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Strong Bad Email #145
watch narrator some kinda robot
"I'm sure it's just a weather balloon..."

Strong Bad recounts the legendary myth of the Bear-Shark.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, A Mighty Warrior (Easter egg), Trogdor (Easter egg), Bear-Shark, The Cheat, Bubs, Strong Sad, Homestar Runner, Coach Z (Easter egg)

Places: Computer Room, Strong Badia, Bubs' Concession Stand, The Woods

Computer: Lappy 486

Date: February 13, 2006

Running Time: 2:54

Page Title: Lappy 486



STRONG BAD: {singing} I'm livin' the Strong Bad life, I take an email for my wife. I take an email for my wife. {brings up and reads the email}

{Strong Bad says "Strongbad" as "Two words. Two different words. That are not one word. That are 'Strong' and 'Bad'." and the name and location as "Cephas Cornwall of the Corn Army".}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Mysterious Myths or Legendary Legends? Isn't that a show on one of those channels up in the high hundreds? Ya know, like between the CG Dinosaur Channel and the Homes with Rollercoasters in Them Network? Well, if not, it should be! {makes a static-like sound} Come on! {makes it again, but this time the screen cuts to static} There we go.

{Cut to Strong Badia. Strong Bad carries a stick.}

STRONG BAD: Strong Badia. An idyllic fruit-opia. Rich in madeupstories and nottrueities. The nottrue-est of which...

{He prods The Tire with his stick. The Bear-Shark pops up. The Cheat runs by, panicked.}

THE CHEAT: {screams in The Cheat}

STRONG BAD: the mighty bear holding a shark. {spooky music starts} More than a mere security counter-measure, its origins lie in the skies of old.

{Cut to a starry sky. Constellations of the Strong Badia flag's snake, the guy with the big knife, a hand giving the "OK" symbol, a board with nails in it, General Tso's chicken, a fish with an afro, and a marathon runner.}

STRONG BAD: The stars tell us that two of the seven elemental spirits of Strong Badia, the fish wearing a 'fro wig and the British distance runner, combined forces to defeat the others.

{The two constellations in question fight, and in the end, the runner holds the fish over his head.}

STRONG BAD: In paintball... or maybe Red Rover.

{Cut back to Strong Bad}

STRONG BAD: Then, through years of bad story-telling and the telephone game,

{Over the following, images of a satyr holding a fish, labeled "Wildernessman withst Sea-Beast", an elk with a fish in its antlers, and a bad drawing of the bear-shark on the fence appear.}

STRONG BAD: The mythic beast transformed into the bear holding a shark we know today. These ancient fence drawings show evidence of destroyed crops, stolen babies, and family bike-rides. {The screen pans over to show bad drawings of the same.} Or family pie-sitting contests. Bear-holding-a-shark fever gripped the nation.

{Cut to Bubs' Concession Stand, with various Bear-Shark paraphernelia.}

BUBS: {holding up an ice cream bar} We got Bear-holding-a-shark frozen delights, {looking at a pile of glasses near him} and these shot glasses are always popular with the kids. Oh, and my favorite: {reaches down and produces a necklace} these Bear-tooth-holding-a-shark-tooth necklaces!

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Of course, not everyone caught the fever.

{Music starts and Bubs dances. Then, cut to Strong Sad. The screen reads "Bear Holding a Shark Skeptic".}

STRONG SAD: I'm sure it's just a weather balloon or a foreign exchange student. These strange beasts just aren't real!

{Cut back to Strong Bad}

STRONG BAD: ...said the elephant-footed ghost man. And then, one day, the Bear-holding-a-shark got the break all made-up creatures dream of. {The screen becomes more and more blurry, and zooms further and further into Strong Bad, on each word in:} Blurry photographic evidence.

{Cut to Homestar Runner}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Now, I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but I was in the woods, walking my dog Pom Pom. All of a sudden, he started growlin' and poopin' all over the place. And that's when I saw him.

{Static, then cut to a very fuzzy video reel of the Bear-Shark walking through the woods.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {voiceover} A very. Scary. Monsterman.

{More spooky music}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Now that we've seen all the evidence, it's up to you to decide: {the following words appear on the screen} Mysterious Myth? Or Legendary Legend?

{Cut back to the Lappy}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Join us next week when we examine startling new evidence in the Biscuitdoughhandsman conspiracy.

{More spooky music. The Paper comes down.}

Easter Eggs

Walking with Trogdor
Who REALLY made all those fence drawings...
  • After Strong Bad says "Corn Army", click on CA in the email to see a Teen Girl Squad frame of the Mighty Warrior taking on the corn army.
  • Click on "CG Dinosaur Channel" to see Trogdor walk on the screen, advertising "Walking with Trogdor".
  • By viewing the Flash file, when the "ancient fence drawings" are going by, you can see the following text written in sloppy, child handwriting outside of the typical viewing area.
by strong
ag9 5
  • Click on "startling" at the end to see a scene with Strong Bad and Bubs.
{Cut to Bubs' Concession Stand}
STRONG BAD: {holding one of the Bear-Shark ice cream bars} So this is supposed to be the bear holding a shark? Looks more like...Morgan Freeman.
BUBS: Oh, right! That's what it is! Now gimme twenty extra bucks for that Shawshank style.
  • Click on "Biscuitdoughhandsman" to see Coach Z reporting an incident.
{Cut to Coach Z, standing in silhouette in front of a dark background. A caption appears reading "This guy's voice has been digitally altered again"}
COACH Z: {with voice digitally altered} So there I was, minding my own creepy business, when I found this severed hand in the lacker room! {He holds up a biscuit with a bite taken out.}

Fun Facts


  • "CG" is short for "Computer graphics".
  • "Telephone Game" is a game for children where a message is whispered from one participant to another, along a group, causing the message to be distorted more and more.


  • This is another appearance of pie.
  • One of the "Cave Drawings" bears a striking resemblance to What's Her Face.


  • During the blurry footage, the Bear-Shark's feet are white with blue soles, suggesting that Homestar's footage is not quite authentic. This may also be a reference to evidence against the video taped footage of Bigfoot, whose feet were also colored wrong (compared to other great apes.)
  • On the Frequently asked questions page, where it shows the eyes of all the characters and allows you to fill in the names, Biscuit Dough Hands Man is multiple words. This is contradictory to the end of this email in which it is spelled "Biscuitdoughhandsman", which in turn is probably a nod to "Strongbad" at the beginning, although in an easter egg in rock opera, the name is also spelled as all one word in one of the reviews given about Strong Bad's rock opera.
  • The bear-holding-a-shark frozen delight looks similar to the head of an Aunt Get Doll from garage sale


  • When Strong Bad is introducing Strong Badia for the first time, his left arm is briefly missing.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • "Walking With Trogdor" is a reference to the TV special Walking With Dinosaurs, which features CG dinosaurs.
    • The "Walking with Trogdor" Easter egg is a reference to the recent trend of television networks to advertise for their shows by displaying short video clips along the bottom during the broadcast of another show.
  • The British Long Distance Runner is likely a reference to Roger Bannister, the man who first ran the mile in four minutes or less.
  • "Bear Holding a Shark Week" is a reference to The Discovery Channel's Shark Week.
  • One of the fence drawings is a TIE fighter.
  • "Shawshank style" is in reference to the 1994 movie The Shawshank Redemption in which Academy Award-winning american actor Morgan Freeman plays a convict.
  • The Strongbadia Myth Show is a reference to In Search Of... and similar shows and documentaries that investigate paranormal phenomena such as monster sightings and alien abductions, and often include interviews with people who claim to have encountered such things.
  • The blurry video footage of the bear holding a shark is a reference to the famous Patterson-Gimlin home-movie footage of an alleged Bigfoot (Sasquatch) moving through a forest.
  • Fruitopia is a fruit drink manufactured by Coca-Cola.
  • Strong Sad dismissing the existence of the Bear holding a Shark, claiming what people actually see is a weather balloon is a reference to skeptics' common reactions to, or governments' explanations for, UFO sightings or other supernatural events.
  • The "Homes with Rollercoasters in Them Network" is likely a reference to the many home improvement shows that exist on channels like TLC and The Discovery Channel, in which rooms are redecorated to fit a specific theme. Such shows include Trading Spaces and Monster House.
  • The T-Shirt in Bubs's Concession Stand which reads "My Baby Got Stole By the Bear Holding a Shark" is a reference to the Azaria Chamberlain disappearance in Australia in 1980, the subject of many books and films. The parents of two month old Azaria claimed that she was stolen by a dingo; they were widely disbelieved and convicted of her murder, though the conviction was later overturned. Even now there is dispute over whether their claim that a dingo stole their baby was a hoax.

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