooden posts. Photography lights are seen on the left and right, and a silhouette of Pom Pom is seen in the foreground with a camera. The screen flashes as Pom Pom takes the picture, and as it fades back in, we see a closeup of Strong Bad in the same outfit, now holding a tennis racket.}

STRONG BAD: Ha haa! {The screen flashes, and now Strong Bad is lying on the ground.} Who, me? {Another flash, and now he's standing on the box, with his right hand held out in front of him, as though he's pointing at the camera} I'm charming! {Points with his left hand too. Another flash, and he's now standing with the tennis racket.} I'm charming! {Yet another flash, and the camera is panned back so that Pom Pom is visible again. Strong Bad is standing.} Oh, what's the time? {He looks at his right wrist as though looking at a watch. Another flash, and we see another close up, as Strong Bad starts out turned away from the camera, and he turns toward it, waves, and holds his chin, with afterimages following him. Another flash, and now Strong Bad is wearing a black suit with a purple shirt and glasses, holding a briefcase.} I'm casually late! {Another flash, but the screen doesn't change. Strong Bad walks toward stage right, and pauses posing. The camera flashes again, and Strong Bad is now seen in front of what seems to be a paneled wood wall, holding a telephone with only a frayed wire coming out of it.} Let's-a do lunch! Ha-haaa! {puts down the phone and picks up the tennis racket again. Another flash, and Strong Bad is lying on his stomach on the ground, holding a pencil and leaning toward the camera. We can see that the wall in the last image was actually just another screen, leaning on the posts.} I'll pencil you in. {Pretends to write something on the ground. One more flash, and now Strong Bad is in a frozen walking pose in front of a blue screen.} Oh, look at the time! {He kneels and looks at his "watch" again. Another flash, and now Strong Bad is wearing a white turtleneck and a sailor's cap, while holding a corn-cob pipe and a golf club. A map is seen in the background, in front of the false wood wall.} I say, lads, is that Cape Cod? {Uses the golf club to point at the map, and shrugs. Another flash, and the camera cuts back again. This time, Strong Bad is sitting on the box.} Oh, look, off the portboard stow! {Another flash, and he's standing with his hands on his hips.} We're on a collision course with sultriness! {He shakes his hips. One final flash.}

{Cut back to the Lappy}

STRONG BAD: {typing} I can't wait to get those pictures back from the lab. I can totally see some of them being used in one of those glossy fashion magazines. Y'know, the kind that cost nine bucks and are 97% ads. Like maybe in an ad for those fancy leather shoes that you're supposed to wear without {An ad for "Homely Boy Brand HUGE Tube Socks" featuring Strong Bad is displayed.} socks. WITHOUT SOCKS! {The image vanishes.} Man! Can you imagine the luxury! Ooh! Or some kinda fancy men's {An ad for "Doctor Stankfoot's Watery Athlete's Foot Cream" appears.} And I can be laying next to some skinny blonde girl looking totally disinterested. You know like, "Whatever, baby. {The ad disappears.} You can't even approach the flava... of my colognac." {Clears the screen.} No wait! The cover of some steamy romance novel! And my ripped {A book titled "Unattractive Detective Stories!! The Case of the Dame with the Hard-to-Look-at-Teeth" appears.} self would be on top of some cliff or lighthouse clutching a milkmaid in a flowy dress. {It vanishes.} And she'd be like, "No, Parson Jim, it can never be!" But I'm all like, "Look in your heart, Chezmerelda."

{The camera cuts back to show Strong Sad standing next to the desk, holding a pile of mail.}

STRONG SAD: Hey Strong Bad, I was just looking through today's mail, and guess who made the cover of Husky Headed Boys Back 2 School Catalog?

STRONG BAD: What?! Back-to-school already?! It's not even July! So, who's on the cover?

STRONG SAD: Uh, you are.

STRONG BAD: What?! I ain't got no husky head!

STRONG SAD: Well, it's about the same size as my husky body... {hits his stomach twice, resulting in a basketball-like sound effect} Oh, and this check {holds out a check} from Husky Headed Boys Catalog came—

STRONG BAD: {swiping the check} Whoa-ho! My husky head commands a pretty penny! This'll bring home a few months' worth of bacon! I bet your husky body's not worth a hundred and eight dollars!

STRONG SAD: No, but poachers have offered several thousand for my feet.

{Homestar Runner walks up.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey guys! Guess who made this week's cover of Stupid Coincidence Magazine!

{He holds up the magazine, which features Homestar himself. He then throws it over his shoulder and starts dancing to the same music Strong Bad posed to earlier. The camera flashes, and we see the "Husky Headed Boys" and "Stupid Coincidence Magazine" issues up close. The Paper comes down.}

Easter Eggs

  • At the end, click on the diamond on Strong Bad's head to see an ad for "SB Finest Colognac."

Fun Facts


  • "Colognac" is a portmanteau word formed by combining "cognac", a distilled liquor one drinks, and "cologne", a scented fragrance one wears.


  • The ads and magazines read, in order:



Detective Stories!!
The Case of the Dame
with the

              Why Some People
Our              Think Saying
Least Likely    Ka-Winky-Dink
Issue Yet!!          Is Funny
                      pg. 143
HUSKY Headed Boys

              Giant Headed
SUMMER 2005    Kids Need



drink it. or wear it. we don't really give a care.
  • The map that Strong Bad stands in front of while posing marks "Land," "Haggleston," "Place," and "Nautical Ocean."


  • None of the example magazine ads shown match the ads Strong Bad describes.
  • We see Strong Bad's written signature in the HUGE Tube Socks ad, and it is different from his signature in the Yearbook Character Page.


  • When Strong Bad yells, "Dear, STRONG BAD!!!" and "dear MEGHAN!!!!!" the reflection of his head appears slightly above the Lappy.
  • When Homestar holds up the magazine, his image on the cover blinks (this does not happen at the end of the email).
  • In the email screen when the "romance novel" comes up, you can no longer click the Lappy to see the "ripple" effect.
  • Right after Strong Bad says "letsa do lunch," he holds up the tennis racket, and even though he is in a suit, the arm is bare.

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