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[edit] Yiddish?

Is it just me, or is the name "Jorge" pronounced to sound Yiddish?

[edit] Sneaking

Do you guys think this explains why Strong Bad claimed he saw Coach Z come out Marzipan's house in the Yello Dello DVD? Or do you think Strong Bad was lying again? - T.C.

  • It could just be two similar instances - Coach Z's just like that. --Jay (Talk) 06:37, 14 May 2005 (UTC)
  • So does that mean you find this picture funny? - T.C. -->
    "I assure you, I do not sneak over to your house!"

I'll bet Coach Z sneaks into her house all the time just to be in there and look around.

I bet he "looks around". ;) --Technochocolate 23:31, 26 Aug 2005 (UTC)

[edit] Triplecast

seeing as how this came out the december before 2004, could it be said in the "real world references" that the "olympic triplecast" that strong bad reccomends is in refernce to the triple coverage found on NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC during the 2004 athens olympics? - i know. can you believe it?

[edit] Three steps

Is it me, or does Homestar take two steps when he walks into the camera, and we hear three?

I have to check that. Sbmaniac 11:07, 18 April 2006 (UTC)
You're right.--Mario2.PNG Super Martyo boing! 05:36, 31 July 2006 (UTC)

[edit] Tape-switching

I--um--I was a little surprised not to find controversial comparisons to other movies/tv shows/etc. that have used the "regret what I said, must switch the answering machine tape" plot line. I can't think of any at the moment other than that Seinfeld one. This is exactly the sort of inane debate I'd hate to start, but--is it possible that's the only such plot, making this a fairly likely reference? --notstrongorbad 06:06, 2 Oct 2005 (UTC)

Actually, I didn't think of that until you just said it (and I call myself the big Seinfeld expert)... But I think the similarities are there. We've referenced Seinfeld in past cartoons, and they seemed to be quite a bit more obscure. But I think you have the good point there. --DorianGray
The problem with your theory is that this entire feature revolves completely around the answering machine. Eventually, someone was gonna tamper with it. Plus, the differences in the plots between v9.2 and the Seinfeld episode are enough for me to chalk it up to coincidence (or, possibly, remotely inspired by, but not a reference). — It's dot com 06:41, 2 Oct 2005 (UTC)
Also, the phenomenon of Answering Machine Regret is so common I would have thought there would be other non-HR instances. But like I said, I can't think of any. (Incidentally, I have a friend who proposed to his current wife via a cell phone message, using Homestar's wording.) --notstrongorbad 06:52, 2 Oct 2005 (UTC)
Anyways, there was that one in Hey Arnold. I THINK? YES! And I can fit, two fingers, in my belly button! i want to eet sum frozun yogert! --Homfrog 11:51, 17 September 2006 (UTC)

[edit] Comment

If you record and playback Homestars "backwards sounds" in reverse its still just jibberish. There is no secret message nor is it what homestar actually said in reverse.

[edit] Collector's plates

Is it just me, or is "Oh, and you can keep the collector's plates!" a reference to some cartoon? Yeah, I can't remember its name, but I'll guess Futurama.—S*R 04:16, 10 March 2006 (UTC)

I thought of The King of Town DVD title page. Sbmaniac 11:09, 18 April 2006 (UTC)

[edit] Could/would

In Homestar's fake Strong Bad message, it sounds more like he's saying "cause it would be funny", not "cause it could be funny". --Trogga 00:47, 10 January 2007 (UTC)

Naw, I hear the hard "ck" sound, even though it's kinda soft. Bluebry 00:57, 10 January 2007 (UTC)

no, no, ur both wrong, i listened with my fancy new headphones and he clearly said "cause it'd be funny"

[edit] Why Thanksgiving??

This remains one of my favorite Marzipan Answering Machine skits, but I've always kinda wondered - did we ever get an explanation of why the King of Town is so scared that it might not be Thanksgiving anymore?? Did he tell Strong Mad it was and is afraid of getting his butt kicked? Or is he upset that the big meals might be over with, and that he might starve? (haha) I know part of the gag is that he worries over every (stupid) thing, but just wondered if this was a reference to something else? Thanks. Sherlock the Cowcopter, 1/29/2007

Any answer to that would be complete speculation; as such, this would be far more suitable at the Forum. — Lapper (talk) 18:15, 29 January 2007 (UTC)

[edit] Why 9.2?

It goes from 8.0 to 9.2? Why no X.1? Is this discussed somewhere, and I just didn't see it?

We just go with what it says on the answering machine pages themselves, and don't really speculate as to why it's like that... you'd have to ask TBC. --phlip TC 01:00, 6 March 2007 (UTC)
The most direct answer to the question is actually "we don't know". They decided to name it like that. Qermaq - (T/C) Image:Qermaqsigpic.png 01:15, 6 March 2007 (UTC)
The best explanation I could come up with was that they decided to count personal favorites and/or Homestar's tape as a .1 answering machine (or a .0 and then a .1 machine). Bad Bad Guy 23:36, 14 March 2007 (UTC)

no, no, its cuz its a new physical answering macihine

[edit] DVD Version section mistake

In the DVD Verion section of the article, it says Homestar's Strong Sad impression was changed. If I remember correctly, didn't he correct his own impression? JasonDeLima 08:50, 24 July 2007 (UTC)

All it says is that the fake Strong Sad message is moved to coming before the fake Homestar message. --DorianGray 09:10, 24 July 2007 (UTC)
Oh I see it now. Haha sorry, I misread that section. JasonDeLima 07:30, 25 July 2007 (UTC)

[edit] Disco or Disca?

I know on the wiki Coach Z is usually transcribed fairly accurately, with emphasis put on the speech impediments... But we have 'discatapes' in the text and 'discotapes' in the Fast Forward section.

Is this a concern, or should the transcription read 'discotapes' for clarity? TsuyoiWarui 18:04, 21 November 2008 (UTC)

[edit] If Marzipan found out...

Do you think Marzipan found out that H*R switched the tapes, and if so, do you think she said she was breaking up with him? I do! Deletehead No. 123193 19:23, 5 December 2009 (UTC)

I think this should go to the forum.--Record307 Talk/Contribs 19:24, 5 December 2009 (UTC)
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