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Strong Bad Email #146
watch myths & legends lady fan
It was the book of my dreeeeams!

Strong Bad shows us his own Strong Bad pop-up book.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat, Gavin, Homestar Runner, The Tire, Bubs (Easter egg), Strong Sad (Easter egg)

Places: Computer Room

Computer: Lappy 486

Date: Monday, February 20, 2006

Running Time: 3:12

Page Title: Lappy 486

DVD: strongbad_email.exe Disc Five



{Cut back to the Lappy.}

STRONG BAD: {typing} So now the pop-up book is primed and ready for the four year-old, or The Cheat, in your life to use as a tissue! That thing'll provide seconds of non-ripped apart fun! Speaking of seconds, I'm gonna go eat my burgers.

{He leaves. The Paper comes down.}

Easter Eggs

  • Click Kat Spokane, Wash. after Strong Bad raps for The Cheat to reveal a Beverly Sportsinterviews book titled "Cat," spoke Anne, "Wash!".
  • Click on the pop-up Tandy 400 after Strong Bad says "The Lake Head" to see a comparison between Strong Sad's head and Manicouagan Reservoir in Quebec, a circular lake formed by a meteor impact in the late Triassic.
  • At the end, click The Cheat to see a clip of The Cheat, Strong Sad, and Bubs playing dominoes. Bubs is smoking a cigar.
    STRONG SAD: Oh, The Cheat wins again. Pay up.
    BUBS: Well, she's all yours! {He drops a car key on the table.}
    THE CHEAT: {Jubilant The Cheat noises, does a dance}

Fun Facts


  • While the name "Senor Muybueno" has no inherent meaning by itself, the corrected Spanish name "Señor Muy Bueno" would be equivalent to "Mister Very Good" in English.
  • The cherubs look vaguely like winged babies known as Putti.
Magic Eye


  • This is the first time the ceiling of the computer room, or any other room on the same level of the house, has been seen.
  • The label on the disk in the floppy disk container reads "codename: iceman".
  • Decompiling the Flash file reveals that the Magic Eye image is a working stereogram of Saturn, from Magic Eye: How to See 3-D.
  • This is the second time Strong Bad's jumping abilities have been seen, the first time being in unused emails.


  • When Strong Bad mentions the sound quality has improved since page 2, he is referring to the second pop-up spread. With a traditional page-counting method, this would be pages 4 and 5.
  • One of the quickest ways to destroy a pop-up book is to turn the pages without resetting the tabs to their original positions, as Strong Bad does throughout.
  • In the Easter egg, Bubs is handing over the key to a car, as mentioned earlier in the email. However, the key more strongly resembles a house key, notably in the shape of the head and the fact that it is cut on only one side, a rarity in car keys.
    • Older model GM and AMC cars, such as the AMC Gremlin that Bubs owns, would have this style of single-cut key. However, those keys are distinctly different in appearance from the key that Bubs had.
  • The "Gold Circle" award in the "Cat, spoke Anne" Easter egg is, in fact, green.
  • When he is visible and the page is turning, Homestar has a visible tongue.
  • In the ending Easter egg, the chain of dominoes ends or starts with a five. One of the shown dominoes has a five on it, so Bubs or Strong Sad could have won.
    • Also in the Easter egg, the side of a domino with one dot on it is connected to a domino with four dots on both sides, which is impossible when actually playing dominoes.


  • The Cheat's keyboard stays in place in the bottom corner of the screen for the first frame of Strong Bad's jump, instead of staying down on the floor.
  • When Strong Bad turns back to the Strong Sad page to create another burger, the flab tab has been reset.
  • While Strong Sad's flab tab drops it's the shape of Strong Sad's head with holes in it, not the shape of the flab.
  • In the Easter egg, when Bubs moves, so does the column of smoke from his cigar.
  • On the page when The Cheato Bandito gets booted up, the line on the other side of the tab when he is near the top of the page isn't lined up with the ground, but this might be a reference to imperfect construction of real pop-up books.

Inside References

Recessed lighting indeed...

Real-World References

  • The Cheato Bandito is a reference to Tex Avery's famous "Frito Bandito", a character featured in many Frito commercials from 1967 to 1971. Cheetos and Fritos are both brands of snack foods.
  • Police Quest is a series of adventure games published by Sierra between 1987 and 1993.
  • Magic Eye is a series of books that feature autostereograms, which allow some people to see 3D images by focusing on 2D patterns. The viewer must diverge his or her eyes in order to see a hidden three-dimensional image within the pattern; however, not everyone can see the images, especially those with certain visual ailments.
  • The "Gold Circle" award (found on the book "Cat," spoke Anne, "Wash!") plays off of the fact that the two best-known awards for children's books in the U.S.—the Newbery Medal and the Caldecott Medal—are circular and golden.
  • The hamburgers multiplying by 2 every time you open the freezer could be a reference to The 10th Kingdom, where a wish for an infinite number of beers is granted in that fashion.

Fast Forward

DVD Version

  • The Cheat dances for a much longer period of time in the final Easter egg, changing directions a few times like he does during his first scene.
  • The DVD version features creators' commentary. To access it, switch your DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Mike Chapman, Matt Chapman)


MIKE: How long do you think we can go without saying anything?

MATT: {laughs} Look, here's another—well, this is a nice song, A, that he sings here, and it reveals that he indeed has recessed lighting as he, uh, pointed out in sbemail99, different town. Um, watch.

MIKE: What reveals it? This part coming up. {overlapping}

MATT: Just watch. He launches up to the ceiling.

MIKE: Oh, there it is.

MATT: Little one. Do you think he's calling him little one and just pronouncing it weird, or is he calling him little Juan.

MIKE: Little Juan.


MIKE: There's one time where The Cheat was wearing a top hat that said Tito.

MATT: {laughs} Little Tito?

MIKE: Maybe little T—little Juan is a friend of Tito's.

MATT: Yeah. {pause} "Cat," spoke Anne, "Wash!" That's a, uh, another {laughing} Beverly Sportsinterviews book. If you click on the Easter eggs.

MIKE: Beverly Sportsinterviews books are among my favorite, uh, Easter eggs. {laughs}

MATT: Dead squirrel. {Mike laughs} From the library of dead squirrel. {pause} Uh, I would like a real one of these books, Mike.

MIKE: That kid. I wish that there was a post-it note that said "That kid" on this. Or this kid?

MATT: This kid.

MIKE: Matt had this old Star Wars poster in his room {laughing} that had a post-it note pointing to Luke?

MATT: It was just over to Luke's gun, I think.

MIKE: And it just said "This kid".

MATT: Yeah.



MATT: Ew. The lake head? What's the name of that place in Canada? That crater... that looks like Strong Sad?

MIKE: I don't remember but it's good.

MATT: You should look it up on Google Earth. It's amazing.


MATT: Oh, these are the dial—I love the dial things, in um, in pop-up books. The dial function.

MIKE: I like the Magic Eye function in pop-up books.

MATT: {laughs} What was that—didn't you get—what was that Magic Eye of? Do you know?

MIKE: I don't remember. Probably a dolphin.

MATT: {simultaneously} A dolphin.

{both laugh}

MATT: Two more eggs!

MIKE: There's a post-it note!

MATT: Did that say Negative Zero on that? Uh. It does. Negative Zero—

MIKE: Yeah. That was nice.

MATT: That was the punk band that I was in. I just saw two of the members of that. One of which is in Of Montreal nowadays.

MIKE: When?

MATT: Uh, the other day.

MIKE: What was you guys's best song? Negative Zero.

MATT: It was definitely Depravity.

MIKE: Depravity. {laughs}

MATT: Yeah. It has some swears, so I won't sing it for you, but... {pause} Oh, Señor Muybueno. Senor probably.

{long pause}

MIKE: You know with the little one I've got a lot of pop-up books these days.

MATT: Do you?

MIKE: Yeah.

MATT: Little Juan?

MIKE: This—These are much better than the ones she has.

MATT: Do you call her Little Juan?

MIKE: I will now.


MATT: Uh, look at that fat—Fat Fryer! That's like Thy Dungeonman III, Fat Fat Fryer! Spin, slide it, pull. Pull the flabs. This is the grand finale.

{Strong Bad says "Don't forget the crap flap!"}

MATT: {both laugh} If it made that noise everytime, it'd be good. {pause} Yeah, I remember... lots of cool pop-up books, and nev—like, I don't—there were several pop-up books that were around as a kid at grandma's house or something, and I don't remember them ever functioning. They were always tore up.

MIKE: Toe up.

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