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Strong Bad Email #76
watch funny suntan
"I fuckin' hate Sibbie!"

String Bed hates Sibbie.

Cast (in order of appearance): it's obvious

Places: what is a place?

Computer: Compy 386

Date: Sunday, November 11, 2012

Running Time: 2:19

Page Title: Sibbie Sucks

DVD: strongbad_email.exe Disc Two


STRONG BAD: Email! Email! Email! Email! Email! Email!

{Cut to a black screen with text that reads, "5 Minutes Later..."}

{reading email}

{After Strong Bad said "fhqwhgads" with a warbled and distorted voice along with the screen shaking, he says:}

STRONG BAD: Whoa. Spelled fhqwhgads right.

{He continues reading, his voice getting progressively more incredulous as he does, as apparently he's shocked by the question. He also reads the name as "Sibbie?!" After he finishes, he says...}

STRONG BAD: Ugh... {typing} You people and your demands. Look, I'm not here to fulfill your every fuckin' whim, alright? Make a song about me. Send Trogdor over to my house. Put on a jock-strap and dance around! Well, I've had it!

{A beat starts playing in the background, and Strong Bad types and reads along with it}

STRONG BAD: And I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever write a song about— {stops singing, but continues typing} HEY! WHAT!?? Where's that beat coming from?

{Zoom out a bit. Strong Bad turns to the side and sees The Cheat bobbing around as he plays a keyboard.}

STRONG BAD: Get out of here!

{The Cheat mutters something, picks up the keyboard, and walks behind Strong Bad's computer.}

STRONG BAD: Well, that brought this email to a screeching halt. My focus is all... SUS. Guess it's time for a break.

{Strong Bad exits stage left. The Cheat peeks up from behind the computer with a smirk on his face while holding a pistol. Camera zooms in on The Cheat and dramatic music plays. Cut to Strong Bad's Basement. Strong Bad enters stage right. The TV emits Sesame Street.}

STRONG BAD: And... whoop! {He leaps over the back of the couch, sitting down to watch TV with 4 flower vases on the coffee table in front of him.}

TV VOICE (The Count): One. One flower.

{Cut to TV screen. It shows The Count counting flower vases.}

THE COUNT: Two. Two flowers.

{Cut back to Strong Bad trying to count the flower vases, and he is doing terribly at it.}

TV VOICE (The Count): Three! Three flowers!

{Strong Sad enters stage left, listening to an iPod.}

STRONG SAD: ...never, ever, ever, ever, ever write a song about Sibbie.

STRONG BAD: {in Francis' voice from Left 4 Dead} I ain't gonna let these goddamn vampires beat me.

STRONG SAD: {walks toward stage right} And I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever...

{Strong Bad gets up and walks out stage left}

{Cut to Strong Bad punching The Count accompanied with a number counter on the upper left corner of the screen indicating how many times he punched}

STRONG BAD: {in Francis' voice} Damn straight!! {laughs}

{Cut to Homestar watching TV}

HOMESTAR: Uhhh....what's going on?

{A roaring noise is heard from the TV screen}

{Cut to Strong Bad on the TV screen holding two middle fingers and making the T-Rex noise from Jurassic Park with the number 2 on the upper left corner of the screen; after 2 seconds, the TV cuts to static and shows the TV color bar}

{Cut to The Field. Homestar Runner is standing next to a radio, occasionally bobbing left and right to the music.}

STRONG BAD: {with a demonic overtone} I FUCKIN' HATE SIBBIE!!!

THE ANNOUNCER: And debuting at number 1, it's Strong Bad with "I Fuckin' Hate Sibbie!"

STRONG BAD: {singing on the radio} I fuckin' hate Sibbie...

{Strong Bad screams. As he screams, he grabs the radio and piledrives it, causing the radio to explode}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Thanks, man! I'd just about had it with that fucking toaster.

{The Paper comes down reading "Copyright 2012 Viacom"}

{Cut to an image of Heffer from Rocko's Modern Life making a silly face from the episode "Put to Pasture"}


  • The roar Strong Bad makes as he is flipping off from the TV is from Jurassic Park.
  • The entire segment where Strong Bad is trying to count the vases and eventually beats up The Count on Sesame Street is a reference to GMod Idiot Box 5.
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