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(Trivia: the part about the fan site's Easter egg was originally included because it was relevant to this toon; the fan has changed the egg such that it is no longer relevant, so I'm removing it)
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*"Cheatsa parties" were previously mentioned in [[mile]].
*"Cheatsa parties" were previously mentioned in [[mile]].
*Strong Bad spends his virtual "Pizz Points" on the [[Trogdor]] stand-up arcade cabinet from [[Arcade Game]], [[The Couch|the couch]] from Strong Bad's basement, and Homestar's cow lamp from [[caper]].
*Strong Bad spends his virtual "Pizz Points" on the [[Trogdor]] stand-up arcade cabinet from [[Arcade Game]], [[The Couch|the couch]] from Strong Bad's basement, and Homestar's cow lamp from [[caper]].
*The music played in Strong Sad's easter egg is from [[portrait]].
===Real-World References===
===Real-World References===

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Strong Bad Email #179
watch bike thief slumber party
"Um, The Pizz? Thanks for calling?"

Strong Bad "opens" a pizza place to attract girls, and accidentially becomes a success.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat, Daphne, Cheerleader, So and So, What's Her Face, The Ugly One, Homestar Runner, The King of Town, Strong Sad

Places: Computer Room, Strong Badia, The King of Town's Castle, the Review Revue, The King of Town's Grill

Computer: Lappy 486

Date: Monday, September 24, 2007

Running Time: 3:09

Page Title: Lappy 486



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STRONG BAD: {singing} Let a lil' email in your heart, and it will clog your arteries!

STRONG BAD: BLARG! Yes, We have a pizza joint! I gots me a pizza joint! {Cut to the computer room, Strong Bad falls off his chair and then rolls off the screen.}Always been at the pizza joint! Come to the pizza joint with me!

{Cut to Strongbadia. Strong Bad is standing behind a box, which The Cheat is busy writing "Strong Bad's Strong Badian PIZZ". Thay are surrounded by pizza boxes.}

STRONG BAD: Hurry up with that sign, The Cheat!

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat Noises}

STRONG BAD: {walks to the front} No, no, no, that's already way too long. We need something short and catchy that Daphne and her girls can say real quick. You know, like, "The Max", or "The Emporium" (check that). It's never gonna work if they have to be like;

{Cut to a Teen Girl Squad scene. Cheerleader and So and So are wearing towels. What's her Face is wearing the same clothes. The Ugly One is dressed like a mummy. Daphne is there too, wearing a towel that supposedly says Daphne}

DAPHNE: Hey gals! Let's towel off and meet up at {words appear on screen as they are said} Strong Bad's Strong Badian pizza...

CHEERLEADER: {interrupting} This is taking too long!

WHAT'S HER FACE: I'm already bored!

SO AND SO: I'm going home!

THE UGLY ONE: I belong in a museum!

{Cut back to Strong Bad and The Cheat}

STRONG BAD: College girls don't have that kind of time, man. We gotta strike while the girl is still hot!

THE CHEAT: {annoyed The Cheat noise, he crosses out "Strong Bad's Strong Badian" and writes below it, "The". The sign now reads "The Pizz"}

STRONG BAD: Yeah! The Pizz! I love it!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Umm, yeah. Lemme get a slice of pee-roni, with some {indistinct}, and {indistinct}.

STRONG BAD: Homestar, get outta here! This isn't a real pizza place! This is just a front to meet some girls!

HOMESTAR: Ohhh...Lemme get a calzone, then. With some {indistinct}

{phone rings}

STRONG BAD: What the- Hang on a sec. {answers} Uhh...The Pizz? Thanks for calling? {Homestar leaves}

KING OF TOWN: Yeah, lemme get 50 Thanksgiving Lovers pizzas delivered to the only castle around here!

STRONG BAD: The King of Town? How did you even know about this place?

{Close in on Strong Bad, with the screen split to show the King of Town on the other end}

KING OF TOWN: Well, if you must know, I spend most of my day calling random numbers in hopes of finding a new restaurant!

STRONG BAD: Yeah, well, we're not a real place. {tapping offscreen}

{Cut back to Strong Badia. Homestar pops up wearing a The Pizz shirt and hat}

Easter Eggs

  • Click on "girls" at the end to see an extra scene with Strong Sad.
{Strong Sad at the Review Revue}
STRONG SAD: Strong Bad phones this one in with Strong Bad Email 179. {sbemail179.html slides at the bottom of the screen} Despite a strong showing from fan favorite Strong Sad, {slaps his stomach} the email ultimately fizzles due to a heavy reliance on what can only be called "internet pizza jokes". {a red X reading "MISS!" appears on top of sbemail179.html}
  • Click on "pizza joint" at the end to see an extra scene with Homestar.
{Homestar is dressed in his "The Pizz" uniform, dancing on a blue background}
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Party! Cheatza Party!

Fun Facts


  • A calzone consists of pizza toppings wrapped inside a giant piece of pizza dough.
  • A flame war is a common message board term for a heated (and hateful) argument.
  • A Troll is a common message board term used for people who "flame" other users and incite arguments and flame wars.


  • is a real fan-created website that was registered about half an hour after this email debuted. The site features the login page from the email. Clicking on the login button directs you to the email itself.
  • The Floppy Disk Container reads "D".
  • The sides of the pizza boxes read "Pizza Box" / "Neighborhood Style".
  • This is the first email since the debut of New Paper not to end with a complaint about it from Strong Bad.


Inside References

  • This email prominently features pizza.
  • Strong Bad complained about not getting emails from college girls in hygiene.
  • The way Strong Bad says "competition" is a reference to The Reddest Radish.
  • Credenza is seen in the background of the Review Revue.
  • The King of Town uses "Light 'Em Up Dan" brand lighter fluid.
  • "Cheatsa parties" were previously mentioned in mile.
  • Strong Bad spends his virtual "Pizz Points" on the Trogdor stand-up arcade cabinet from Arcade Game, the couch from Strong Bad's basement, and Homestar's cow lamp from caper.
  • The music played in Strong Sad's easter egg is from portrait.

Real-World References

  • The Max, one of Strong Bad's examples for shorter names, is a reference to Saved By The Bell.
  • The King of Town ordering "Thanksgiving Lovers'" pizzas is a reference to pizza shops that sell "Meat Lovers'" or "Veggie Lovers'" pizzas.
  • spoofs social massively multi-player online games such as Habbo Hotel and Coke Music.
  • Homestar's Easter egg song is based on a commercial for the Pizza Party board game.
  • Strong Bad's nickname for Strong Sad, "Thelonious Dump", is a reference to famous jazz pianist Thelonious Monk.

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