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Hello there. My name is Infinite Potential (or Infin for short). After being a fan of Homestar Runner for several years, I finally have joined the Wiki!

[edit] How I discovered H*R

I discovered Homestar Runner sometime around 2010-2011. I was randomly browsing the Wii's Nintendo Channel when I came across a spotlight video that had Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People briefly featured in it. I was highly intrigued by both the title and universe it took place in, and after both playing Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective and watching the Strong Bad Emails featured on the channel (dangeresque 3, stunt double, and dragon), I was hooked. Fast forward to 2012, when out of nowhere, I remember that the spotlight video mentioned the website "", so I checked it out, and have loved the series ever since.

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