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Welcome to The Show!

Strong Bad Email #66

Tori wants to know why Homestar isn't funny anymore. Strong Sad has chicken pox.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, The Poopsmith, Marshie, The Cheat (easter egg), Strong Sad (easter egg)



STRONG BAD: Email, women, email, girls! Email, women, email, girls!


Dear Strong Bad,

My friends and I are at a volleyball
tounament and we were wondering how
come homestar never does anything
funny anymore?

your friend,
Tori From VA, TX

{Strong Bad reads "tounament" as spelled, and "VA, TX" as "Virginia, and Texas. Respectively."}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Anymore Tori? I wasn't aware that guy did anything funny. Ever. But if you want to see Homestar so bad, why don't we check out what he's doing right now. We'll see how it measures up to say, me {pause} kicking the cheat {pause} into Strong Sad {pause} with the chicken pox.

{The screen cuts into static, then goes to Homestar hosting his very own "The Show". With him are Pom Pom and The Poopsmith.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: But it turned out I didn't die. {canned laughter} So, once again, I'd like to welcome the Poopsmith and Pom Pom onto the show. Gentlemen: hands on buzzers. {Pom Pom and the Poopsmith glance at each other; there are no buzzers} The Poopsmith, for 500 points: Would you care to share with us some of your polictical [sic] views? {The Poopsmith brings out a sign that says "Hey, um, I'm gonna go now." He walks off.} And Pom Pom, for the block. Do you agree? {Pom Pom bubbles and bounces off. Canned applause.} All right, that's 162 points for each of you. We'll be right back with round two after these important words from these important messages.

{A little ditty is played and a title screen is shown saying "We'll be right back." Cut to a pink screen with faded concentric circles emanating from the centre. Marshie is present.}

MARSHIE: Hey guys {pronounced 'juys'}! You'd best be eating a whole mess of Fluffy Puff Marshmallows! {Cut to a green screen where a black-and-white man is seen reading a book called "Stuffed in Each Cheek"} You won't think twice with a couple of them stuffed in each cheek! {Somebody says "boing" and the man looks shocked. Cut back to Marshie} They make my mornings {the words "SHIVER WITH FLAVOR" appear at the bottom left} shiver with flavor, {Marshie comes close-up to the screen and the words appear in front of him} shiver with flavor! {the screen reverts to Marshie alone} I'll say it twice! {cut to a mountain range, above which Marshie is seen in the sky} This is gettin' great! {"great" is reverbed. Another, larger Marshie comes across horizontally from the left, leaving a trail of pink behind him. This forms the original pink background} Fluffy Puff Marshmallows! {Marshie appears in the middle of the screen and the words "THE FIRST ONE TO EAT A MILLION, WINS." appear on the bottom} "The first one to eat a million, wins."

{Back to the show}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Alright. Welcome back to the show. {he pronounces it "shaow"} And now, I choose to recite a list. {pulls out some cue cards} Ahem. {words appear on screen as Homestar reads them} "tetherball". "Olympic race". "sparkling". "Tim Duncan". "Wisconsin". "a book of matches". "next week". "a lot of money". "witch's brew"---

{static cuts back to Strong Bad at his computer}

STRONG BAD: Oh. {typing} Problematic. You know it's been awhile since I've kicked the Cheat, but I guarantee it'd be comedic gold compared to that mish-mash. And what's with that flying mushroom he's always advertising for. I can't understand a word that guy says. {stops typing} Anyways, Tori, lemme know how the volleyball tounament turns out. Touns out. Learn to spell.

{The Paper comes down}

Easter Eggs

  • When you see Homestar with his cue cards, you can click on them to see what they actually say.
    • They say:
      • Pom Pom-Round yellow one
      • Poopsmith-Smelly one
      • Homestar-You
  • At the very end you can click on the words "kicked the cheat" to see The Cheat and Strong Sad waiting for Strong Bad.
{The Cheat is standing next to Strong Sad's bed. Strong Sad is lying in it, and it looks like he has a case of the chicken pox}
THE CHEAT: {questioning The Cheat noises}
STRONG SAD: I don't know where he is. I figured it was a sure thing too.

Fun Facts


  • If you were to eat 100 Fluffy-Puff Marshmallows every day, it would still take you more than 27 years to "win".


  • The table has been either replaced or expertly repaired (no cracks or seams are evident, even though it was broken in half in the previous email).

Inside References

  • Near the end, when Homestar is reciting a list of words, he says "Witches' Brew." (Even though it is misspelled as "Witch's Brew.") This is just one of many times Homestar has mentioned witches' brew.


  • Strong Bad actually makes many grammar mistakes in his email. He doesn't put a question mark after "What's with that flying mushroom he's always advertising for." He also fails to capitalize The Cheat's name in his reply, since the word The is part of his name.

Real-World References

  • When Homestar says "Pom Pom, for the block," it's a reference to the game show "Hollywood Squares".
  • Homestar's microphone looks just like Bob Barker's from "The Price is Right".
  • When Homestar says "162 points for each of you," he may be referring to the popular comedy show "Whose Line is it Anyway?" in which the four guys are awarded points that really don't matter, and one of them is a fake winner at the end.
  • Tim Duncan is an NBA basketball player.
  • The little jingle played before the commercial break is part of the theme song of the game show "Match Game."
  • The list Homestar is reciting is similar to the types of things that a player would try to describe to his/her partner to guess, as in the game show "$25,000 Pyramid."

Fast Forward

DVD Version

  • The card easter egg is still viewable by using your DVD player's angle button
  • The DVD version features hidden commentary by Mike and Homestar. To acccess it, switch your DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

Commentary Transcript

Cast (in order of appearance): Mike Chapman, Homestar Runner

MIKE CHAPMAN: Here's the commentary for the show email.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: That's right, Mike!

MIKE: I'm joined by none other than Homestar himself, the host of the show.

HOMESTAR: Call me Greg this time.

MIKE: Greg, uh, so tell us a little bit about yourself, Greg.

HOMESTAR: Well, I'm, uh, uh, a vitamin, I lose weight, and I'm on the plank!

MIKE: Homestar here making a little less sense than usual.

HOMESTAR: I know. It's all for the DVD.



MIKE: Uh, here comes your big scene.

HOMESTAR: Yeah, why are you so, where did this show come from?

MIKE: Uh, why don't you tell us?

HOMESTAR: I don't... Honestly, the first time I saw this, I was flabbergasted.

MIKE: You don't, you don't remember taking part in anything like this?

HOMESTAR: I mean, I kinda do... But like, so do I have a show? In the 70s?

MIKE: Well, I don't know if it was in the 70s.

HOMESTAR: Is it a chat show, or game show?

MIKE: It looks like it's kinda maybe a little of both, but a little of neither?

HOMESTAR: Yeah! That's the way my best shows are... right?

MIKE: Yeah.

HOMESTAR: So why wouldn't it be that? A little bit of a chat show, maybe with a Charles Nelson Reilly...

MIKE: Yeah.

HOMESTAR: I love my microphone. If a microphone's not tall and skinny, it's not a microphone.

MIKE: I agree.

HOMESTAR: Look! Who's that guy with the arms? {referring to the character on the "We'll Be Right Back" card}

MIKE: He has arms.

{MARSHIE appears on the screen to begin the Fluffy Puff commercial.}


MIKE: It's okay.

HOMESTAR: I love this one!

MIKE: Oh, I thought you might be scared.

HOMESTAR: Look out! Look out, stuffed in each-- Oh no! He got it, Mike! {pause} Marshie's on point on this one. He's at the top of his game.

MIKE: Marshie's... never at the top of his game.

HOMESTAR: No, clearly here. Listen, listen, listen!

{MARSHIE's commercial finishes, and he winks producing a unique sound effect.}

HOMESTAR: How does he do that?

MIKE: He winked.

HOMESTAR: I know! If I could make my eye make that sound, I'd be like, winking all the time! They'd call me Wink Martindale.

{Slight pause. SBEMAIL HOMESTAR reads the "Olympic race" card.}

HOMESTAR: Speaking of Olympic race... {Pause} This is my favorite part.

MIKE: What is this list of?


MIKE: Is there a common thread--

HOMESTAR: It's like, the Rosetta Stone. If you can figure out this list then you've got the secret to Homestar Runner.

{Pause. The Strong Bad Email cuts back to STRONG BAD at the Compy.}

HOMESTAR: Homester.

MIKE: Okay. How much longer do we have on this commentary, Homestar?

HOMESTAR: You don't think this is very funny, Mike?

MIKE: Uhh, maybe.

HOMESTAR: Do you think we should start over?

MIKE: No, we can leave it, but... I just hope it's over soon.

HOMESTAR: I think it sounds like Strong Bad's winding down.

MIKE: Allright.

HOMESTAR: See, he's mumbling.

MIKE: Bye, Homestar.

HOMESTAR: That's the end. You know it's the end.

{The Paper comes down.}

MIKE: Bye, Homestar.


Fun Facts

  • Charles Nelson Reilly is an actor, director, and drama teacher, most well known for his role as a celebrity panelist for the 1970s gameshow The Match Game.
  • Wink Martindale was a gameshow host in the 1970s. Among the shows he hosted were Tic Tac Dough and High Rollers.
  • The Rosetta Stone is a fragment of a decree from Ptolemy V of Alexandria written in Ancient Greek, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, and Egyptian demotic script, and played a crucial role in deciphering the meaning of the latter two languages.

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