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Strong Bad Email #65
watch english paper the show
"No, man. That's a short."

Strong Bad explains what happens to all the unused emails he gets every week.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat, Bubs, Strong Mad

Places: Computer Room, The Stick, Strong Mad's Room

Computer: Compy 386

Date: Monday, March 3, 2003

Running Time: 1:38

Page Title: Compy 386!

DVD: strongbad_email.exe Disc Two



STRONG BAD: Oooh! Check it out! Another one of those...sbemails!


{Strong Bad stops and says "Hey!" after reading "Hey Strong Bad," and pronounces Illinois as "Illi-nwah" (in other words, with a French accent)}

STRONG BAD: Ahh... {typing} Wha-hoah, Dan. You mean what do I do with the thousands and thousands of near unreadable emails I get every day? I like to mix it up!

{Cut to The Cheat carrying some papers, organizing them into huge stacks}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Sometimes I give them to The Cheat for filing. And archiving.

{The Cheat sticks an email in the Medium category. Strong Bad sticks his head in the screen.}

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises}

STRONG BAD: No man, that's a short.

{The Cheat shrugs, and attempts to retrieve the email, but is too short to reach the top of the pile. Cut to Strong Bad and Bubs standing at the stick, facing away from each other. Strong Bad has a CD labeled "The Goods", Bubs has a bag of cash labeled "The Payoff".}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Or if I'm strapped for cash, I'll sell the email addresses to Bubs for use in his free weekly spamvertisements.

{Strong Bad drops the CD}

STRONG BAD: Oops! Lookit that! I dropped a CD of five-thousand email addresses!

{Bubs throws the bag of money on the ground}

BUBS: Whoops! I dropped a quarter for each one!

{Cut to Strong Mad crumpling up papers}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} And sometimes I give them to my big brother Strong Mad, for the Japanese art of paper-folding.

{Strong Bad walks on screen}

STRONG BAD: So, how are your origamis? Is that one the crane?

STRONG MAD: {holds up one crumpled ball of paper} THIS IS A LOTUS FLOWER! {holds up another} THIS IS A PRAYING MANTIS!

STRONG BAD: Oh yeah, that's great, man. {sniffs} Incredible likeness.

{Cut back to Strong Bad in front of the computer}

STRONG BAD: {typing} But mostly the emails I don't use just get... {stops typing and stands up, backing up slowly} A-digga...a-digga...a-digga-digga...a-digga...a-diggity... {starts running back toward the desk} DIGGITY DIGGITY DIGGITY DIGGITY A-DELETEEEEEED!!!!!! {jumps and does an elbow drop on the keyboard, breaking the desk in half.}

STRONG BAD: Ohhhhh...I think I broke my clavicus...majorus.

{The Paper comes down.}

Easter Eggs

Grossly Overweight??? Need A New Porch??!!?
  • When you see The Cheat with the three stacks of emails, you can click on the top of each pile for a sample of some emails (click the close button to close each email.)
  • You can click on the top of Strong Mad's pile of emails for another look at these wonderful emails Strong Bad gets.
  • At the very end you can click on the words on Strong Bad's screen to bring up Bubs' Weekly Spamvertisement.
  • You can click on the picture of the product in the Weekly Spamvertisement to see more products from Bubs.
    • The products are:
      • A plastic tape dispenser
      • A small cup of ketchup
      • A jar of three-bean salad
Bubs' Generous Weekly Free Spamvertisement
To: squealydee678@kindergartencop.edu
From: bubs@homestarrunner.com
Subject: Re: Grossly Overweight??? Need A New Porch??!!?

This new herbal supplement is healthy and JUST
WHAT YOU NEED!! Tired of losing sleep over
monthly payments? Below average performance
got you down? Slink on over to Bubs' Concession
Stand and try to see if you can believe your eyes.
happened to my friend's roommate. If you are lucky
enough to send this to 50 real live people before
morrow last, a dream geatway can be yours forever.
If you received this e-mail in error, it must be your lucky day. To be removed from this
list, simply forward this to 50 people.
  • Here are the unused emails which appear in this toon:
    • Medium stack:
Dear Strong Bad,
This is my best one. Do you like it! I hope that you

  • Tall stack:
Dear Strong Bad,
why don 't you do that thing?
hey i like ur e-mail and games i am stephanie and i am
10/f/nj and i play baseball cheerleader

from stephanie

  • Short stack:
Dear Strong Bad,
I tried to email you twice yesterday. You didn't email
back. 'Sup wit dat? I'm out like that.
Do you have a monkey if you do you are crap. If you
don't are still crap so leave me alone crap head. Stop
making me right this stupid crappy letter to you. So
buy craphead uh I mean crapface wait no crapnose
rrrrrghhh whatever you are stupid and have an ugly
butt and your stupid and a piece of crap. Oh yeah your
also stupid.

sincerely, me Andrew Shapiro

PS: Your still crap and always will be crap. And
please kill hamesturrunner please PLEASE PLEASE
Bye bye.
  • Strong Mad's stack:
Dear, Strong Bad
Do you enloy reasing?

Fun Facts


  • "It happened to my roommate" in the spam Easter egg probably refers to chain letters, and the fact that most chain letters involve some type of miracle happening, as well as saying "It happened to this person," as well as the fact of forwarding it to 50 people in order for it "to happen to you."


  • The label on the disk in the floppy disk container reads "friendly ware".
  • Spamvertisement is a portmanteau of spam and advertisement.


  • Since Strong Bad clearly reads his emails on-screen using "strongbad_email.exe," it's curious as to why he would print out the bad ones before giving the pages to Strong Mad for his origami.
  • When The Cheat is filing the emails into short, medium, and tall stacks, the paper is regular copy paper. Apparently, these emails were not printed using Strong Bad's dot matrix printer of The Paper fame.
  • This is the first time we see Strong Bad with CDs. His computer, however, probably doesn't have a drive capable of burning CDs. However, The Cheat's computer probably can.
  • There is a gap/small skip between "give them to my" and "big brother Strong Mad", hinting that The Brothers Chaps used two takes, and spliced them together.
  • Although Strong Bad deletes the email, it can still be seen on the screen afterwards.
  • The e-mail address bubs@homestarrunner.com does not exist.
  • Illinois was originally founded by the French, so the pronunciation is legitimate.
  • The a> prompt is missing from the back button.
  • Bubs is unusually short in this email. He's about Strong Bad's size.
  • The quarters that Bubs gives Strong Bad in exchange for the email addresses total $1,250 ($0.25 × 5,000), and would weigh 62.5 lbs.
  • This is the first time Strong Bad, or any other character uses the abbreviation "SBEmail".


  • When Strong Bad breaks the table in half, the legs don't move. Unless the wooden legs have unusually flexible joints, the legs should have slanted at the same angle as the broken halves.
  • On the Spamvertisement Easter Egg, you can still click on the paper or the text on the Compy's screen through the email window.

Inside References

"I think I broke my clavicus... majorus."
  • According to commentary on the DVD, the "clavicus... majorus" line was originally to be used in the unfinished toon Tis True, Pom Pom, Tis True.
  • When Strong Bad runs toward the computer he passes the same door and window about four times, as in gimmicks, when the Tandy explodes.
  • This marks the second time in which Strong Bad pronounces a word with a heavy French accent ("Illinois" = "Illi-nwah"). The first time was in 3 Wishes when he pronounces "croissants" in the same way (this is also later revisited in action figure, when Strong Bad describes the Chinese Throwing Croissants).
  • One of the unused emails in the Short Stack (Easter Egg) reads, in part: "you are stupid and have an ugly butt". This is based on a song in Strong Bad Sings.

Real-World References

  • The email address the Weekly Spamvertisement is directed to (squealydee678@kindergartencop.edu), a reference to the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Kindergarten Cop.
  • "Clavicus" is a play on the clavicle (also known as the collar bone).
    • The word majorus doesn't actually exist in Latin: the form of the adjective major that agrees with an -us ending such as clavicus is simply major. The similar sounding majoris does exist, though, but only when used as a possessive.
  • The background when Strong Bad is running to his computer is used in most cartoon shows during a chasing scene (eg. The Flintstones), where the hallway is very long and has repeating animation, such as a door or a window.

Fast Forward

  • The "Digga-Digga-Digga... DELETED!" line is (almost) used again in car.
  • An email address ending in "kindergartencop.edu" also shows up in technology.
  • The line, "Slink on over to Bubs' Concession Stand" in the Easter egg is similar to a line used in retirement.

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