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The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is strongbad_email.exe.
Three-disc box set – $29.95

The Strong Bad Email DVD collection.


Disc One

See strongbademail.exe Disc One

Disc Two

See strongbad email.exe Disc Two

Disc Three

See strongbad email.exe Disc Three

Additional features

The DVDs are also region-free, which means they can be played in any country without modifications to the DVD player, assuming your DVD player and TV are NTSC compatible.


See artwork at strongbad email.exe DVD Artwork.

Easter Eggs

  • Most of the e-mails have three kinds of secrets:
    • Audio commentary: Access by pressing the "Audio" button. Not all e-mails have them.
    • Secret "angle": Access by pressing the "Angle" button. Usually used to display the short pop-ups that can appear when you click on random stuff during the e-mails.
    • Secret menu options: Once the e-mail is over, you can press Down from "Next" to find a hidden menu option, a little icon that looks like Strong Bad's head. You'll typically have to press down several times to find the hidden icon. Sometimes there's stuff hidden under "Again" or "Main", and sometimes you have to browse around (left/right) from other hidden options to find them all. (If you can't find your favorite easter egg, check the "DVD Version" section of your favorite e-mail in the Strong Bad Email section.)

Fun Facts

  • The art for the three DVD covers (Strong Bad, Stinkoman, and Senor Cardgage) looks reminicent of the art on the Star Wars Trilogy on VHS. That set also featured a different half-face on each cover: Darth Vader, Yoda, and a Storm Trooper. (It could just be a coincidence. Strong Bad does have many faces.)
  • This is The Brothers Chaps' CGI debut.

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