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Astrology's Mare in the Wall (ft. YouTube's automatic subtitles)

This article is about the toon. For the contest, see Strongest Man in the World Contest.
Toon Category: Big Toon
watch Weclome Back Date Nite
"Really quite an impressive ball!"

With the help of YouTube's automatic subtitles, The Brothers Chaps celebrate Homestar Runner's 10th anniversary with a remake of the original story.

Cast (in order of appearance): The Homestar Runner (storybook), Homestar Runner, Pump Up, Strong Bed, Gee, The Announcer, Mr. Plan, The Robot (storybook), Senior, The Great Fairy, The Fat Be

Places: The Field, Gymnasium

Date: Monday, August 21, 2006

Running Time: 4:25

Page Title: The Homestar Runner Enters the Longest Page Title on the Website Contest!

DVD: Everything Else, Volume 3


{The cover page of the Original Book appears. The book opens to the first page.}

{Homestar Runner changes into his modern form, and the old background is replaced by The Field. A record scratch noise is heard.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Everybody loves to me! How would you ever ghastly?

{Pom Pom enters and pulls out a flier}

POM POM: {bubble noises}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Astrology's mare in the wall contest? {pan to a closeup of Homestar Runner} Oh, sweet dog, you go up all over with.

{Pan to the gymnasium, where Homestar Runner and Pom Pom are wearing aerobic gear and lifting weights. The training music from montage is playing in the background.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Extra sauce, Bob Bob! Let me see a four on that extra sauce! Let strangers where the wall car just ain't gonna win itself!

{Pan to a scene of the setting sun. Silhouettes of Homestar Runner and Pom Pom jump up and high five each other.}

{Fade out. Cut back to the Field, where Homestar Runner and Pom Pom are walking to the right.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Red, Pom Pom, I feel great! I feel flesh is a bagel! I bet I could lift fifty Strongest Man in the Wall Contest!

{They approach a sign pointing the way to the contest, where Strong Bad and The Cheat are waiting.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, long to cheat! If it isn't the big, fat, yellow blob and Pom Pom!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {closeup of Homestar} Hey! {normal view} Whoop late. {closer closeup of Homestar} Hey! {normal view} You— wait. {another closeup} Hey! {normal view} Wait—

STRONG BAD: Let me break it down for you like this: I am the very strongest. Well, on the other hand, inversely, you guys are not very strong!

POM POM: {looks angry, loud bubble noises}

{Strong Bad reacts in surprise.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Whoa, Pom Pom! Let's chill down the language before the contest, huh?

STRONG BAD: Come on, gee. We better go start signing autographs. There's a pretty big line building up over there. {exits with The Cheat}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {looking determined} Come on, Pom Pom! Let's go get Strong Bed's autograph!

{Pom Pom gives Homestar an annoyed look, but Homestar doesn't notice.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I hear there's a pretty big vine building up.

{Cheering voices over momentarily before cutting to a banner reading "Strongest Man In The World Contest".}

THE ANNOUNCER: {voiceover over microphone} Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot be ready for the {pan down to show The Announcer} Strongest Man in the World Contest!

{He flips the microphone from one hand to the other.}

THE ANNOUNCER: Next meet our smoking-hot contestants!

{Cut to a darkened scene with a silhouette of Mr. Bland and disco lights in the background.}

THE ANNOUNCER: Healing from the middle of the road, the prince of plane, the master of Monday, {spotlight turns on} Mr. Plan!

{Cut to a beige background of panning cubes and "mr. bland" scrolls to the right. Mr. Bland strikes an action pose. Cut back to The Announcer.}

THE ANNOUNCER: And text a returning champion, the walking—

{Cut to a similar disco lights scene with The Robot in silhouette.}

THE ANNOUNCER: —metal robot... The Robot!

{A spotlight shines on The Robot and he waves. A blue background of screws and hex nuts pans in, and "The Robot" appears while The Robot holds a waving pose. Cut back to The Announcer.}

THE ANNOUNCER: And from Foreign Lands, before advanced:

{Cut back to the disco scene, now with Señor in silhouette.}

THE ANNOUNCER: Senior Hahaha Having A Little Trouble!

{A brown background of beans pans in, and "Señor" appears while Señor strikes an action pose.}


{Cut to silhouettes of Pom Pom, Strong Bad, and Homestar Runner, whose respective spotlights turn on as their names are mentioned.}

THE ANNOUNCER: {quickly} Pom-Pom-Strong-Adult.

{Homestar looks surprised. Cut back to The Announcer. The scene is bright again.}

THE ANNOUNCER: Great Fairy! Hit me with da rules!

{Pan up to The Grape Fairie riding his bee. He makes a scroll appear that reads "Rules".}

THE GRAPE FAIRIE: {in a Bronx accent} I use those brains, listen up smart. I started off with like twenty grapes.

{A pile of grapes takes the place of the floating scroll.}

THE GRAPE FAIRIE: That I is one at a time.

{A grape appears above the pile.}

THE GRAPE FAIRIE: The bomb was the most grapes—

{A golden bowl-shaped trophy appears in place of the grapes.}

THE GRAPE FAIRIE: —where's this gold ball.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {from offscreen; sounds impressed} Gang, Pom Pom, you see that gold ball? {zooms in on "golbol"} That's a nice gold ball.

THE ANNOUNCER: Let's get this over with!

THE GRAPE FAIRIE: Ah-sealed. {zaps a pile of grapes on top of the contestants}

MR. BLAND: {speaking monotone} Okay... This is going really well.

{The pile of grapes crushes Mr. Bland.}


{Cut to silhoettes of everyone on a yellow background.}

THE ANNOUNCER: {voiceover} Down goes Bland!

THE GRAPE FAIRIE: Ba-ba! {pings a single grape over each contestant}

{Cut to Señor, impossibly balancing the entire pile on one hand.}

SEÑOR: Oh, no, boy. I having a little trouble!

{The pile falls on Señor, accompanied by the word "Sblounskched!" and the sound of a bowling ball hitting some pins. He sticks his arm out of the grapes.}

SEÑOR: I feel alive!

{Cut to Strong Bad and The Cheat, with Pom Pom in the background.}

STRONG BAD: Her cheek—

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises}

STRONG BAD: —you're our friend The Robot is about to do a set of his acoustic numbers. Or should I say, unplug?

THE CHEAT: {affirmative The Cheat noises, salutes}

{The Cheat slides to the feet of The Robot, who is apparently plugged into an outlet on a very small section of wall out of nowhere.}

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises} {looks around, unplugs The Robot's cord, and slides away} {The Cheat noises}

{Cut to The Robot, who shuts down and drops the pile of grapes. General sad "Aw"s among the crowd are heard as the eyes of The Robot disappear slowly.}

{Cut to Homestar, whose grapes appear to be floating in mid-air, due to his lack of visible arms.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {looks around} Did nobody just see that?! Judge? Fairy? Giant be?

{Cut to The Grape Fairie and The Announcer, who are admiring the bowl and not paying attention to the contest.}

THE GRAPE FAIRIE: Honest a guy, Mookie Wilson gave me gobo to my aunt in 1974.

THE ANNOUNCER: Really quite an impressive ball.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {off screen} Hellooo?


{Cut to Pom Pom, Strong Bad, and Homestar.}

THE GRAPE FAIRIE: Crazy eights! {poofs another grape on top of everyone}

{Strong Bad begins to lose his grip on the grapes.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, gee! Big help here! Big help!

THE CHEAT: {rushes over} {The Cheat noises}

STRONG BAD: Okay... Even and out there on the south side.

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises}

STRONG BAD: Up her up.

{Cut to Homestar.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, I'd seriously. And forced it was cute, but dis is just poor-the-line unsportsmanlike! Let me outline my master plan. I will (a) drop my grapes, and (b) I'd cover that cheat! {drops his grapes; walks over to Strong Bad and The Cheat} Could I just borrow this a second? {grabs The Cheat}

THE CHEAT: {surprised The Cheat noises}

{Homestar kicks The Cheat about his feet like a hackysack, then does a slow-motion flip and bicycle kicks The Cheat off screen.}

STRONG BAD: {wobbling, melodramatically} Oh!

{Strong Bad drops a couple of grapes, then the entire pile crushes him. The action-pose scene appears, this time with a green grapes background, "squished bad", and Strong Bad under his pile of grapes.}

{Cut to Pom Pom}

THE ANNOUNCER: {voiceover} Pump Up wins!

{Pom Pom winks; a record scratch sounds, cut to Homestar}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Right, what?!

{Cut to Strong Bad, still buried.}

STRONG BAD: Ohh... These grapes are succulently crushing my windpipe... Ooh, but they're seedless! {The pile of grapes begins to collapse as Strong Bad eats it}

{Cut to Homestar and Pom Pom holding the golbol.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: All right, seriously, Pop Pop. Give it a golf ball!

POM POM: {bubble noises, pulls the golbol back a bit}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yeah, that's good. But I still what. I sportsman like everybody! Now give me a gold ball!

POM POM: {bubble noises}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I lied, fine. You can give it to me for my birthday. Now check out my big league game!

{Homestar crosses his left leg over his right and jumps into the air. The Grape Fairie and the Fat Bee enter from the upper right, the announcer from the lower left. Pom Pom jumps in the air holding the trophy. The scene fades into the last page of the Original Book with "1996-2006" written across the upper left. The ending also provides a link to the original book.}


STRONG BAD: {singing} Oh, girl, I want to email you so nice. {stops singing} All right, everybody. In honor of this, my 50th email, I've decided to answer 50 of your emails! Ready? Go! {hits enter} Number one:


{read as a question despite the exclamation mark}

STRONG BAD: {typing} More like, you write a book about come-back jokes, NERD! {hits enter} Number two:


STRONG BAD: Oh, you mean like {types} strong = stong? {stops} You seem to like that one. Or how about this? matt = MATT!! {He types matt = DELETED!, and the following appears on the screen as the email is deleted:}

STRONG BAD: Number three:


{He stops at "Jess and Tiff"}

STRONG BAD: Well, I like all kinds of legs. You know, like the Great Leg... the Leg of Hope... Tape-Leg? {the phone rings} Oh, man! I was on a roll! Don't nobody go nowheres, I'll be right back.

{He walks offscreen and answers the phone}

STRONG BAD: {offscreen} Hello? Yeah, this is me.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {offscreen} Strong Bad!

STRONG BAD: {on the phone} I dunno, what kind of savings?

{Homestar Runner walks in carrying a fondue pot}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey Strong Bad, I brought back your fondue pot. Strong Bad? {He looks around, and then sees the computer} Whoa. That TV has words on it.

{Homestar sits down at the computer and re-reads the email}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Strong Bad, what is your favorite leg? Jess and Tiff. {Stops reading} Um, {typing} Hey Crapface! Why dontcha blow it out your ear. Your buddy, Strong Bad. {enter} Oh, another one!


{Homestar does not read the signature.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, even I know what to do with this one. {types} BALEETED! {hits enter, nothing happens} Wha—? Oh. Umm... {types} DELTEATED! {enter, nothing happens} No? Uhh...

{Cut to Strong Bad talking on the phone}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {offscreen} Del Taco?

STRONG BAD: No, they're more like elephant feet. Yeah. So what do you think, like, 50 bucks? Sounds good. {Whispers} I'll leave the key under the at-may.

{Back to the Compy 386. Homestar has typed in many, many words that he believes to be "deleted", but none of them do anything.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: What is that stupid word?

{He types in "da cheated" and hits enter. The Compy plays its start up noise and the blue "Flagrant System Error" screen comes up. It reads:}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Uh-oh. This does not look good for Homestar Runner.

{Cut back to Strong Bad on the phone}

STRONG BAD: Okay. Bye!

{He hangs up and walks off. Cut back to the computer}

STRONG BAD: Okay. Back to the 50 emails.

{He sits down. There's a piece of paper over the monitor with a Windows error window titled "This is real." It reads:}

This is real.
Image:Warning-gray.png System report:
Everything is fine. Nothing
is ruined.

STRONG BAD: {reading} "Everything is fine. Nothing is ruined." Oh, that's good to hear. Let's just—Wait a minute! {he tears off the paper and sees the blue screen} Wha... "Flagrant Error"? What the... Where did all my emails go?

{The Paper comes down.}

STRONG BAD: WHAT?!? The Paper?! This isn't over yet! Go back up, go back up!

{Strong Bad swats at The Paper and then tries to hold it up off the screen}

STRONG BAD: Wait, wait! I think I can remember some of those emails! Uh, "Dear Strong Bad, why are you so awesome? Yours truly, Dumpface." Well, Dumpface, it's a long story. It all started with The Cheat one day when he was going down the street...

{The screen, and Strong Bad's voice, slowly fade out. A paper plate with a Swiss Cake Roll with a "50" candle on it fades in. The Paper comes down again.}

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Snorer Chard-gate first approved of the Wrestlem'n Compooter-Machine some of cool, in which the guy with the mask is flasked about the most stylish of Belindas. He descrivals about all of a cone-offer trangle-down with two beards. Once of them are, in the words of face-man, "so much cool [and] you do not understand". Cord-rage Jones is apparently creepin' cross the streetway, at these guys' house a little times ago, who was a sketch and gifted the elephant nicemares. This guy is rounding his own morguetake and maybe a drivey-round type thing, in alsoddition to grappling a jorb as that chicken movie man. He has maybe also gotten nineteen-juan of those Interweb universary net-sights during his munch brake, and clue-ding some type of cool dance he has to do in ninety-twelve staples all the thyme. His moneyker is propernounced "Stave", because the spelling is not safe for little childrens. He is appearancely ambidextrosity, Bertelda. (mayo...)

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Smarty Juice

Down the hatch!

Smarty Juice is a type of beverage that comes in a greenish-brown glass bottle with an orange label, available in "Swirly Font" flavor. Its side effects include "drowsiness, euphoria, and unbelievably soothing children's programming", implying possible alcohol. It is first mentioned in the Skills of an Artist episode Cartoon Characters, when Strong Bad compares Homestar Runner's eyes as he draws them to "Smarty Juice drops".

In the Cartoon Characters-inspired toon Characters from Yonder Website, Strong Bad, Homestar, The Cheat, Strong Mad, Coach Z, Bubs and presumably Marzipan drink ten-year expired Smarty Juice, which causes them to somehow hallucinate and act in the titular children's show. Strong Sad, deciding that the side effects sound okay, drinks a bottle himself and joins them in the show. The drink is stated to be a sponsor for the show, and may have some relation to Faceless Megacorp, another sponsor.


[[Category:Food and drinks]]


[list of toons]

Special Cartoons

Other toons not featured on the toon menu.

YouTube exclusives

Screenshot Name Description Length Year
1 Strong Bad Gameways Strong Bad gives safety tips for his Gameways. 1:53 2008
2 Coach Z pukes in dude's toupee A quality videograph wherein Coach Z, being of pukeable stature, pukemakes most moistly into the perceived hairpiece of another wholly different and completely unrelated dude. 0:19 2009
3 Strong Bad reads "The Ocelot and the Porridge Maiden" (Teaser Trailer) Strong Bad, your favorite character, and according to him the ONLY character on Homestar Runner, has teased you with a teasing teaser for his upcoming masterpiece, "The Ocelot and the Porridge Maiden". 0:53 2014
4 Joystick Wagglin' with Videlectrix: Halloween Edition Special Halloween edition of Joystick Waggling' 3:09 2016
5 Skills of an Artist - Sammich The master of the foreshortened pizzang draws a ham sammy. Mmmm...seasoned fortulami. 1:54 2017
6 Skills of an Artist - Posh Toilet Paper Squanch it out! Draw the fanciest toilet papes money can buy. 1:36 2017
7 Skills of an Artist - Cannonmouth The new classic? You better believe it! It's picture day for Cannonmouth! 1:38 2017
8 Skills of an Artist - Strong Sad's Severed Soolnds Go from severed leg to quaint bistro restrooms in no time! It's marinara, mom! 1:58 2017
9 Skills of an Artist - Muscleman Bulging bundles and number 2 pencils! Strong Bad shares his best ab drawing tips. 1:38 2017
10 Skills of an Artist - End Boss Strong Bad busts out the graph paper to design the best end boss ever! 2:14 2017
11 Skills of an Artist - Cartoon Characters Learn to draw Character 1 and Character 2 using the most laid back methods ever devised (far-out). 2:05 2017


Screenshot Name Description Length Year
12 Strong Bad Gameways Strong Bad gives safety tips for his Gameways. 1:53 2008

Everything Else

Screenshot Name Description Length Year
13 Strong Bad Gameways Strong Bad gives safety tips for his Gameways. 1:53 2008


Character Videos Intros Early Flash Books Other Not on the Site

207 Seconds (Rough Estimate)

(The entirety of 160 Seconds, but with "160" in the intro replaced with "207")

4 branches: HOMESTAR: Chinese b-

the chair: STRONG BAD: Class!

what i want: MARZIPAN: Forgettably precious.

looking old: MARZIPAN: Up to your chin right

strong badathlon: STRONG BAD: To the wrong athletes

unnatural: STRONG BAD: Kill him? STRONG SAD: We do-

the movies: HOMESTAR: -tuce. Throw

your funeral: HOMESTAR: Abraham Lincoln

from work: HOMESTAR: -veges. It helps

rough copy: STRONG SAD: -tellectual property.

underlings: STRONG BAD: Get Mrs. Hard-

more armies: HOMESTAR: Saaay

the paper: STRONG BAD: Doesn't quite

mini-golf: STRONG BAD: In this infernal pl-

concert: STRONG BAD: Nope. They're a

hygiene: STRONG BAD: No matter what he does.

original: BUBS: B'zuh!

bike thief: STRONG BAD: Side of this couch

pizza joint: MAN IN PIZZA COSTUME: It burns!

slumber party: STRONG BAD: Can you guys start

web comics: TAKE DAGGER: Hiya

business trip: THE KING OF TOWN: Units? STRONG BAD: What

yes wrestling: HOMESTAR: The power... of

diorama: STRONG BAD: -lupe Hidalgo

nightlife: HOMESTAR RUNNER: More...more

environment: STRONG BAD: -pliant sticker!

winter pool: HOMESTAR: You're such a good

fan club: STRONG BAD: (screams)

pet show: HOMESTAR: Potion. A taste

licensed: (Strong Bad slides) STRONG BAD: What's

buried: BUBS: Is! STRONG SAD: Uh

shapeshifter: COACH Z: Coming to your concession

rated: BUBS: Bake sale!

specially marked: (The Deleted buzzer, and a message reading "SBEMAIL 194 IS NOT INCLUDED BECAUSE IT DOES NOT HAVE A 194th SECOND")

love poems: HOMESTAR: Apples!

hiding: STRONG BAD: Coma!

your edge: STRONG BAD: Where'd you check?

magic trick: STRONG BAD: But now, not only does

being mean: HUNGRY SHARK: Makes me wanna

email thunder: (Strong Bad runs out of Homestar's computer room)

hremail3184: COACH Z: Bad! I was gonna

imaginary: LIL' STRONG BAD: -ti! I'd like you to meet

independent: STRONG BAD: Solid gold sc-

dictionary: STRONG BAD: To Z

videography: STRONG BAD: (chuckles)

sbemail206: ANNOUNCER: For all your consummate

too cool: STRONG BAD: Mysteriously with no return



Sbemail Filmography

Homestar Runner

Year Number of Emails Appearances Including Easter Eggs Percentage Including Easter Eggs
2001 7 1 14.3%
2002 49 10 11 20.4% 22.4%
2003 36 16 20 44.4% 55.5%
2004 28 20 23 71.4% 82.1%
2005 19 16 84.2%
2006 24 17 20 70.8% 83.3%
2007 22 20 90.9%
2008 15 12 80%
2009 5 4 80%
2015 1 1 100%
2017 1 1 100%
Total 207 117 128 56.5% 61.8%

Strong Sad

Year Number of Emails Appearances Including Easter Eggs Percentage Including Easter Eggs
2001 7 1 14.3%
2002 49 5 7 10.2% 14.3%
2003 36 18 19 50% 52.7%
2004 28 8 12 28.6% 42.8%
2005 19 8 42.1%
2006 24 10 14 41.6% 58.3%
2007 22 15 68.1%
2008 15 9 11 60% 73.3%
2009 5 4 80%
2015 1 1 100%
2017 1 1 100%
Total 207 80 93 38.6% 44.9%

Strong Mad

Year Number of Emails Appearances Including Easter Eggs Percentage Including Easter Eggs
2002 49 2 4.1%
2003 36 6 7 16.6% 19.4%
2004 28 8 10 28.6% 35.7%
2005 19 6 31.6%
2006 24 4 16.6%
2007 22 6 27.2%
2008 15 3 4 20% 26.6%
2009 5 1 20%
2015 1 1 100%
2017 1 1 100%
Total 207 38 42 18.4% 20.3%

The Cheat

Year Number of Emails Appearances Including Easter Eggs Percentage Including Easter Eggs
2002 49 14 15 28.6% 30.6%
2003 36 22 24 61.1% 66.6%
2004 28 18 64.2%
2005 19 15 16 78.9% 84.2%
2006 24 15 62.5%
2007 22 16 72.7%
2008 15 11 73.3%
2009 5 3 60%
Total 207 114 118 55.1% 57%


Year Number of Emails Appearances Including Easter Eggs Percentage Including Easter Eggs
2002 49 2 4.1%
2003 36 5 13.9%
2004 28 7 8 25% 28.6%
2005 19 5 7 26.3% 36.8%
2006 24 9 37.5%
2007 22 6 7 27.2% 31.9%
2008 15 3 4 20% 26.6%
2009 5 2 40%
2015 1 1 100%
Total 207 40 45 19.3% 21.7%

Coach Z

Year Number of Emails Appearances Including Easter Eggs Percentage Including Easter Eggs
2002 49 7 14.3%
2003 36 12 14 33.3% 38.9%
2004 28 10 35.7%
2005 19 7 8 36.8% 42.1%
2006 24 8 11 33.3% 45.8%
2007 22 8 11 36.3% 50%
2008 15 10 66.6%
2009 5 2 40%
2015 1 1 100%
2017 1 1 100%
Total 207 66 75 31.9% 36.2%


Year Number of Emails Appearances Including Easter Eggs Percentage Including Easter Eggs
2002 49 5 10.2%
2003 36 9 25%
2004 28 9 32.1%
2005 19 5 26.3%
2006 24 9 12 37.5% 50%
2007 22 8 36.3%
2008 15 6 40%
2015 1 1 100%
2017 1 1 100%
Total 207 53 56 25.6% 27.1%

Pom Pom

Year Number of Emails Appearances Including Easter Eggs Percentage Including Easter Eggs
2002 49 2 4.1%
2003 36 4 11.1%
2004 28 2 7.1%
2005 19 3 4 15.7% 21%
2006 24 3 4 12.5% 16.6%
2007 22 4 5 18.2% 22.7%
2008 15 4 26.6%
2009 5 1 20%
Total 207 23 26 11.1% 12.6%

The King of Town

Year Number of Emails Appearances Including Easter Eggs Percentage Including Easter Eggs
2003 36 3 4 8.3% 11.1%
2004 28 6 7 21.4% 25%
2005 19 6 7 31.6% 36.8%
2006 24 4 16.6%
2007 22 8 9 36.3% 41%
2008 15 3 6 20% 40%
Total 207 30 37 14.5% 17.8%

The Poopsmith

Year Number of Emails Appearances Including Easter Eggs Percentage Including Easter Eggs
2003 36 6 16.6%
2004 28 4 14.3%
2005 19 0 1 0% 5.2%
2006 24 6 25%
2007 22 2 3 9.1% 13.6%
2008 15 2 13.3%
Total 207 20 22 9.6% 10.6%


Year Number of Emails Appearances Including Easter Eggs Percentage Including Easter Eggs
2001 7 1 14.3%
2002 49 1 2.1%
2003 36 2 4 5.5% 11.1%
2004 28 4 14.3%
2005 19 3 15.7%
2006 24 1 4.1%
2007 22 1 2 4.5% 9.1%
2008 15 1 6.6%
2009 5 0 1 0% 20%
Total 207 14 18 6.7% 8.7%

Trapped City, Canada: Wiki Edition


You will respect and condone Mean Sean!

While there are many Bugs in Free Country, USA, ants are given attention for reasons both irritating and comedic.


  • Email 1 step ahead — In the "maybe" option, The Cheat brings a bucket full of red ants into Strong Sad's room after finding out that gluing his hands to his face hadn't caused Strong Sad any pain.
  • I think I have a chance with this guyWhat's Her Face sings that she wants to put some ants on the boy who called her.
  • Sensitive to Bees — At the end of the song, Homestar sings that he not only likes to play with trees, but also with ants.
  • Email long pants — Strong Bad edits the email he receives so the closing reads "Some ants toot", and laughs at it.
  • Email unnatural — Confronted with a giant Bubs, Homestar comes to the conclusion that Bubs has turned them all into ants and proceeds to act like one.

See Also


Photo Boooth

"I think this might be a... haunted photo booth!"
Not to be confused with the Snap Shak.

The Photo Boooth is the namesake vending machine of Haunted Photo Booth and the "crown jewel" of Marzipan's 2017 Halloween party, used to take photos of all twelve main characters. It has an orange curtain and features a haunted mansion backdrop, although different backgrounds are available, such as a wooden background and a live action photo of a forest. Photos are fed through a large slot in the side of the booth in strips of three. Unlike a normal photo booth, it doesn't seem to require payment in order to be operated.

The booth was thought to be haunted as a result of The Cheat's gold tooth producing a very ghost-like glare in every photo it appeared in (surprisingly many, as explained by Strong Sad at the end of the toon). Strong Bad in particular was convinced that the booth would give him "demonic barf powers", but was disappointed when the ghost failed to appear in any of his photos— although he succeeded in summoning images of Jaundiced Jerry and Stabby Gabby when he invoked their names.

There are props available, such as Y2K sunglasses, a handlebar mustache, bacon, and spicy nachos. The Photo Boooth was apparently stolen from a wedding by Homestar Runner, at Marzipan's command, although it is implied they were planning to return it.


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