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'''STRONG BAD:''' Whoa! Eighty-something cases of Bull Honkey! ''{close-up of Strong Bad}'' That's my favorite caffeinergy sauce! ''{back to wider view}'' Oh, this road trip is ''definitely'' going to be ''{dances}'' jumbo/LARGE.
'''STRONG BAD:''' Whoa! Eighty-something cases of Bull Honkey! ''{close-up of Strong Bad}'' That's my favorite caffeinergy sauce! ''{back to wider view}'' Oh, this road trip is ''definitely'' going to be ''{dances}'' jumbo/LARGE.
'''THE CHEAT:''' ''{looks annoyed, quizzical The Cheat noises}''
'''THE CHEAT:''' ''{looks annoyed, quizzical The Cheat noises sounding something like "jumbo what?"}''
'''STRONG BAD:''' Just laugh at it. It's an inside joke. It's going to be hilarious.
'''STRONG BAD:''' Just laugh at it. It's an inside joke. It's going to be hilarious.

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Strong Bad Email #156
watch theme song trading cards
"Road trip city, here we come!"

Strong Bad and The Cheat go on a road trip. Or more accurately, a car trip. Or even more accurately, a car.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat, Homestar Runner, Bubs (Easter egg), Coach Z (Easter egg)

Places: Computer Room, The Field, Inside the Gremlin, Bubs' Concession Stand (Easter egg)

Computer: Lappy 486

Date: Monday, September 4, 2006

Running Time: 4:18

Page Title: Lappy 486

DVD: strongbad_email.exe Disc Five



STRONG BAD: {singing} Good morning, Mr. E-mail, there's a call for you, on line two. {brings up the email}

{Strong Bad says "I've actually lost two pounds in the last nine months, thank you very much" instead of "Fatty" and "Pete from Pete's parents' basement" instead of "That guy, from that place".}

STRONG BAD: Oh, yeah! Me and The Cheat, we're roadtripcionados. And one thing I've found, is that every good road trip needs a good inside joke that only the people that went on the road trip will get. {clears screen} And your friends that didn't go on the road trip will want to {haltingly} kill your legs {normally} every time you bring it up. These days, I make up the inside joke before I go on the road trip, just in case one doesn't happen. For this road trip, we'll make it... jumbo/LARGE. Get it? jumbo/LARGE? It's like a maxymoron.

{Cut to the Field. Strong Bad and The Cheat are standing in front of the Gremlin; and an object covered by a yellow-splotched cloth is on the right.}

STRONG BAD: All right, you ready to go, The Cheat? Why is Strong Mad hiding under that not-originally-yellow-spotted sheet from Strong Sad's bedroom? Not my bedroom.

{Pan to the right so that the entire object covered by the sheet is visible}

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises. Pulls back the cloth to reveal many stacked aluminum cans. Excited The Cheat noises.}

STRONG BAD: Whoa! Eighty-something cases of Bull Honkey! {close-up of Strong Bad} That's my favorite caffeinergy sauce! {back to wider view} Oh, this road trip is definitely going to be {dances} jumbo/LARGE.

THE CHEAT: {looks annoyed, quizzical The Cheat noises sounding something like "jumbo what?"}

STRONG BAD: Just laugh at it. It's an inside joke. It's going to be hilarious.

{Cut to the inside of the Gremlin. The Cheat is sitting behind the wheel. Strong Bad enters the passenger's seat and shuts the car door.}

STRONG BAD: Road trip city, here we come!

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises}

STRONG BAD: Keys? I don't have any keys. Look, the only thing I know about this car is what Bubs told me. And that's that the windows and doors are broken and you can't open them from the inside.

{The Cheat glares at Strong Bad, annoyed.}

STRONG BAD: Oh. Right. {under his breath} That was pretty poor planning on my part.

{Cut to a distant view of a silhouette of the Gremlin against a yellow sky}

STRONG BAD: {calling out} Bubs? Green Bubs? {a tumbleweed rolls by} Anybody?

{cut back to inside the car}

THE CHEAT: {dismissive The Cheat noises}

STRONG BAD: All right, forget it. I'm not gonna let a little setback like this ruin our road trip. What we need is some grub. Pull over at this next exit up here. {The Cheat turns the steering wheel} I know a little roadside diner called "Beneath the Passenger's Seat". {goes under the seat}

THE CHEAT: {surprised The Cheat noises}

{Cut to a view of the passenger's seat from above. Strong Bad's leg is visible on the right}

STRONG BAD: All right, we got a small order of petrifries {brings out three French fries covered in hair}, a large melt shake that's almost eaten through the cup {brings out an old cup that says "Melt Shake" and is stained brown on the bottom}, ooh, and for dessert, a half-sucked booterscotch in desperate need of a shave {brings out an orange, egg-shaped candy covered with hair and a nail-clipping}.

{return to front view of the Gremlin}

STRONG BAD: All right, cool, that was disgusting. Now alls we need to wash the taste out of our brains is some jammin' tunes!

THE CHEAT: {exclamatory The Cheat noises. Brings out a CD that says "road trip mix".}

STRONG BAD: A mix CD! {singing} That, my friend, is jumbo/LARGE. {normal voice} Now, let's put it in and crank it up!

{cut to view of Gremlin's dashboard, which contains an eight-track player labeled "8-TRAX".}

THE CHEAT: {tries to put the CD in the eight-track player. The Cheat noises.}

STRONG BAD: Naw, just force it in there. {return to front view of the Gremlin} I'm sure that thing's forwards compatible.

{The Cheat pushes CD into player. The edges of the CD break off.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, yeah, The Cheat. These are some jammin' tunes! {singing} And now we're jammin'! {in falsetto} Jammin' tunes! Jammin tunes {in his normal voice} Now we're jammi— {shouting quickly} Oh, who am I kidding; this is the worst road trip ever! {puts his head down on the dashboard} The Cheat {cut to silhouette view of the Gremlin}, we're gonna die in this Gremlin!

THE CHEAT: {sad The Cheat noises}

{The sky darkens}

SINGERS: {unseen, in high voices} And now we're jammin'! Jammin' tunes! Jammin' tunes! Now we're jammin'! jumbo/LAAAAARGE!

{cut to view of Strong Bad and the Cheat in the Gremlin, this time from an angle}

STRONG BAD: Like, look at that little stain over there! {cut to a view looking up at the car roof} That could be a whole 'nother world. With a whole 'nother Strong Bad and The Cheat stuck in a Gremlin. {a light shines on The Cheat and Strong Bad.}

{cut to a view looking out the window; Homestar Runner is standing outside holding a flashlight}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {looking annoyed} All right, young lovers. Move it along! What do you think this is, Make-out Point?

{cut to view of the Gremlin from outside}

STRONG BAD: Homestar, it's me and The Cheat! We're stuck in here!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Unlikely story, Backseat Bradley!

STRONG BAD: Just open the door; I'll explain everything!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: All right, but before I do, {no longer looking annoyed} I'm looking for my jumbo/LARGE melt shake! I think I left it in there a week or month ago. {cut back to view of Homestar Runner through the car window} Either of you guys find it? {opens the door}

{cut back to view of the Gremlin from outside}

STRONG BAD: {exits the Gremlin} Oh, sweet two feet from where I just was! How I've missed you so!

{cut back to the Lappy}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Luckily, Officer Cheese-for-butt let us off with just a warning. And that was our road trip. Or, more accurately our car trip, since we didn't go on any roads. Or, even more accurately, our car, since we didn't go on any trips either. So yeah, Pete from Pete's parents' basement, I go on car with my gang all the time. And that's the end of this email. Until next time everybody, remember to stay j-LARGE.

{The Paper comes down}

Easter Eggs

"Honk 'em if ya got 'em!!"
  • Click on the eighty-something cases of Bull Honkey to see a close up of a Bull Honkey can.
  • Click on the car bumper when Homestar finds Strong Bad and The Cheat to see a bumper sticker.
  • At the end, click on "everybody" to see a conversation between Bubs and Coach Z.
COACH Z: Whaddya mean, I'm the green Bubs? If anything, you're the orange Coach Z!
BUBS: The first person to call me the orange Coach Z is gonna get a free consultation with my friends Jacoby and Meyers! {balls up his left fist, followed by his right}

Fun Facts


  • Petrifries is a reference to petrification, which is the process by which organic material is converted into stone or a similar substance.
  • Forward compatible products try to cater to future technology, such as new input devices.
  • Maxymoron is a play on the word oxymoron, although jumbo/LARGE is not actually an oxymoron; it behaves like a pleonasm, or the opposite of an oxymoron.
  • The "honk em if you got em" bumper sticker is quite possibly a jab at the military expression "smoke em if you got em", a term soldiers use for being allowed to smoke cigarettes when standing at rest in formation.


  • There appear to be 204 cans of Bull Honkey.
    • If there really were "eighty-something" cases of Bull Honkey, then there would be from 2.29 to 2.55 cans per "case".
  • This email has four portmanteaus; the most featured in any toon on the site besides Teen Girl Squad Issue 8, which also has four portmanteaus.
  • This is also the first time we see Bubs clench his "fists".


  • Homestar is able to open the Gremlin's door, even though he has no visible arms and the car door has no visible handles.
  • Strong Bad claimed in the email car that he did not own a car. The Gremlin is presumably the car he won from Bubs in the email pop-up. Interestingly, The Cheat won the key to the Gremlin; however, it isn't present in this email.
  • With the exception of one knee, Strong Bad is able to fit his entire body under the seat of the Gremlin, even though it would appear that his head is far too big to fit.
  • When The Cheat slams the CD into the 8-track player, it is not shaded.


And now for my next trick!
  • The passenger seat's shadow doesn't move while Strong Bad is rummaging under the cushion.
  • The Melt Shake doesn't appear in the first few frames of animation as Strong Bad is bringing it out from under the cushion, although his hand is visible. This makes it seem as though it appears out of thin air.
  • When the silhouette of the car is shown, there are no cases of Bull Honkey next to it.

Inside References

  • "Bull honkey" was previously mentioned in record book, in which Strong Bad set the record for "Longest Bull Honkey".
  • Homestar Runner looking for people in the night with a flashlight and acting like a cop is a reference to Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon, where Homestar appeared to be part of the "police force" of Free Country, USA.
  • The Jammin' Tunes song is by the same band that makes the song that The Dancing Brothers dance to in A Folky Tale, as revealed in a DVD commentary.

Real-World References

  • The Bull Honkey caffeinergy sauce is a parody of the Red Bull energy drink.
  • Jacoby and Meyers is the name of a California tort law firm famous for its television advertising.

DVD Version

  • The DVD version features not one, but two creators' commentaries. To access them, switch your DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

Commentary Transcript 1

Commentary by: Mike Chapman, Matt Chapman, Karen Wagner

MIKE: Ohh – ha, ha. I remember that road trip we went on, guys.

KAREN: Oh, yeah, we went on a lot of road trips.

MATT: One time I made a joke on that road trip, and we might still make that joke today.

MIKE: Ah, road trips.

MATT: Yeah.

KAREN: So, okay.

MATT: Yeah-uhh.

KAREN: Yeah.. The noisy machine. {laughs} Okay, there's an inside joke right there.

MIKE: I haven't been on an actual legit road trip in a while. {Matt says "Sad!" in the background} We went on a road trip with the Homestar puppet from Houston to Austin...

MATT: That's true.

MIKE: time. Two or three hours {Matt laughs} doesn't really constitute a road trip.

MATT: But we even stopped along roadside attractions.

MIKE: That's, that's right.

KAREN: That empty field.

MIKE: That what?

KAREN: That empty field where Homestar ate all the muffins.

MATT & MIKE: That's right.

MIKE: All right, let's talk about something we're watching.

MATT: Okay.

MIKE: So something.. {laughs}

MATT: Well, we're talking about something that's relevant to what we're watching.

MIKE: All right, we can keep talking about..

{short pause}

KAREN: Okay, here comes Bull Honkey. All right.

MATT: {referring to the sheet covering the Bull Honkeys} That's really gross.

KAREN: {overlapping} I think you guys, um, drink a lot of that, don't you?

MATT: We— we used to..

MIKE: {overlapping} Not as much anymore. We used to rely on— that's why e-mails aren't up always on Monday mornings like they used to be. {Karen laughs} We used to just drink a bunch of Bull Honkey until they were done and then I'd just go to bed and finish up by morning.

MATT: Yeah.. Babies and..

MIKE: Babies and things. Babies and those darn wives. {Matt laughs} Ever since we got those darn wives.

KAREN: Hey, I'm calling Jackie and Melissa.

{Matt laughs}

MATT: Strong Bad did not think this road trip through very well, you guys.

KAREN: Nope, not at all.

MIKE: What happened? Oh, the door's broken and..

MATT: Yeah. And they're stuck in it.

KAREN: {overlapping} No keys.

MIKE: No wh-? Oh. {laughs} Green Bubs.

MATT: {laughs} Coach Z does not like being referred to as green Bubs.

MIKE: Coach Z has had a decline unlike any other character of the website over the last few years. Like Strong Sad's gotten better, like he's a much— and even the King of Town...

MATT: Yeah.

MIKE: Originally the hated characters.. the original ones have gotten a little better...

KAREN: Strong Sad, yeah.

MIKE: But Coach Z has definitely gone from being kind of a...

KAREN: {interrupting} Strong Sad's been holding his own.

MIKE: Yeah. Coach Z just gets more depressing.. {laughs}

KAREN: Oh, melt shake! Melt shake. That is.. makes an appearance in the store, actually.

MIKE: That's right. It's part of the combo.

KAREN: Yup. In our combo value menu.

MIKE: The melt shake makes an appearance in my car frequently. {laughter} In a melt cup of coffee as the thing that's the most frequently.

MATT: Yeah, more than a melt shake.

KAREN: Caffeine—

MATT: So I.. I imagine this..

KAREN: {interrupting} Caffeine cuts through the Styrofoam.

MATT: I imagine that this song is by the same recording artist that does the, uh, what's the one from Saddy Dumpington called? Um.. What's that song called?

MIKE: Uhhh..

MATT: The Dancing Brothers dance tune.

MIKE: Yeah. I don't remember what it's called! But I think that the band that must have the word "power" in the name; they're called like "The Power Surge", or something.

MATT: {laughs} That's a good one. What is this? Like, we can't— we know our own cartoons so.. We don't know. At all.

MIKE: All right, you keep talking—

KAREN: Thank you! Thank you, Wiki. Thank you, Homestar Wiki, for helping Mike and Matt to remember their own cartoons.

MATT: Mike, you made those..

MIKE: Look at those fireflies!

MATT: Yeah. You made those like—

MIKE: I made those like, five years ago.

KAREN: These guys are so lazy, they're pulling stuff out of the hat that they used five years ago.

MIKE: No, we didn't use them. That's the thing.


{short pause}

MATT: So, here's another instance of Homestar kind of being the police— the local police. {Mike laughs}

KAREN: Always clicking the flashlight on and off.

MIKE: Well, without any arms, he's gotta have to be expressive somehow, so that flashlight and the clicking is like...

MATT: {interrupting} it a sense of expressiveness

MIKE: Expressiveness.

{short pause}

KAREN: Oh, I forgot to mention that for a long time after this e-mail came out, there was another phrase that made its way, uh, into my daily life was—

MIKE: {overlapping} What?

KAREN: {sing-song} That, my friend, is jumbo/LARGE!

MATT: That's a pretty good one. That's kind of like Strong Bad said, sort of like, {as Homestar} And you smell like pea soup!

{Mike and Karen laugh}

KAREN: Oh yeah! It's the same tune.

MATT: Yeah.

{short pause}

KAREN: So, we're just, uh, watching it.

MIKE: Talk, talk! j-LARGE! I can say j-LARGE, right? Talk!

MATT: Talk.

Commentary Transcript 2

Commentary by: Mike Chapman, Matt Chapman

MATT: We're doing this— a bonus style commentary. Bonus bonus commentary. Because we found this list of proposed titles for Strong Bad and The Cheat's road trip.

MIKE: What was the one they decided on?

MATT: Uh, I don't think they even give it a name really.

MIKE: Oh, 'cause initially that was one of the big things in this email is they give it a name.

MATT: Right.

MIKE: Gotta have a name for your road trip.

MATT: OK, um, well, let's go down Mike, we'll alternate. How 'bout that?


MATT: You— you start.

MIKE: Well one of them was "bro's on the roa' apostrophe nine whatev."

MATT: Bro's on the roa' nine whatev.

MIKE: {overlapping} nine whatev.

MATT: Uh, this is one Mike contributed. It is one of my favorites. "Gettin' and The Lengthy boy" is the name of their road trip.

MIKE: Uh... I guess Strong Bad is Gettin'?


MIKE: And maybe The Cheat is the The Lengthy boy?

MATT: It's kind of like they're making a Burt Reynolds movie. For their road trip.

MIKE: {overlapping} Exactly. Then there's "putting the bro back in bro-oad trip."


MIKE: And it's just spelled broad trip.

MATT: And then there's just straight up "bro-oad trip." By itself.

MIKE: And then there's "quite wild for the nine-seven."

MATT: They like to not have it be the year that it is.

MIKE: Yeah.


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