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Strong Bad Email #194
watch rated love poems
"...fundamentally-sound college basketball players."

Strong Bad educates us on the free toys found in cereal boxes.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat, Homestar Runner

Places: Computer Room, Strong Badia, Marzipan's House

Computer: Lappy 486

Date: April 21, 2008

Running Time: 3:08

Page Title: Lappy 486



Easter Eggs

  • Click on Homestar's foot at the end to see a printable Crack Stuntman mask.
  • Click on Strong Bad's head to see all the cereal boxes shown in the email.
  • Click Problem Brian to see the book by Bem Sportsinterviews*Click on Strongbad's face at the end to see the cearal boxes

Fun Facts

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